asterisk host

Want to know asterisk host? we have a huge selection of asterisk host information on

Asterisk using the database configuration method

Installation: 1, install UnixODBC unixodbc-devel Libtool-ltdl Libtool-ltdl-devel, in order to enable asterisk support database storage (must be installed first) 2. Install MySQL and set up C_include_path and Ld_library_path 3, download the new

Asterisk card FAQ Summary

Q: The system cannot detect the internal module.A: It is usually because there is no power connector. If there is an internal module on the card, you need to plug the power plug from the PC chassis into the power interface on the right of the card.Q:

Asterisk SIP type and Identity Authentication

In asterisk, there are three types of peer: Peer, user, and friend.Let's take a look at the three types of VoIP-info. Peer: a sip entity to which asterisk sends CALS (a sip provider for example ). if you want a user (Extension) to have multiple

Asterisk learning Manual: Dual-machine E1 card interconnection Experiment

Required hardware and software environments and Connection Methods Required hardware and software environmentsTwo E1 cards are used in this test, te110p and te210p, respectively. They are switched to the E1 mode according to the instructions on

Install Asterisk without hardware on Linux

On Linux, Asterisk-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application is installed without hardware. For details, refer to the following section. I recently studied an Open Source PBX: Asterisk. After a week of hard work, there was no obstacle to

Asterisk study notes: two-machine E1 Card Interoperability Experiment

Required hardware and software environment and connection mode Required hardware and software environmentThis test used two E1 cards, respectively, te110p and te210p, according to the instructions on the card to jump into the E1 mode.Two machines,

How to get the extension number of all users stored in MYSQL in Asterisk-mysql tutorial

How do I get the extension numbers of all users stored in MYSQL in Asterisk and the extension numbers of all users stored in MYSQL in Asterisk? Recently, in this scenario, you need to obtain the extension numbers of all users stored in MYSQL in

Asterisk Core Framework

Asterisk is an open source PBX system and it is difficult to find a detailed description of the asterisk kernel system in public information. Therefore, it is necessary to write a core framework of the description of the document as an internal

Asterisk 1.8 SIP protocol stack Analysis 2

In the previous article, we analyzed the process of registering a message with a sip service. Next we will analyze the process of processing an invite request.   From the handle_request_invite entry, the invite request processes the replace Request

Asterisk-java ami2 event listening, asterisk-javaami2

Asterisk-java ami2 event listening, asterisk-javaami2 AsteriskServer article 1 does not explain how to obtain it. AsteriskServer. addChainListener (new AsteriskeventListenerInit (); // monitors the events of the entire service and adds a listener to

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