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Flykar ATD Module

The atd module of the s12xs family MCU has 27 registers, six conversion control registers, two conversion status registers, one comparison enable register, one comparison mode register, and 16 Conversion Result registers, attach a routine VoidAtd_init (Void) { Atd0ctl1 = 0x0f;// Select the 8-bit conversion precision Atd0ctl2 = 0x40;// Enable the CCF quick reset bit, disable the External Trigger input, and disable the interrupt Atd0ctl3 = 0x0

Automate the release of Jenkins at specified times by shell+atd scheduled tasks

Our company is through the Git+jenkins+shell+docker to achieve automated update release.Here I say how I use the SHELL+ATD service, at 21:00 in the evening to complete the lead account of a project on-line operation. Note that this on-line project and on-line time is not fixed! Note: This is different from Jenkins ' timing task, which is a one-time task and needs to be set manually.The CTO stipulates that the website will be released after 21:00 every

OC for iOS Development (eight)--supplement to the Little Knowledge supplement Init method

. If the initialization succeeds, it is necessary to proceed with the next initialization if (self = [super init]) {//Initialize success ; } return Self ;//3. Returns a value that has already been initialized}3. Custom Construction methodsSome specifications of the L-structure method -(ID) initwithage: (int) Age { if "self = [super init]") {= age ; } return Self ;}Pass multiple parameters for initialization-(ID) initwithage: (int) Age Andno: (int)

Oracle Import and Export File supplement, oracle Import and Export supplement

Oracle Import and Export File supplement, oracle Import and Export supplement In the past two days, oracle has imported and exported table data. 1. oracle provides three ways to Import and export files. (1) Oracle export/import (2) slq export/Import (3) PL/SQL export and import The second method is suitable for the import and export of one or more tables, with a small amount of data imported and exported. I

Linux scheduled task supplement and Linux task supplement

Linux scheduled task supplement and Linux task supplement Scheduled task instances Example 1: print your name to the "/server/log/file named after your name" every minute. [Root @ chengliang log] # mkdir-p/server/log/[root @ chengliang log] # echo "chensiqi">/server/log/chengliang [root @ chengliang log] # crontab-l # time sync by zcl at least /5/8 */5 *****/usr/sbin/ntpdate>/dev/null 2> 1 [r

13.Django Database Models&orm Supplementary table operation supplement and other Knowledge Points supplement (ii)

'}]For row in result:Print (row) #获取queryset中的字典数据类型.About Values_list:result = models. User.objects,all (). Values_list (' username ', ' password ')#生成一个queryset数据类型, but this query results only username columns and password columns, except that the Ganso type is stored in Queryset.# queryset[(' username ', ' xxx '), (' Password ', ' xxx ')]!! How do I cross tables when using values and values_list?Double-underline _ _ Cross-table forward lookup:res = models. User.object.all (). VALUES (' id '

Linux terminal and command supplement, Linux terminal command supplement

Linux terminal and command supplement, Linux terminal command supplementWhoami: print a valid user IDWho: displays which users are logged on to the systemWho-r displays the running levelWho-H display field nameW: Show who has logged on and what are they doingLast: the/var/log/wtmp file is displayed. The user logon history and system restart history are displayed.-N #: displays the latest # related informationLastb:/var/tmp/btmp, displays the user's wr

Linux scheduled task-ATD and crond

D. Generally, it indicates the service at the end. Crond is usually used in many cases. Open/etc and find the files and folders starting with cron. Root @ iwissen:/etc # ls-LD cron * drwxr-XR-x 2 root Root 4096 Feb 7 18:03 cron. ddrwxr-XR-x

Insufficient number of Sql digits to supplement 0 or other characters

Label:--Right (' A ' +cast (' B ' as nvarchar ()), C) Variable on the right A : The maximum length of the character to be replenished. For example: ' 0000 ' up to supplement 4 bit, insufficient Bit with 0 "AAAA" total 4 bit, less bit with A Add. B : Variable C : string length after supplement Select ' CDMS ' +right (' 0000000 ' +cast (' 111 ' as nvarchar (50)), 7) DWBH-- Results: 0000111 Select ' CDMS

HTML Knowledge Supplement

HTML Basics Supplement 1. Table Defined Instance Effect HTML Knowledge Supplement

CentOS-based MySQL learning supplement three--create database tables in bulk using the shell

Tags: mysql database centos shellThe source of this article: After the introduction of the CentOS-based MySQL learning Supplement two-using the shell to create a database, this article continues to explore the use of shell and MySQL together, I don't know how to quickly create a well-designed database table and add the appropriate basic data after a database design is complete, what I now know i

