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Kamailio (openser) Open-Source SIP server-call redirection

Kamailio is an open-source SIP server, formerly known as openser. Kamailio is an open source, gpl2, SIP Server Routing platform. It is written in C for Linux/Unix plaforms and focuses on performance, flexibility and security. On Nov 04,200 8,

How to document your PHP class

Have you read about: Object-oriented programming can help you manage your large Web projects, and have you started using PHP for object-oriented programming? If you've written several classes of apps on the site and you're a methodical person, you

How to document your PHP class _ PHP-php Tutorial

You have read about: can object-oriented programming help you manage your large web projects, and have you started to use PHP for object-oriented programming? If you have compiled several types of applications on your website and you are a

How to document your PHP class

How to document your PHP class   You have read about: Can Object-Oriented Programming help you manage your large web projects, and have you started to use PHP for Object-Oriented Programming? If you have compiled

Ftp server configuration and service 3

Ftp server configuration and service 3-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Installation and configuration of webpureftp Webpureftp is a free software Made in China. It can be

git use manual __git

Gitusermanualchinese-robin Wiki Gitusermanualchinese Git User Manual (1.5.3 and subsequent versions applicable) Luo Rong (Robin Steven) English version: Preface

Configure the Apache domain name [reprinted]

This article is organized by the maintainer Ms Configure Apache server and set DNS Generally, the virtual host technology refers to the resources (system resources, network bandwidth, and storage space) of one (or a group) server) the technology

Top 10 ES6 features module "Modules"

Ranking (2) ModulesThis section describes how to build modules in ES61, start.In ECMAScript 6, modules is a module that is stored in a file and is generally a file.There are two ways to expose methods in a module to external use1.1 Multiple named

PostgreSQL 9.3 Format Stitching string

2013-05-06 08:39:20  | Category: pgsql Develop| report | Font Size Subscribe PostgreSQL 9.3 Introduces a formatted output function that is somewhat similar to the sprintf usage of C. The syntax is as follows: Format (formatstr text [, Formatarg "

Use quartz for Job Scheduling)

See Quartz is an open source project that provides a wide range of Job Scheduling sets. In this article, Software Engineer Michael Lipton and IT architect soobaek Jang introduced the quartz API,

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