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Correct explanation of CPU frequency, external frequency, frontend bus frequency, and memory frequency

Nowadays, there is no uniformity in the naming of the same thing on the Internet. It seems like there are many types of things, so it is necessary to clarify the clues first, find out the equivalence relationships between different names: 1. CPU external frequency = External frequency 2. CPU frequency = clock speed 3. Frontend bus

Frequency Division of high-frequency circuits and low-frequency circuits

13:55:34 Frequency Division of high-frequency circuits and low-frequency circuitsHigh-Frequency Division:Extremely low frequency elf less than 3 kHzVery Low Frequency VLF 3-30 kHzLow Frequenc

RFID tags can be divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), and ultra high frequency (UHF)

For an RFID system, the concept of Frequency Band refers Frequency Range of tag signals sent, received, and read by the reader through an antenna . In terms of application concept, the operating frequency of the RF tag, that is, the operating frequency of the RFID system, directly determines all aspects of the system a

2G/3G switching and business hosting allocation strategy

, fully feasible; As for the middle and late period, the user grows rapidly, the capacity is limited, the operator may take the increase carrier frequency, uses the transmit diversity and so on the technology to increase the corresponding capacity. Even when the capacity is unable to increase, can also use the access to redirect retry, load balance between the system or the measurement of system switching between the AMR12.2K and PS Low-speed Services

Networking strategy in 3G and 2G network fusion

meet the premise of the full use of 2G room. B. Shared Indoor distribution system: Since the beginning of the 3G network, it is necessary to consider some indoor hot spots into the special 3G indoor distribution system, so if there are 2G indoor distribution system, should give priority to the sharing of indoor distribution system between 2g/3g. To

"3G Development Board" low power support WCDMA 3G Communication Module Development Board

The itop-exynos4412 Development Board uses Exynos4412 's main chip, with higher frequency and richer peripherals, with 2GB dual channel configuration DDR3 of memory and 16GB storage, with strong stability, high reliability, can be applied to the performance and processing capacity of higher requirements of embedded system applications. The itop-exynos4412 board has built-in wireless wifi module,Bluetooth,GPS, Camera ,

3G Indoor Coverage Analysis

indoor coverage of 3G network construction has a vital role. 2.3G Indoor Coverage Planning principles 3G system and 2G in the use of frequency bands, coding technology, and so on, so 3G indoor coverage has some new features. 3G indoor coverage to cover, capacity, quality

3G Internet card and basic knowledge of 3G network

Introduction The 3G Internet card is a widely used internet medium for wireless wide area communication network. At present, China Mobile's TD-SCDMA and China Telecom's CDMA EVDO as well as the WCDMA three network system, so the common wireless card includes EVDO wireless Internet card and TD, WCDMA Wireless Internet card three categories. What is a 3G Internet card The

Nokia recommends 3G hybrid networking: it's too late for 3G networks in China

China's third-generation mobile phone (3G) has reached a critical moment for decision-making. All major multinational giants of the tiger's eye are under intense deployment. Nokia is an activist among them, they even moved the 3G seminar to Hong Kong for the first time. The reporter interviewed Nokia (China) president he Qingyuan.It's really late to drag 3G

Turn the WiFi version of the ipad into 3G: Huawei E5 3G Pure Wireless router

1 months ago, when chatting with Annie MSN, Annie had tried to persuade me to buy an ipad with a 3G function, and she said in person, the ipad has no 3G, loss of function half! I said categorically, I do not want 3G version, WiFi is enough for me. At that time mainly because my Nokia netbook has 3G Internet function, a

Detailed solution for 3G cards on the Development Board (applicable to most 3g cards)

Address: Detailed solution for 3G cards on the Development Board (applicable to most 3g cards) Anson Luo/gray Luo (Luo Guohui) I. Environment 1.Development Board kernel: Linux kernel 2.6.14 2.3G card: Huawei e1750 2. Download related tools and library files 1. usb_modeswitch-1.0.6.tar.bz2Http:// We recommend that you

The future challenge and development trend of 3G equipment

is just another kind of data, and the ip-based Voice technology just provides effective voice call support. Rich content. This is one of the key points of the 3G network. The ability to provide users with a wide range of data at low cost is critical to the growth of 3G services. In addition, mobile operators must distinguish between different kinds of data in order to collect fees based on the value of th

What if the tplink 3G router cannot obtain the IP address? 3G status IP address solution

Before using the 3G router, make sure that the 3G Internet card is plugged into the computer and can be unplugged successfully. If the 3G card directly connected to the computer can not dial the success, please contact the 3G operator (may be 3G signal coverage or the existe

3G and 2G network convergence networking strategy (1)

RRU can greatly reduce the requirements of base station construction for data centers. ◆ Total antenna feed system The resources shared by 3G and 2G systems can be achieved through the sharing of Poles, towers and other infrastructure. By using a specific multi-frequency combination, multiple systems share the indoor distribution system. In China's future 3G con

Linux Practical Skills: Mount ntfs device using ntfs-3g, practical skills ntfs-3g

Linux Practical Skills: Mount ntfs device using ntfs-3g, practical skills ntfs-3g1. Comparison of several file systems(1) Support the following file system in linux:Ext2 Second, expand the File System(Ext2 or ext2 for short) has become the default file system of GNU/Linux many years ago. Ext2 replaces the extended File System (the predecessor of the "second generation ). It corrected some mistakes of its predecessor and broke some restrictions. Does e

Apple 5s ios7.1.2 How to open 3g? ios7.1.2 3G Opening method diagram

Problems: 1. Q: Can the card sticker be removed?A: Can not be removed, if removed after the separate move card in, then if you need 3G, you must restore the mobile phone reactivation.2, Q: 3G signal stability, 3G off will automatically find no?A: signal stability, depending on the mobile base station distribution and signal strength, sometimes 2G signal intensit

Linux OS uses 3g Nic and linux OS 3g Nic

Linux OS uses 3g Nic and linux OS 3g Nic A few months ago, opensuse13.2 came out, but it was always itchy. At that time, I had been using the campus network and had not used a 3G Nic for a long time. When I got home, I set up a 3G network card, but it didn't respond when I plugged it into the computer. I was always pro

How to Set 3G router TL-MR11U router? How to use 3G router for TL-MR11U

3G network card is widely used, but mobile phones, laptops and other terminals need to share the network, use TL-MR11U to convert 3G signal to Wi-Fi signal, to achieve Internet sharing. Insert your 3G Modem (3G Modem) and set the wireless network to meet your needs. As shown in the following figure:

Efficient RF power management for 2g to 3G cellular mobile devices

power amplifier. In this way, two important results are obtained: first, the power supply voltage and current are reduced, and the heat dissipation is reduced. Second, the call time and data usage time of the smart phone are prolonged. In the case of high output power or high current load, FAN5904 will work in 6 MHz PWM mode, but when "medium" or "low" output power is required, it is automatically converted to the pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mod

3g is IPv6 's 3G.

People often get confused when they understand the IPv6 in the 3GPP/3GPP2 system, which is caused by the IPv6 at two different levels. First is the data load level, where the user data flow through the operator PLMN from MS to PDN. The other is the transport load level, which is two different logical levels from the data load level. Generally speaking, IPV6 will appear in the four areas of the 3GPP/3GPP2 standard. 2 at the user data load level, 2 at the transport load level. One thing needs to

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