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What is MiFi?

What is MiFi? MiFi is the English abbreviation of my wifi, the Chinese meaning is mobile wireless router, insert a SIM card to surf the internet. MiFi is a portable broadband wireless device, set dial-up, Routing and access three-point function as one of the de

How does the Millet MiFi carry router configuration

The second section of Millet 4g MiFi router access to the Ministry of Information Network license, and the model also revealed, then the Millet MiFi router configuration How? today to introduce Millet MiFi router configuration parameters, together to understand the next bar! Information from the ministry's website, millet this model for the MF855 4G

MiFi How to use?

Open the MiFi point source, MiFi will display the connected account number and password. Turn on the computer wireless network and connect to the MiFi with the displayed SSID and password. After the connection, open the browser, enter the address into the Settings page. General situa

What do you mean, MiFi?

MiFi is a portable broadband wireless device that is the size of a credit card, with a modem, router, and access point in one function. The built-in modem can connect to a wireless signal, and the internal router can share the connection between multiple users and wireless devices.

What are the differences between MiFi and WiFi?

From the source, MiFi is mainly to convert 3g signal to WiFi signal to share, and WiFi is we use broadband through related devices such as routers to launch shared use. Essentially, MiFi is a device, and WiFi is just a technical signal, but mifi the device to turn the signal into WiFi. MiFi can be shared at any time

Differences and connections between wireless routing, Wireless AP and Wireless Bridge

With the development of the routing industry, wireless technology has become its development direction. Here we mainly explain the differences and connections between wireless routers, wireless APs and wireless bridges, I hope to have a deeper understanding of wireless devic

What is the difference between a wireless AP, a wireless AP, and a wireless route

  Wireless AP: AP for access point abbreviation, generally translated as "Wireless Access Node", which is mainly to provide wireless workstations to the wired LAN and wireless workstations from the wired LAN access to the wireless workstation in the access points covered by

Use of ruijie in Wireless AP (Wireless Router ruijie wireless Internet access cannot authenticate AP)

Use of ruijie in Wireless AP (Wireless Router ruijie wireless Internet access cannot authenticate AP) [tested: win7, xp, ubuntu 12.04 LTS are OK]Many campus networks or enterprise networks require ruijie verification. Although ruijie tries to control the use of wireless routers to prevent a single account from being sh

Wireless router when wireless AP (wireless switch) use, how to set?

When implementing wireless functionality in an existing wired network, you can use the wireless router as a wireless AP (wireless switch) and set the steps as follows: 1, a single connection and login to the wireless router, the wireles

Wireless Wireless Internet performance

Whenever we walk in and out of the elevator corridor or underground tunnel, we will inadvertently pull out their own mobile phone, to test the position of the communication signal strength at this moment. In fact, wireless internet also has the problem of signal strength, when wireless internet nodes or wireless router devices placed in different locations in the

Difference between Wireless AP and wireless Routing

With the development of wireless network technology, many of us are already very familiar with the network architecture, so we are not very clear about the differences between Wireless AP and wireless routing. Here we will introduce it to us. However, just as many people can easily confuse wireless network interfaces a

What is the tiplink wireless speed? What is the slow wireless speed?

First, the realization of wireless rate 300M Wireless Router to achieve the actual 300Mbps wireless transmission rate? The answer is no. The wireless router's own 300M, 450M and other labels, refers to the router theoretically the maximum wireless transmission rate. In th

Slow wireless network speed? How many times faster does the wireless network work? Try these tips !, Slow wireless network speed

Slow wireless network speed? How many times faster does the wireless network work? Try these tips !, Slow wireless network speed In the modern Internet era, the first productivity is the speed of Network. We can't do without wireless networks every day. We need wireless ne

Wired routing + wireless routing Internet access and sharing/wireless router as a wireless switch (AP)

When using wired routing + wireless routing to access the Internet and share wireless functions in an existing wired network, you can use a wireless router as a Wireless AP (Wireless switch). The configuration steps are as follows: 1. connect to and log on to the

Introduction of wireless network card and the purchase of wireless network card

Wireless network card is the equipment of the terminal wireless networks, wireless LAN wireless coverage under the wireless network for Internet access to the use of radio terminals. Specifically, the wireless card is a device tha

A wireless router device and a dual-AP build a wireless dual-network

The combination of Wireless AP and wireless route is essential for network construction. For an enterprise, it is possible that a wireless LAN cannot be fully covered. It is especially important to combine Wireless AP and wireless router devices. This article provides a deta

Wireless cards and wireless internet card small knowledge

Wireless network card definition of the so-called wireless networks, is the use of radio waves as a medium of information transmission of the wireless local area network (WLAN), and the use of wired network is very similar to the largest difference in the transmission medium, the use of radio technology to replace the network cable, and wired network for backup,

Wireless LAN: view the configuration of wireless routers

This article describes how to configure a wireless LAN, and how to configure it when using a router? The following article gives us detailed answers. In today's increasingly mature Wireless LAN, the speed problem has been solved. The current mainstream products not only achieve the speed of common wired Ethernet, but also have basic security assurance. More importantly,

How to Set up a wireless router to connect a wired router to a wireless router

How do I set up a wireless router? WAN port and LAN port are the key Most users who have been familiar with broadband routers know that the ports on the broadband routers are divided into WAN ports and LAN ports. A Broadband Router has the following features during work: data streams from the LAN to the WAN are not restricted by default through the router, and data streams from the WAN to the LAN are not allowed by default. Note: The

Poor wireless signal and poor wireless signal

Wireless networks have become the preferred network access solution for families and small and medium-sized enterprises, and some problems have emerged. Due to the large area of some houses, the structure of the residential buildings is changeable, and there are many obstacles, the signal attenuation of the wireless network is great, resulting in incomplete wireless

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