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What is MiFi?

What is MiFi? MiFi is the English abbreviation of my wifi, the Chinese meaning is mobile wireless router, insert a SIM card to surf the internet. MiFi is a portable broadband wireless device, set dial-up, Routing and access three-point function as one of the devices. Popular is a "personal hotspot" equipment. Mi

What are the differences between MiFi and WiFi?

From the source, MiFi is mainly to convert 3g signal to WiFi signal to share, and WiFi is we use broadband through related devices such as routers to launch shared use. Essentially, MiFi is a device, and WiFi is just a technical signal, but mifi the device to turn the signal into WiFi. MiFi can be shared at any time

How does the Millet MiFi carry router configuration

The second section of Millet 4g MiFi router access to the Ministry of Information Network license, and the model also revealed, then the Millet MiFi router configuration How? today to introduce Millet MiFi router configuration parameters, together to understand the next bar! Information from the ministry's website, millet this model for the MF855 4G

MiFi How to use?

Open the MiFi point source, MiFi will display the connected account number and password. Turn on the computer wireless network and connect to the MiFi with the displayed SSID and password. After the connection, open the browser, enter the address into the Settings page. General situation Mi

What do you mean, MiFi?

MiFi is a portable broadband wireless device that is the size of a credit card, with a modem, router, and access point in one function. The built-in modem can connect to a wireless signal, and the internal router can share the connection between multiple users and wireless devices. MiFi is also sometimes referred to as a personal "hotspot", which simplifies the setup process for small LANs.

MySQL 5.5.50 master-slave replication-load Balancing

Tags: master slave mysqlThe environment is as follows:master:ubuntu14.04-, mysql5.5.50slave:ubuntu14.04-, mysql5.5.49Database: MiFiDatabase tables: Mf_group_membersBecause the master-slave copy of MySQL itself is quite perfect, so here is not much to describe, directly to.Modify Master's my.cnf file as follows:Vim/etc/mysql/my.cnf#thefollowingcanbeusedaseasytoreplaybackup Logsorforreplication. #note:ifyouaresettingupareplicationslave,see Readme. Debianabout #othersettin

The special role of the reverse proxy in the app's access to 3g/4g via a non-line

because of some requirements, to temporarily build a local network, to a small range of mobile clients to provide specific network services, such services typically contain common HTTP services, data file download service, restful interface services, etc. Common non-enterprise-class wifi mifi user connections are less, more than 10 connections can not be used normally, and according to the actual conditions, often need to use the 3g/4g Span

Novice with Project those things (0.15-1.07)

production tools software problems, manufacturing tools problems, packaging material problems, structural shell problems, line- of-Work scheduling problems ... at this point, you will suspect yourself that project management work is not a project nanny. In fact, all the problems are not the first time, if we can communicate in advance, carefully prepared in advance, to do the work more seriously, more carefully, I think these problems can be avoided. To think about it, we can use a pen and aba

Choosing a sorting algorithm Java and Python implementations

[i]+" "); } //Output 3 9 }}Python implementationPython 2.7.9 (default, Dec, 12:24:55) [MSC v.1500 32bit (Intel)] on Win32type"Copyright","credits" or "license ()" forMore information.>>>classsimplearithmetic:defSelectsort (Self,arr): V_len=Len (arr) v_index_i=0 whileV_index_i! = v_len-1: I=Arr[v_index_i] V_min=I forMinchArr[v_index_i+1: V_len]:ifM V_min:v_min=mifI! =v_min:v_tmp=Arr.index (v_min) arr[v_index_i]=v_min Arr[v_tmp]=I v_index_i=

Python Exercise 6

column right is greater than the left of each row is greater than the fill in 1~6 6 digits" "T=range (2,6) forIinchT: forJinchT: forMincht:n=14-i-j-mifI!=j!=m!=i andJ>i andN>m andN>I:Print[1, I,j]Print[m,n,6] returndefISS (N): s="'. Join (Map (str,n)) T=set (s) M=Len (s)returnLen (t) ==m and '0' not inchTdefz60 ():" "If 192,384,576 384 is the second number is 192 of twice times 576 number the second is 192 times the number is 1~9" " forIi

Android Source directory Add compile Engineering script (with CCache)

"]; ThenBuild_module "$CMD"FiIf [-N "$PROJECT"]; ThenBuild_projectFiIf [-N "$IMAGE"]; ThenBuild_$image "$CMD"FiBuild_android "$CMD"Script Description:1, for example, the product name is MiFi, then the simplest compile command is:./ S2, this time will be compiled according to the script default configuration, open 8 jobs build, the default is Userdebug version.2, Version type control, can be controlled by the-v option followed by User,userdeb

OpenWrt QMI-based 3g|4g dialing

Brief introductionQMI--qualcom message Interface literal translation is a high-pass messaging interface. As the name implies, the purpose of this interface is to define a direct communication message with a high-pass device (mainly modem).QMI English complete information is as follows:Since the recent development of a MiFi device based on the QMI 3\4g dialing, so recently I will be in this process encountered problems, and some experience in a success

TL-TR761 router settings file sharing-WiFi sharing mode

server, open "", select "MiFi" ; so far, through third party software " ES file Browser " has implemented Android phone access tl-tr761 2000L of shared resources. Iii.IOS System (take IPAD2 as an example) The Apple device cannot directly access the shared resources on the network, it needs to be in app Store " aceplayer , fileexplorer , filebrowser " , in appstore There are many similar fees or free applications th

Why the Apple ipad does not support Flash

-margin device maker. There are many signs of such a transformation. This year, Apple's WWDC developer Conference's Apple Design award will be for iphone and ipad apps, excluding Mac apps. At present, Apple will overcome all difficulties to promote the development of the application store. "Flash is a cross-platform development tool," Jobs said. Adobe's goal is to help developers develop the best cross-platform applications, not iphone, ipod and ipad apps. "Jobs didn't want Adobe's application

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