C-language-scanf function supplement

About the scanf function supplement1 about "character" and "integer" Mixed input2 "integer" and "integer" Mixed inputTwo "integer" is written in one piece, must have For example: 1 and 1, if not split, it's 11.3 "After the project in actual combat, all separated by commas* When there are characters: scanf ("%d,%c,%d", a,ch,b); Input time: 23,a,3 print Out is: 3 A* No characters at the time: scanf ("%d%d%d", a,b,c); Input time:90C-language-scanf function supp

Nineth article: Network programming supplement and process

(hostname= ' ', port=22, username= ' root ', Pkey=private_key) stdin, stdout, stderr = Ssh.exec_command (' df ') result = () print (Result.decode (' Utf-8 ')) Ssh.close ()(3) Upload or download files:#!/usr/binl/env python#encoding:utf-8#author:yangleiimport paramikotransport = Paramiko. Transport (' ', ()) Transport.connect (username= ' root ', password= ' root123456 ') sftp = Paramiko. Sftpclient.from_transport (transport) Sftp.put (' Test.txt ', '/tmp/test

Linux Timing Task Supplement

/root #time sync by ZCL at 2017/5/8*/5 * * * */usr/sbin/ntpdate time. >/dev/null 2>1  Increased task frequency debugging tasks (some tasks cannot be used in a production environment)When debugging, the task execution frequency speed up a bit, such as: every minute, every 5 minutes to execute, or 5 minutes later than the current time, see whether the execution, is not according to your imagination to carry out, if normal no problem, in the need to change the execution time of the task.I

Problems with the gets function for a character array consecutively (buffer content supplement)

alternately press some characters, as follows:You keep pressing down and you'll notice that when you press the No. 4094 character, you're not allowed to continue entering characters. This indicates that the size of the row buffer is also 4 K.At this point you press ENTER to return the first character ' a ', such as:Continue tapping the ENTER key to output all other characters of the buffer, such as:3, standard error output without bufferingIf the error output is used:cerrThis statement is equiv

C + + string function supplement (type cross, split, merge, slimming)

() >= 2) { Result[tmparray[0]] = tmparray[1]; } } return result;}std::string stringutil::linkmaptostring (map{ Vector String tmpstr; Map for (; It!=tmpmap.end (); ++it) { TMPSTR = it->first+secondarysep+it->second; Tmparray.push_back (TMPSTR); } Return stringutil::linkarraytostring (TMPARRAY,PRIMARYSEP);}std::string Stringutil::trimfront (std::string data){ unsigned int i = 0; for (; I { } if (I Return Data.

python-day58 Django Introduction Template supplement, routing

Filter:1. built-in: Filter1.{{value|date: ' Y-m-d h:i:s '}}2 .....2. Custom Filter1. Create a new Templatetags (Python package) in the app2. Create a new py file with a name3. Internal definition An implementation provides specific function functions, which are registered in the Django template language in a fixed notation:From Django Import TemplateRegister = template. Library ()@register. Filter ()def add_sb (value):return value + ' SB '4. Restart5. Actual invocation1. The name of the new Py f

Java Basic Learning Supplement--Exception handling and log4j logs

throws to throw the declaration.Custom exceptionsCustom exception classes, you must base existing exception classesTypically, exception or runtimeexception are inherited, respectively, to declare a check-time exception and a run-time exception.and rewrite its getmessage () method.Use of log4j logsUse of log4j:1. Import Log4j.jar2. Create the Log4j.propetites profile under SRC peer3. Get a Log object through Logger.getlogger () in the class that needs to print the log4, respectively call differe

Knowledge System second time review supplement--Bubbling algorithm

Note: Time complexity: The time required to complete a program;Space complexity: The amount of memory required to complete a program;1. Bubble Sort: 22 comparison, if the previous one is larger than the latter, then the interchange position, after each cycle comparison, the last one is always the largest, the next round of comparison, it will not participate.Eg:function Sort (Array) {for (var i = 0; i for (var j = 0; jif (Array[j] > array[j+1]) {          var SMAP = array[j]; Assign a large valu

Javase: Multithreading Supplement--thread communication

handledClerk.addproduct (); } }}The same consumer I will not write in detail, and the same as above.publicclass Consumer implements Runnable{ ...... publicvoidrun(){ .... clerk.getProduct(); }}To write the Clerk class: Public class clerk{ intProduct//This is the shared data we are working on Public synchronized void addproduct(){if(Product >= -){Try{Wait ();//production of more than 20, we wait for consumers to take away the reproduction}Catch(){ ....

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