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Double-layer wireless access network meets different wireless requirements

Two-layer wireless access network concept, the previous article we have introduced, the next is the specific analysis of its advantages and characteristics. For the construction of complex community networks, we need to combine existing network structures to achieve a higher standard of performance requirements. by the macro community and the microcell of the two-tier wireless access wireless network to bring us will be a future, new, perfect wirele

Small base stations integrated with 3G/4G/Wi-Fi or replaced large base stations

With the emergence of a large number of Wi-Fi hotspots and micro-cell base stations, the era of a single large base station tower may end at this year's World Mobile Communication Conference. This year's World Mobile Communication Conference will show a variety of small base stations and Wi-Fi integrated systems. Ip. access is one of the Infrastructure vendors in this field. The company is the manufacturer of ATT MicroCell consumer micro-cell base sta

Seamless switching in mobile multimedia networks

structure, the mobile network is composed of a series of layers with their own characteristics and overlapping. The satellite, the macro community, the Microcell and the Pico community cover different geographical regions. and support the mobile terminals at different speeds. Some layers belong to private operations, and some layers belong to public operations. The rate of the Pico plot exceeds 25Mbps. The coverage area is the building area, the

Blackhat 2013-traffic interception & Remote Mobile Phone cloning with a compromised CDMA Femtocell

Https://, popularize the femtocell: Base Station ( English:Femtocell, also translated as Pico Honeycomb Base station), originally called the access point base stations , is a small cellular base station that is generally designed for use in home or small commercial establishments. Connecting to the operator's network via broadband access (such as DSL, cable, fiber) can integrate 2G, 3G

What is femto?

The home base station can provide the mobile communication capability inside the house at the maximum data rate, and does not need to install micro-cell Node B. They are divided into "micro-cells. + 45dbm-the micro-cell base station covers the outdoor area ~ 5 km+ 30dbm-microcell base station coverage zone ~ 0.5 km+ 15dbm-femto base station coverage: 50 m inside the house The femto base station network is connected through the public telephone netwo

Interesting scenes of interface Learning

active oil-based interface is easy to gather, and its relative water-based interface is in the oil. It is easy to face each other. The reason for this phenomenon is that the internal part of the micro cells in the water is the oily end, solubilization ). The oil stains melted into the microcell are not easy to touch the surface of the object, and the result is the effect of decontamination and cleaning. Generally, household cleanup workers are mainly

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