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Mac Pro in the company Wi-Fi normal, go home to the dorm will not find WiFi signal, need to restart to find WiFi hotspot

Workaround: Modify the band of the router to 1-11 of this range.Before the time to find the reason, the project is also urgent, these days the project is not particularly urgent, look for, the reason.Because it was good before, mainly is the previous modification of the next router configuration.The default send frequency band is changed, and the default is auto state for 1-13. In order not to conflict with the nearby WiFi information, or psychologica

Solution for Android WiFi auto Disconnect from connected state (DHCP cause) "Go"

; } } } return-1; / * Failure * / } In addition, the Wait_for_property () function needs to add the following code:[CPP]View PlainCopy if (strcmp (name, "Dhcp.wlan0.result") = = 0 \ (maxnaps = = 12| | maxnaps = = 8)) { if (maxnaps = =) LOGD ("Kevin 1st Reset_dhcp"); Else LOGD ("Kevin 2nd Reset_dhcp"); if (dhcp_reset () = = 0) LOGD ("Kevin Dhcp_reset Success"); Else LOGD ("Kevin Dhcp_reset failed"); } The implementation mechanism is in the process of

"Go" How do I set the channel for the wireless router for the best WiFi experience?

recommended channel, we should choose the top 13 or 14, but if the router does not have 13, 14, we can only as I above the choice of the top 11. Similarly, if the recommended is 1, 2, 3 to select the Channel 1, the least interference. You don't see the inner interval, the more overlapping the interference, so the least interference is the least. 7Back to the router settings, according to the channel recommended by the app to fill the channel, save restart the router, done! "

"Go" how to detect the WiFi signal strength? --Good

Original URL: we use WiFi, in some corners there will be no wifi signal, or sometimes no state.Today we're going to use a piece of software to help you test the WiFi signal strength.Tools/Materials Notebook WirelessMon.exe Software Method/Step 1Open your browser and sear

[WFD] Connect WiFi display, plug in wired headphones, sound should go to headset side

[WFD] Connect WiFi display, plug in wired headphones, sound should go to headset side[DESCRIPTION] Connect WiFi display, plug in Wired headphones, play music or multimedia, sound on the TV side. [Solution] This is the Android default design, if you want to change, modify the policy section, AudioPolicyManager.cpp's Getdeviceforstrategy function, Case Strategy

Get WiFi MAC Address summary "Go"

This method is more general, the original has been used this, but recently found that on Android 6.0 system, this method is invalid, returned to the "02:00:00:00:00:00" constant, the Internet is said to be a permission problem, but has already opened all the permissions, or return this value, It could be a bug, and maybe the problem will be fixed in the future. Netizens prompted, found that this is not a bug, Google's blog to find the following paragraph: Most notably, Local

Fix Android 6.0 get WiFi MAC address for 02:00:00:00:00:00 problem "go"

Analysis:Originally Google official in order to give users more data protection, starting from this 6.0 version, Android removed via WiFi and Bluetooth API to the application of programmable access to the local hardware identifier. Both the wifiinfo.getmacaddress () and Bluetoothadapter.getaddress () methods will now return 02:00:00:00:00:00▲ Solution:There is a policy on the so-called, there are countermeasures. We can use the following code to get

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