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AMD Athlon The CPU has several interfaces

Q: How many interfaces does AMD Athlon the CPU have? A: In September 2003, when the first launch of Athlon 64, there are two versions, respectively, socket 940 and Socket 754, this June also introduced a socket 939. The future mainstream is socket 754 and 939, and socket 940 is for Opteron only. The Socket939 and socket 940 Interface Athlon64 CPU supports dual-channel memory, where the dual channel of t

AMD Athlon XP 2500 overclocking brings trouble

Q: The CPU of a computer is AMD Athlon XP 2500, after overclocking performance has a larger upgrade, but the computer often appear without reason, how to solve? A: How to adjust the BIOS related parameters have a great impact on the stability of overclocking. A total of two problems to pay attention to: first, memory-related parameters of the setting problem, the second is the problem of voltage settings. First of all, the relevant parameters of mem

CorelDRAW X3 Symbol function detailed

I'm going to apply this version of X3 to work as quickly as possible, although most of the company's designers are using 9, but I have X3 this version installed on their own computer, X3 in the Celeron 3.06G and 512 of the memory run can also be, maybe I do a little bit of the file, open the file is a bit slow, Nothing else is wrong. I didn't use any version bet

Use Boost. Spirit. X3, boostmsvc in msvc

Use Boost. Spirit. X3, boostmsvc in msvcPreface "Examples of designs that meet most of the criteria for" goodness "(easy to understand, flexible, efficient) are a recursive-descent parser, which is traditional procedural code. another example is the STL, which is a generic library of containers and algorithms depending crucially on both traditional procedural code and on parametric polymorphism."--Bjarne Stroustrup First, move the Bj quotes referenced

Discuz! Configure pseudo-static rules in X3

How to set Discuz! X3: pseudo-static configuration; the most practical tutorial on vps pseudo-static settings, discuzx3: pseudo-static iis server settings; URL-static is a configuration that facilitates search engines, through URL-static, when the original dynamic PHP page is converted to a static HTML page, it can improve search engine crawling. of course, here the static page is a way of Discuz! X3: Confi

Lightweight C + + plug-in framework-X3 C + + pluginframework

X3 C + + pluginframework code-named X3 C + + Lightweight Universal plug-in framework platform is a general-purpose C + + Lightweight plug-in system, not using MFC, ATL, COM. Can be compiled and run under Windows and Linux. Applications can be developed quickly based on the X3 plug-in framework, and plug-ins in the X3 p

Discuz! Solution for an x3 administrator not logging on to the background

Discuz! Shortly after the release of the x3 forum, it was normal to log on to the administrator many times. I recently found that I opened the administrator's background and did not respond to n consecutive logins. The homepage of the forum shows that you have logged on to the forum, but the administrator cannot log on to the background, and no logon prompt is displayed at the background of the Forum. I have encountered similar problems before, but I

Discuz X3 Logon Process Analysis

Discuz X3 Logon Process Analysis Recently, the company wants to upgrade the discuz forum to the latest version of discuz X3. However, the company needs to use its own pass for Synchronous login. Therefore, the login process and principle of discuzX3 must be known before secondary development. 1. Files involved DiscuzX3/source/template/default/member/login.htm DiscuzX3/member. php DiscuzX3/source/module/memb

X3 printing server configuration error Solution

To reconfigure the printing server, follow these steps: 1. Delete the printing server added to the console; 2. Open "Add/delete programs" in windows, uninstall the installed SrvEdi component, and go to the installation directory of the original printing server, for example, C: \ SAGE \ SAGEX3V5 \ X3V53 \ srvedt) check whether there are any residual folders. If there are any residual folders, manually delete them; 3. Open the windows Start Menu-control panel, find Regional and Language Options

The shortest distance from a point (x3,y3) to a line passing through a point (x1,y1) and a point (X2,y2)

The shortest distance from a point (x3,y3) to a line passing through a point (x1,y1) and a point (X2,y2)public static double Getmindistance (MapPoint pt1, MapPoint pt2, MapPoint pt3){Double dis = 0;if (pt1. X = = Pt2. X{dis = Math.Abs (pt3. X-pt1. X);return dis;}Double Linek = (pt2. Y-pt1. Y)/(pt2. X-pt1. X);Double Linec = (pt2. X * pt1. Y-pt1. X * pt2. Y)/(pt2. X-pt1. X);dis = Math.Abs (Linek * pt3. X-pt3. Y + Linec)/(MATH.SQRT (Linek * Linek + 1));r

