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Strengthen learning On-policy and off-policy difference _ reinforcement Learning

On-policy: The policy (value function) that generates the sample is the same as the policy (value function) used when updating parameters on the network. Typical for the Saras algorithm, based on the current policy directly perform a motion selection, and then update the current po

Web Security Content Security Policy (CONTENT-SECURITY-POLICY,CSP) detailed

1.CSP IntroductionContent security Policy, or CSP, is a trusted whitelist mechanism to limit whether a site can contain some source content and mitigate a wide range of content injection vulnerabilities, such as XSS. Simply put, we can stipulate that our website only accepts the requested resources we specify. The default configuration does not allow inline code execution ( (2) inline events. (3) inline style Although SCRIPT-SRC and st

Linux firewall basic knowledge and application; Set Snat policy, LAN sharing Internet; dnat policy, publishing internal server

a firewall, in layman's parlance, is equivalent to a moat around a fortress, opening and managing the provision of servicesGeneral computer system security mainly depends on:1) Third party monitoring anti-virus software such as anti- virus software2) System Policy firewall rule setting3) permission settings for filesLinux Firewall system mainly work in the network layer, for TCP/IP packet filtering and restrictions, belong to a typical packet filte

Juniper Firewall uses policy-options (policy) to re-distribute static to OSPF

Juniper to implement the redistribution function like Cisco is to be implemented by policy, here is an example of me: its function is to distribute static routes to OSPF, the following is the topology map Redistribution of R1 default routes into OSPF The configuration is as follows: # # # # Last changed:2012-07-18 06:03:09 CST version 12.1r1.9; Logical-systems {r1 {interfaces {em1 {unit 12 { Vlan-id

Local policy hints cannot determine the resolution of Group Policy security settings applied to this machine _win server

Error message:You cannot determine the Group Policy security settings applied to this machine. Trying to get from the local Security policy database (%windir%\SECURITY\DATABASE\SECEDIT.SDB), the error returned when retrieving these settings is: incorrect parameter. TheLocal security settings will be displayed, but will not indicate whether a given security setting is defined by Group

Group Policy Series Five (combat): How do I enable client Remote Desktop functionality automatically through Group Policy?

Note: This is actually the "security series of the third: the domain environment Remote Desktop depth analysis and use of" sister chapter, is another implementation of the desktop to open the instance operation. In the enterprise management, sometimes need to use Remote Desktop to manage client computers, in general, often require the client to enable this feature, there is no good way to allow the client to automatically enable it? Of course, we can do this in the form of Group

Server security Policy IP Security policy setting method _win Server

Tcp 1028 My IP address-1028 Any IP address-any port Gray Pigeon-1028 Stop Udp 1026 My IP address-1026 Any IP address-any port Gray Pigeon-1026 Stop Udp 1027 My IP address-1027 Any IP address-any port Gray Pigeon-1027 Stop Udp 1028 My IP address-1028 Any IP address-any port Gray Pigeon-1028

Basic knowledge of Group Policy and Group Policy Editor

Group PolicyWhat is it? What is the function? How to enable and useGroup Policy EditorWhat about it? Detailed answers are provided below. Use Group Policy In Microsoft Windows XP, you can use group policies to define user and computer configurations for users and computer groups. By using the Group Policy MicrosoftManagementConsole (MMC) snap-in, you can create s

What ARE Group Policy commands? Detailed Group Policy commands

What ARE Group Policy commands? You can start the Windows XP Group Policy Editor by simply clicking the "start" → "run" command, typing "gpedit.msc" in the open field in the Run dialog box, and then clicking OK. (Note: This "Group Policy" program is located in "C:winntsystem32" and the file name is "Gpedit.msc".) ) When multiple people share a single computer, s

Detailed explanation of Routing Policy and Policy Routing

In terms of network equipment maintenance, many maintenance documents now refer to the terms "routing policy" and "Policy Routing, however, many maintenance technicians do not have a thorough understanding of these two terms and cannot grasp the relationship and difference between them accurately. This article briefly analyzes the concepts between the two and introduces some examples. I hope you can get a d

Vro policy and vro Policy

I have always been confused about the differences between routing policies and policy routes. based on my own experience and some references, I have summarized the differences between routing policies and policy routes! I. Routing Policy A routing policy is a route publishing and receiving

Reinforcement learning, Enhanced learning: Policy evaluation,policy iteration,value iteration,dynamic Programming f_reinforcement

First of all, recall the previous content: Bellman Expectation equation:"Calculations are often used" "Calculations are often used" "Calculations are often used" Bellman optimality equation: Why DP can solve MDP problems: Policy Evaluation: 1) To solve the problem: In other words, to evaluate the optimal value of a policyπ in each state vπ. Usually becomes also prediction tasks. This kind of task is given by the policyπ, the typical DP

Choose between Group Policy preferences and policy settings

Starting with Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008, Group Policy (Team Policy) and previous versions have progressed even further. Careful administrators may have discovered that the latest version of Group Policy is divided into two sections of policy settings (Policy

What is the difference between a route policy and a route policy?

The difference between a routing policy and a policy route has always been confusing about the difference between a routing policy and a policy route. Based on your own experience and reference, summarizes the differences between routing policies and policy routes! 1. Routin

Detailed explanation of JavaScript policy Mode Programming, detailed explanation of javascript Policy

Detailed explanation of JavaScript policy Mode Programming, detailed explanation of javascript Policy I like policy design patterns. I try to use it as much as possible. In essence, policy models use delegated decoupling to use their algorithm classes. There are several advantages to doing so. It can prevent the use of

Disable usb in Domain Policy and usb in Domain Policy

Disable usb in Domain Policy and usb in Domain Policy Documents and templates can be downloaded in Pro_usb_users.adm this template can be disabled to the specified drive letter, for user policy Pro_usb_computers.adm this template is intended for computers. Generally, it is enough. You can start from three aspects In fact, the adm

Automatic import of local Group Policy and security policy

Automatic import of local Group Policy and security policy a request yesterday because the company requires the server to deploy some of the required security policies, but for non-domain-joined servers you want to have a convenient deployment method.First, extract the items that you want to deploy in a policy that can be implemented through Group

Thoughts on the template method and Policy mode and the template Policy

Thoughts on the template method and Policy mode and the template Policy The thought origin of this essay was probably two or three years ago. At that time, I chatted with my former colleagues and had to talk about Http access without knowing how. I. I remember the first sentence that he and I said, probably: Is there any encapsulated and powerful HttpUtil. It may also be caused by the impact of the business

Group Policy configuration Excution policy for PowerShell

PowerShell has its own security mechanism, by default, PowerShell execution policy is limited, that is, restricted, we want to execute the script must first adjust this execution policy, on the computer in Administrator mode to open PowerShell, Then enter the Set-excutionpolicy command, followed by the execution policy you want to set, and PowerShell's execution

Cisco Policy Routing (policy route) fine Solutions

Note: PBR was previously a major tool used by Cisco to discard messages. For example, set interface null 0, which, according to Cisco, would save a bit more overhead than the ACL's deny. Here I remind: Interface NULL 0No IP unreachable//Join this commandThis avoids the return of many ICMP unreachable messages because of the large number of packets discarded. When a three-tier device forwards a packet based on the destination address of the packet (the destination network), what are the charact

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