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Atlassian Bitbucket Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-5225)

Atlassian Bitbucket Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-5225)Atlassian Bitbucket Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-5225) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Atlassian Bitbucket Server 5.8.

Create BitBucket's private maven repository and upload aar to BitBucket's Maven warehouse (by Star Wuge)

Create BitBucket's private maven repository and upload aar to BitBucket's maven repositoryReprint please mark the original address: we use the development of Android studio, we can use the compile "" command very conveniently to use someone else's third-party AAR libraryFor example, when we quote okhttp, we can do it in Gradle:dependencies { compile ' com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:3.3.1 '}Feel good tall on, today we come to realize thei

Atlassian realization of enterprise-level knowledge management and collaborative platform

set UTF8;Mysql> Grant all on jira.* to [e-mail protected] '% ' identified by ' Jira ';mysql> flush Privileges;#java Installwget-p/usr/local Http:// Jdk-6u32-linux-i586.binMV Jdk1.6.0_32 JavaExport Java_home=/usr/local/javaExportclasspath= $CLASSPATH: $JAVA _home/lib: $JAVA _home/jre/libExportpath= $JAVA _home/bin: $JAVA _home/jre/bin: $PATH: $HOME/bin######## #save quit, javac-version, Javac 1.6.0_32Download Packagemkdir/sof

Construction of software project development environment Five: Confluence, Jira, BitBucket Unified account Management

:0px; padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;margin:0px;padding-right:0px;border-top-width:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" Http:// "width=" 936 "height=" 923 "/>After the test succeeds, click the test and save button.650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-right-width:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom-width:0px; padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;margin:0px;padding-right:0px;border-top-width:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" im

Automated build, test, and deployment of. Net core projects using BitBucket pipeline

Core 2.0, and the layered schema is as follows:We want to bitbucket-pipelines.yml make the following changes:Modify completed, click on the commit file immediately into the pipeline run interface, running results are as follows:At this point, we've completed building and testing the. NET core project. So how do you get it to do these two things automatically? Simply, go back to the pipeline interface and click on the "Schedules" menu to create a "Sch

The construction of software project development environment Five: Confluence, Jira, BitBucket Unified Account Management _ Project Management

the "Atlassian JIRA" directory type in the user directory. Enter the application name and password generated in Jira After the test succeeds, click the test and save button. The first time the user is manually synchronized. Three, BitBucket in the set 1, directly in the settings, find the user directory, add "Atlassian JIRA" directory type The application

Using BitBucket for Source Control

If you are a professional software developer, chances are you have varous source code projects on your hard drive. You have those backed up, right? Nowadays, with SkyDrive and GoogleDrive, and DropBox fighting over who gets to hang onto your files, you do have options. however, if you want to actually truly outsource your source control repository, bug tracking, and documentation, you have option for that too-it's BitBucket (as of th

Cracking Zephyr for Jira on Atlassian Jira

[Download] crack + keygen Zephyr for Jira on Atlassian Jira All Versions By chungkol Pham-In download-on 3/24/2014-9 comments Atlassian Zephyr for Jira isn' t free application:Use only for test, not recommended for specified cial!Send thanks to a good man (anonymous) for this method! This solutions availableAtlassian Zephyr for JiraOn Atlassian Jira 5.0.x, 6.0.

Bitbucket free code hosting space: Private repos personal space that can be bound to a domain name

Http:// This website is very useful for recording. Bitbucket is a free code hosting space similar to GitHub. It uses mercurial and git as the distributed version control system. In general, Bitbucket and GitHub are equivalent in terms of code hosting and management, bitbucket is even mo

Installing the Atlassian SDK on Windows

en: Windows? Linux and Mac users can view the install the Atlassian SDK on a Linux or Mac systemBefore we start creating plugins, you need to configure a local development environment so that you can use the Atlassi

