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Asterisk [1], asterisk

Asterisk [1], asterisk Asterisk [1] is an open-source Telephone Application Platform under the GPLv2 protocol. In short, Asterisk is a server application that can initiate a call, receive a call, and customize a call.   1.2.1 Channel Driver The

Configure Asterisk and ODBC

Asterisk and ODBC provide the ability to easily update and retrieve data by defining SQL statements as special variables that can be called by dialplan. For example, I can charge for long-distance flights, accept credit cards, and allow asterisk to

Use the Asterisk manager API for automatic dialing

In the example of implementing automatic call, I used the Originate method in the Asterisk manager API, which is in phpagi. The specific definition is as follows: (I will not explain it in English. I am very confused in English)/*** Originate Call**

Asterisk Architecture Overview

The asterisk core handles these items internally: PBX switching-The essence of communication, of course, is a private branch exchange switching system, connecting calltogether between varous users and automatic tasks. The switching core

Asterisk-java ami2 event listening, asterisk-javaami2

Asterisk-java ami2 event listening, asterisk-javaami2 AsteriskServer article 1 does not explain how to obtain it. AsteriskServer. addChainListener (new AsteriskeventListenerInit (); // monitors the events of the entire service and adds a listener to

Asterisk RTP Engine

The asterisk kernel (hereinafter referred to as the kernel) provides a series of RTP-related API functions. When using different RTP stacks, these Apis provide a unified access method for the RTP module. After these APIs are encapsulated, any module

[ExtJS5 Study Notes] section 22nd use the beforeLabelTpl configuration in Extjs5 to add the required asterisk sign to the tag, extjs5

[ExtJS5 Study Notes] section 22nd use the beforeLabelTpl configuration in Extjs5 to add the required asterisk sign to the tag, extjs5 Address: Official example:

Asterisk-java AMI2 Event Monitoring

Asteriskserver Article 1 mentions how to obtain, does not explainAsteriskserver.addchainlistener (New Asteriskeventlistenerinit ());//The whole service of event monitoring, to this service plus monitoringBy implementing the Managereventlistener

[EXTJS5 Study notes] 22nd section EXTJS5 using BEFORELABELTPL configuration to add the required option to the label asterisk flag

This address: Example: HTTP://DOCS.SENCHA.COM/EXTJS/5.0/APIDOCS/#!/API/EXT.FORM.LABELABLE-CFG-BEFORELABELTPLThis article Sushengmiyan--------------------------------------------------

Asterisk channel lock and reference

Create Channel The asterisk code is calledAst_channel_alloc () MacroCreate a channel. After the channel is created, it is automatically inserted into the hash table of the main channel, which is used by the system to track all active channels. The

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