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MySQL Root show grant for when no Al privileges permissions

Tags: Show grant for Al privileges permissionsThe same way it was:MariaDB [(None)]> Select User ();+----------------+| User () |+----------------+| [Email protected] |+----------------+1 row in Set (0.00 sec)MariaDB [(none)]> show grants for [email protected];+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Swap 7th and 0th 6th-1 5-2 4-3 in Al

This can also be done through the cyclic shift operation: MoV Al, 12 h; original data in Al MoV CX, 8; Al, byte type, total 8 bits MoV ah, 0; Ah is used as the intermediate register for transposition. The initial value is 0. L_1bit: SHL Al, 1; shifts 1 to the left, and the current highest bit enters cf RCR ah, 1; Ah sh

SAS disk array Aerospace Joint log al-7121a to build SMB storage scheme

How to spend a limited amount of money on a more cost-effective storage product is the most vexing problem for the small and medium-sized enterprises that are currently growing in storage demand. In the storage disk array, with the upcoming launch of the 6Gbps SAS standard, in the storage market this unique transition period, in the maturity of 3Gbps SAS related products, but gradually showed a trend of trends, and has become a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises most concerned ab

Analysis on the usage of "such as, for example, e.g., I. e., Etc., et al ."

During editing and processing of English papers, such as, for example, e. g., I. e., etc. And et al. Errors and obfuscation are often encountered. Here, we will give an example to analyze the meanings of these words and describe their correct usage. 1)Such.Examples of similar people or things are often listed. The typical expression is a plural + such as + single instance (s) of the group to which the plural refers. The correct use is: The Arts Facul

Al Gore and the Purpose-Driven Web

Former Vice President Al Gore speaks at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. (Credit: Eric Risberg/AP) Forget about swapping party pictures on Facebook and other "gee-whiz stuff," says former Vice President Al Gore. "Web 2.0 has to have a purpose ." And since it's Al Gore, you know that purpose has got to be green. "The purpose, I wocould urge all of you-as much

Analysis on the usage of "such as, for example, e.g., I. e., Etc., et al ."

Http:// In English papers"Such as, for example, e.g., I. e., Etc., et al ."Usage Analysis Huang longwang, Han Zhong (Editorial department, Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200030, China) Editing and processing of English papers,Often encounterSuch as, for example, e. g., I. e., etc.AndEt al.. Here,Give an example to

Linux Command LS-Al Parsing

Ls indicates "list", which is similar to the Dir function of earlier DOS commands. The-Al parameter indicates that all files are listed, including hidden files, which are files whose first character is. As shown above, when logging on to Linux as a root for the first time, if you enter the command, the above content should first parse the meaning of the above seven fields,: 1. the first column is the attributes of the file: # When the first attribute

Michael Jackson you is not al PHP using Curl to forge the route to fetch pages or files

Copy the Code code as follows: Initialization$curl = Curl_init ();The URL to visitcurl_setopt ($curl, Curlopt_url, '');Set up a routecurl_setopt ($curl, Curlopt_referer, '');Do not enter content directlycurl_setopt ($curl, Curlopt_returntransfer, 1);The results are saved in $result$result = curl_exec ($curl);Shut downCurl_close ($curl); Note, use this method to make sure that your PHP environment supports and that the CURL module is turned on. The above desc

After syslinux is started, the system displays SYSLINUX 5.01 H. Peter Anvin et al solution.

After syslinux is started, SYSLINUX 5.01 H is displayed. peter Anvin et al solved the problem of Directly Writing a USB flash disk with syslinux.exe and then importing the image file and configuration file. As a result, some hosts can start up, some cannot, and SYSLINUX 3.84 2009-12-18 EBIOS Copyright (C) is displayed) 1994-2009 H. peter Anvin et al. Write to the USB flash drive. The result is successful. I

Some experiences of reading "Andrew * Carnegie Al Biography" and "Henry * Ford Biography"

constantly transforming the car production mode, which eventually made his Ford car widely accepted by the market, in the United States is called the "car King". 4. From a certain point of view, Ford creates opportunities, and Carnegie will seize them. 5. Carnegie Al was like chatting with people and reading well, while Ford was more like a book describing his life philosophy through his own experiences. He needs to read and think, sometimes he canno

Word2vec explained: deriving Mikolov et al.'s negative-sampling word-embedding method