Discuz! X3 optimized memory to improve server performance and load capacity

Comments: Enabling the memory optimization function will greatly improve program performance and server load capabilities. The following describes Discuz! How does X3 optimize memory? if you are interested, refer to the memory optimization interfaces currently supported by memory optimization: Memcache, eAccelerator, AlternativePHPCache (APC), Xcache, and Redis. Comments: Enabling the memory optimization function will greatly improve program performa

X3: reunion cracked [ISO]

Transferred from TLF Development: egosoft Release: Deep Silver Capacity: 1 DVD Language: English Platform: PC Type: Simulation Web: [Game overview] (Ocean Games) Egosoft has announced that it will launch the latest work of the X-star combat trade game, and the previously planned expansion plan X2: thereturn has been canceled, some of the work that has been developed in this data sheet will be transf

Comparison between the Bayer mode and the X3 Mode

Currently, there are two main types of photosensitive elements: one is the photosensitive element of the widely used mosaic form (Bayer), and the other is the patented product of foveon, the photosensitive elements of X3 technology have different principles. Bayer mode: X3 mode: Bayer is the original image inside the camera. Generally, it is suffixed with. Raw. Many software can be viewed, such as PS. We

How to add watermarks to images in discuz x3.x category Information

How to add watermarks to images in discuz x3.x category Information This is a problem solved when configuring the company website some time ago. Now, read the previous notes and give it to anyone who needs this function. Youdao cloud Note: Creation Time: After several days of code analysis, I found the place where I needed to add the watermark, and finally added only a few lines of code. Direct topic: source/class/extend/extend_thread_sort.php i

Discuz! X2.5/X3/X3.1 Delete administrator accounts with CSRF

Last vulnerability: Discuz! CSRF AttacK Defense in X2.5/X3/X3.1 can be bypassed: You replied that the setup was not required for verification by programmers ...... So this is probably your design problem. The user page deleted in the background is simply submitcheck ('submit ', 1). According to the previous instructions, the program does not judge formhash, that is, it can be used for CSRF.However, to

PYQT Practice x3. 1

#-*-coding:cp936-*-Import SysFrom PYQT4 import QtguiClass MessageBox (Qtgui.qwidget):def __init__ (Self,parent=none):qtgui.qwidget.__init__ (self,parent)Self.setgeometry (300,300,250,150)Self.setwindowtitle (U ' you want to close? ')def closeevent (self,event):Reply=qtgui.qmessagebox.question (self, ' Message ',U ' you want to close ? ', QtGui.QMessageBox.Yes,QtGui.QMessageBox.No)If Reply==qtgui.qmessagebox.yes:Event.accept ()ElseEvent.ignore ()App=qtgui.qapplication (SYS.ARGV)Qb=messagebox ()Q

A wonderful example of PYQT practice x3

()"), Self.slotstature)Layout=qgridlayout ()Layout.addwidget (label1,0,0)Layout.addwidget (self.namelabel,0,1)Layout.addwidget (namebutton,0,2)Layout.addwidget (label2,1,0)Layout.addwidget (self.sexlabel,1,1)Layout.addwidget (sexbutton,1,2)Layout.addwidget (label3,2,0)Layout.addwidget (self.agelabel,2,1)Layout.addwidget (agebutton,2,2)Layout.addwidget (label4,3,0)Layout.addwidget (self.staturelabel,3,1)Layout.addwidget (staturebutton,3,2)Self.setlayout (Layout)Self.setwindowtitle ( (" da

Discuz! X3 reply voting (supported/opposed) use text description

Discuz! You can also vote for Replies (supported/opposed). 1. after logging on to the background, go global-site function-Post reading-enable Reply voting and check Discuz! The X3 reply can also be used by voting (supported/opposed ). 1. after logging on to the background, go global-site function-Post reading-enable Reply voting, and select "yes ". 2. log on to the backend, choose Global> site feature> topic rating> enable topic rating, and select

Study Discuz x3 Source Code Analysis order, how to deal with

Research Discuz x3 Source Code Analysis sequence

Cocos2d-x 3. x Windows Phone 8 engineering, cocos2d-x3.x

Cocos2d-x 3. x Windows Phone 8 engineering, cocos2d-x3.xCocos2d-x 3. x we use Cocos2d-x 3.2, which provides support for the Windows Phone 8 platform. Next we will introduce how to generate the Windows Phone 8 project for the Cocos2d-x in Cocos2d-x 3.2 and how to use it.Generate a Windows Phone 8 ProjectWe can generate a multi-platform template project using the cocos new tool provided by the Cocos2d-x. If the project name is HelloCpp, the generated di

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