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Asus laptop camera cannot be used to install drivers

I bought an Asus Notebook, a43ei267sd, and the camera has never been used. I spent some time studying it tonight. To download the camera driver from the official Asus website, you need to first view a number in "graphic devices" in "Device Manager", but no graphical device in my Device Manager. Driving life with drivers cannot detect exceptions. Downloading

ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook Reload Win7 Drive problem resolution

Previously in other notebooks with USB Stick clone installation WinXP system is very smooth, a variety of hardware drivers can be automatically identified and installed.There is an ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook on hand, the original win8.1, used to install a Win7 flagship version.As usual to the system of the home under the Win7 of the ultimate version of the clone

What are the different series of ASUS graphics in ASUS video card?

Perhaps many friends on the Internet have also seen a lot about the difference between the brand graphics card, but with the rapid development of computer hardware, a lot of accurate graphics series difference is not so detailed, resulting in many friends do not have a unified standard. In view of the above situation, the small compiled specially looked up the common graphics card each brand, has studied each graphics card brand corresponding has which series, summarizes the writte

How does Asus Ling Yiu 3 look? Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook Map

Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook image, the main lightweight, designed to match the Apple MacBook Notebook. Lightweight design is undoubtedly Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook's biggest selling point, and thin design the most prominent bright spot is Yan value and portable, the following through a detailed look at the details of the picture. 1/15 ASUS

Asus motherboard Bios settings tutorial, Asus motherboard bios tutorial

Asus motherboard Bios settings tutorial, Asus motherboard bios tutorial At present, we are not very familiar with the motherboard in our daily life. Next we will briefly introduce some general settings of the motherboard BIOS. ------ (This article is the default task platform) First, press the host power button and immediately press the DEL key to enter the CMOS settings (different models of the motherbo

Asus route Asus RT56U Command Injection

# Title: Asus RT56U Remote Command Injection # Author: drone (@ dronesec) # developer Website: # affected version:

Asus f8dc XP driver

Http:// chipset Http:// Amd cpu revision v1.3.2.0 WINXP:Http:// CPU correction q885855 WINXP:Http://

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios We have already set it in the bios and want to restore it to the default setting. In the bios, how should we restore our settings? I would like to share my experience with you and hope to help you. When we start the system, press the F2 key on the keyboard to enter the bios. Go to the bios and set it based on our own needs

How to Set BIOS for Asus motherboard ?, Asus motherboard bios

How to Set BIOS for Asus motherboard ?, Asus motherboard bios There will be a first startup Item during system reinstallation. If you are using a USB flash drive to reinstall the system, set USB as the first boot item. If you are using another boot item, choose other items. The key point here is how to set this first boot item, that is, how to set the computer BIOS /? First, insert the prepared usb flash

Install Windows XP + driver in ASUS a8se Series

1: Download the driver and System Disk 2: Brush BIOS (optional) 3: install the system. Select SATA mode. install XP SP2 and then upgrade SP3. Because many drivers only support SP2 4: Install the driver in sequence (Be sure to install the driver in sequence) My notebook is a z99se Series If an error is reported during downloading and unzipping, change 04 or 01 to 02 or 03 and download again. Thank you! Chip Application Win XPHttp://

ASUS ASUS notebook computer boot into BIOS method

The BIOS, which is fully said to be Rom-bios, is a shorthand for the basic input/output system of read-only memory, which is actually a set of programs that are solidified into a computer to provide the lowest-level, most direct hardware control for the computer. Accurately, the BIOS is a hardware and software program between a "converter" or interface (although it itself is only a program), is responsible for the real-time hardware requirements, and according to the software requirements for th

Buy Asus EeePC and install Ubuntu7.10

Linux Community introduced a lot of articles related to Asus EEEPC, Asus $299 EEEpc notebook experience, light green appearance Asus eeepc8 GB laptop illustration, Asus easy PC (EEEPC) notebook exquisite illustration... it can be seen that Asus EEEPC is really excellent, but

Win8.1/win10 UEFI + GPT installation (test model: asus s 56CM), win10s 56cm

Win8.1/win10 UEFI + GPT installation (test model: asus s 56CM), win10s 56cm This tutorial briefly introduces how to install Windows 10x64-bit System in the GPT Partition Table in UEFI startup mode. (This is not a dumb tutorial. The installer must have some experience.) Next, we will briefly introduce UEFI and GTPs. UEFI is developed based on EFI1.10. I believe you are familiar with it. At present, most of the Main Boards support UEFI boot. Compared w

ASUS 200 Series motherboards are perfectly compatible with m.2 mounting Win7 systems

While the installed rate of Windows 10 systems is rising, the classic Windows 7 still has a large user base. Especially in China, Windows 7 is still the preferred system for many computer users.Enduring Windows 7However, since the era of the Skylake architecture processor, users have found a lot of problems in installing Windows 7 on a new computer. In fact, this is mainly caused by the lack of some necessary drivers for native Windows 7:Previous gene

How to port android to Asus p535

too boring. However, we can find a good starting point. Please visit:Http:// is an organization. Their job is to transplant Linux to various PDAs, including HP, HTC, Dell, and Asus. They are all old models, not p535. The organization seems to have been busy for a year or two. The final version of their familiar project v0.84 was released on February 26, August 20. So it is impossible to e

Asus G750JX-DB71 Reviews

In the game notebook competition, whether the focus of manufacturers or consumers focus on the configuration, who configuration higher, better performance, who will be more favored by consumers. This ASUS G750JX-DB71 gaming notebook, priced at $1899 (about 11600 yuan) today, has a very tough form factor and is powered by the Intel fourth Daicouri i7 processor and nvidia GeForce GTX 770M graphics. In the direct competition with Alienware 17 is not in t

Asus N550 video game This evaluation

Asus always attaches great importance to the audio-visual entertainment notebook market, Asus N Series notebook as the first to enter this part of the market products, has been deeply loved by consumers. A few years due to similar technology, product shape similar, the homogeneity of the brand between the serious, the brand began to open ideas to strive for product differentiation, especially in the mid-ran

ASUS Server promotes new Media network platform

For many small and medium-sized users, the rapid development of enterprises, the continuous improvement of application needs, the network platform to build a higher demand. When the existing network platform in the development can not fully meet the application, how to achieve smooth upgrade of the network platform, as each SME users in building information platform must be considered in advance. Not long ago, ASUS AP140R-E1 Server successfully bid f

ASUS ZENFONE2 ZE551ML Brush Machine

The following is a note for your own reference that may be needed later.Purchase Time:ASUS Zenfone2 Ze551ml bought in December 2016, good performance, high configuration, use smooth, support NFC, double open double, have fast charge, pixel is also good, than I bought before the oppo X9077 stronger, the system is very obvious difference in smoothness.Usage experience (CM-5.0):Buy back is CM-5.0 system, push to upgrade to 0.197 version, there are a lot of good applications, such as

What about ASUS laptop camera upside down

Question added: What about ASUS laptop camera upside down? There is no master will, help solve Ah, thank you. Younger brother knelt for Asus laptop camera upside down solution ah, thank you Reply: The problem is that many users of Asus have a headache, which is a common issue with ASUS. I'll give you how to solve the

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