I recently received a task to study word2vec. I felt that the layers of information on the Network were not neat, And I always felt that the explanation was not so complete. Maybe even the author himself does not know why his model is easy to use. The negtive sampling mentioned in this paper has given me a lot of confusion. The following Connell article has inspired me a lot and clearly provided a method for understanding negtive Sampling:Word2vec explained: deriving Mikolov et

AL Spring Framework Learning Notes

setmagicmirrorclient(Magicmirrorclient magicmirrorclient) { This. magicmirrorclient = magicmirrorclient; }}In theory, all methods are intercepted, but only where specific needs are addressed.But more is the use of Beannameautoproxycreator:"org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy.BeanNameAutoProxyCreator"> "interceptorNames"> "beanNames"> Interceptors are nested in sequence19. AOP Related ConceptsInterceptors are the combination of common operations, and business methods do

Python uses the Bi- Al dictionary structure of the bidict Module

Python uses the Bi- Al dictionary structure of the bidict Module Quick Start The module provides three classes to handle one-to-one ing operations.'Idict ', 'inverted', 'namedidict' >>> import bidict>>> dir(bidict)['MutableMapping', '_LEGALNAMEPAT', '_LEGALNAMERE', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__', 'bidict', 'inverted', 'namedbidict', 're', 'wraps'] 1. bidict class: >>> From bidict import bidict >>> D = bidict ({'A': '

Linux Command Ls-al parsing

Linux Command Ls-al parsingLinux Command Ls-al parsingLS is the "list" meaning, similar to the previous DOS command dir function. The parameter-al indicates that all files are listed, including hidden files, which are the first characters in front of a file. As shown above, the first time you log in to Linux as root, if you enter a command, you should see the abo

Latex: When more than three authors are referenced, the third author adds a comma followed by an et Al.__latex

Question: For the cited literature, when the author of the literature is redundant 3, we need to shrink it slightly et al. how do you automate this process without changing each author to and others? Method 1:If you use a reference reference to the Biblatex pattern, you can control it through the maxnames option. \usepackage[style=alphabetic,maxnames=4,minnames=3,maxbibnames=99]{biblatex} Method 2:If you are using the Natbib mode reference referenc

Al Ain asp No component upload Class (upload component) documentation (from

Al Ain asp No component upload Class (upload component) documentation2010-1-18 by AnligeFirst, IntroductionSince the contact ASP began to contact upload, saw some upload class, but always feel that the package is not simple enough, so I try toWrite an upload class that allows you to upload in the simplest possible way with the least amount of code.In the school period began to write, a little bit of perfection, optimization, to the current version, th

Unicodeencodeerror: ' ASCII ' codec can ' t encode characters in position 2-5: Ordin al not in range (128)--Solution notes

When using the YCM plugin in vim, it occasionally appears:"Unicodeencodeerror: ' ASCII ' codec can ' t encode characters in position 2-5: Ordin al not in range (128)"Self-Baidu, found that the hint and Python, Lenovo to ycm rely on Python, so try:Insert the following code at the beginning of the/etc/python2.x/ file:Import sysreload (SYS) sys.setdefaultencoding ('utf-8')Note: The Python study has not been started yet, and the code has n

Knowledge about serialize Al Object serialization in Python

Knowledge about serialize Al Object serialization in Python This article mainly introduces the serialization of marshal objects in Python. It is related to serialization in Python advanced learning. For more information, see Sometimes, you need to save an object in the memory to the disk persistently, or serialize the object to a binary stream over the network and send it to a remote host. Many modules in Python provide serialization and deserializati

[Unity&amp;blender] installation issue Al Lib: <ee> updatedeviceparams:failed to set 44100hz, got 48000hz instead </ee>

AL Lib: The solution Open Blenderplayer, a command box appears and cannot be opened. The following error occurred while opening Blender.exe AL Lib: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- first check: I don't think the warning to print to the console is because of the crash, and the crash at startup may occur for a number of reasons, so let's check some

Invalid Al. PtrToStringAnsi Chinese garbled characters,

Invalid Al. PtrToStringAnsi Chinese garbled characters, Error code: String dec = Marshal. PtrToStringAnsi (audioOutput. psz_description); // output bytes 0 bytes? (Realtek High Definition Audio) Cause: After checking the memory, we know that the memory encoding is UTF8, and Marshal does not support UTF conversion, so we must convert it to Unicode and then to UTF8. Code after solution: Byte [] bytes = System. Text. Encoding. Unicode. GetBytes (Ma

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