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How to Use Asterisk @ Home to build a VoIP Telephone Exchange System

With the decrease in the cost of using VoIP, family and individual users are receiving more and more requests for using Vonage (or other similar products). As VoIP Communication continues to grow in the area of home calls, in addition, open source

Install Asterisk one on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS week I put up a install guide for Asterisk one on CentOS 6. Asterisk latest LTS release of Asterisk with many great new features and long term support! To follow

Install Asterisk in ubuntu12.10

Asterisk is an open-source telephone application platform under the GPLv2 protocol. In short, Asterisk is a server application that can initiate a call, receive a call, and customize a call. First, let's take a look at how to install Asterisk in

Asterisk Use Notes

======================================================================== Install asterisk 1.8.10, add Bluetooth support, add AMR-NB audio codec ======================================================================== Installing FreePBX 1. FreePBX

Asterisk real-time add SIP number--sqlite

Original: Asterisk real-time add SIP number--sqliteAsterisk real-time add SIP number--sqliteToday, I tried to use Asterisk's real-time mode to add a SIP account to SQLite without restartingAsterisk, no need to reload, you can successfully register a

Save and modify a document: how to display a "modified" asterisk * in the attempted title and associate it with a "modified" document?

The general solution to this problem can be like "3.20 how to customize the view title ?" . If you only want to display a simple "modified" indicator. For example, if there is a '*' in the title of a "modified" document, you only need to simply

Freepbx configure asterisk video call

You can configure a SIP Phone as needed, but video functions cannot be implemented in the early stage, Now the video function has been successfully configured. Please share with us: The premise is to create an account through extensions and use

12306 Online booking Train ticket Introduction

To online booking train tickets, first of all, into the booking of train tickets official website:, remember words, on: 123 start go, train move slightly (06) Online booking train Ticket second step-install certificate

Bigbluebutton Installation Log

Bigbluebutton is an online video conferencing system or distance education system developed using ActionScript. Its main functions include online PPT demonstration, video communication, and voice communication, as well as text communication and

2015 how do Shandong graduates conduct online reporting (registration certificate)?

These two days have been very headache, report the problem, the industry is also very painful problem. I really do not know what to do, the network is a bit of rubbish. What is the root of the unintelligible?Then I groped.Solution:1 call to ask the

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