Install atlassian-jira-6.0.4 under windows and crack the Chinese (just 2 steps, another illustration)

first, prepare beforehand1: JDK download and install: Jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe2: MySQL JDBC Connection driver: Mysql-connector-java-5.1.25.zip3: MySQL database download and install: This is recommended here, no need to install MySQL and configuration save a lot.4: Create Jira user in MySQL, jira database, set user rights (also can be created and set by page). INSERT into Mysql.user (HOST, User, PASSWORD) VALUES ("localhost", "Jirauser", PASSWORD ("1234")); CREATE DAT

Atlassian jira xss Vulnerability (CVE-2017-16863)

Atlassian jira xss Vulnerability (CVE-2017-16863)Atlassian jira xss Vulnerability (CVE-2017-16863) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Atlassian JIRA Description: Bugtraq id: 102732CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2017-16863JIRA is a project and transaction tracking tool developed by Atlassian.In Atlassian Jira *>Suggest

Private code storage repository Bitbucket

Atlassian Bitbucket is a source code hosting website address: Use mercurial as the distributed version control system. The default free account can have a total of five accounts to read and write your private database; they apply for an unlimited account for non-profit organizations (NPO) and college students free of charge (original price $80 per month). What is an unlimited account:

How to Use Bitbucket

I. Software and SSH keys: Because my Bitbucket account has the same email address and user name as GitHub, ssh public keys can use GitHub to log on to Bitbucket and click "Account" in the user name boliquan ", click "SSH keys" on the left to install the software. 2. Create and upload a private project: After logging on, hover your mouse over "repositories" and select "create repositories". "name" indicates

Atlassian Crowd XML external entity information leakage Vulnerability

Release date: 2013-07-02Updated on: 2013-07-04 Affected Systems:Atlassian Crowd 2.6.2Atlassian Crowd 2.5.3Atlassian Crowd 2.4.9Atlassian Crowd 2.3.8Atlassian CrowdDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 60899CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-3925 Atlassian Crowd is a software for centralized identity management. Atlassian Crowd 2.5.x, 2.6.x, 2.3.8, and

Code hosting and version control platform: BitBucket and Github

One, compare 1, BitBucket (1) a maximum of 5 members per project for free users; (2) free user maximum space capacity is unlimited; (3) the page Operation section supports Chinese; (4) BitBucket parent company Atlassian developed git graphics software sourcetree function is very powerful; 2. Github (1) the largest code hosting site, the world most op

Atlassian Git Series Tutorials

During the national Day to Atlassian git series of tutorials read. I read and translated the relevant articles on the side.Original Tutorial: translated: Git init git clone git config git add Git commit git status git log Git checkout git revert git reset Git clean git commit--amend Git rebase Git rebase-i Git reflog Git remote git fetch Git pull git

Windows + Atlassian-Jira-6.0.4 + MySql5.0 installation crack Chinese, atlassianjira

Windows + Atlassian-Jira-6.0.4 + MySql5.0 installation crack Chinese, atlassianjiraWindows + Atlassian-Jira-6.0.4 + MySql5.0 installation and cracking I. Compiled installation programs For example: The file is too large, cannot be uploaded to csdn, and there is a need for contact. Ii. Install MySql Installation illustration of MySql5.0 Iii. Jira installation and cracking Jira installation and cracking

Atlassian JIRA 5.0.5 released

Atlassian JIRA 5.0.5 was released. This version mainly involves minor improvements and bug fixes without introducing new features. JIRA is a commercial software that integrates project planning, task allocation, requirement management, and Error Tracking. JIRA has four types of problems: New Feature, Bug, Task, and Improvement. You can also define them by yourself. Therefore, JIRA is also a process management system. Jira integrates project managemen

windows+atlassian-jira-6.0.4+mysql5.0 Installation Crack Chinese

Label:windows+atlassian-jira-6.0.4+mysql5.0 Installation Crack ChineseA: Finishing the installation program For example, with: The file is too large to upload to the csdn, there is a need to contact. New Baidu Cloud Disk Download: Link: password:388v.Considered to be practical. Leave a trail, but also a kind of encouragement to me:) II: MySQL Installation MySql5.0 installation Diagram Three: Jira installation hack Jira

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