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Inter-process communication in Linux (2) signal (lower)

Inter-process communication in Linux environment (2): Signal (lower) I. Signal Lifecycle The signal is sent to the signal processing function after execution. For a complete signal Life Cycle (after the signal is sent to the corresponding processing

(1) Learning APUE file IO and apue file io together

(1) Learning APUE file IO and apue file io together . . . . . I have been learning APUE recently. By the way, I have recorded what I learned every day. On the one hand, I want to consolidate my learning knowledge and on the other hand, I want to

String to numeric type for C language string operations in Linux

1. Convert string to INTEGER (1) # include int atoi (const char * nptr ); string to integer long atol (const char * nptr ); convert a string to a long integer long Atoll (const char * nptr ); long atoq (const char *

Source code for various TCP network servers in Linux

Everyone knows the compiling steps of various network server programs and knows that there are two types of network servers: cyclic services and concurrent services. Here is a summary of the source code.First of all, the process of Loop Network

(i) Learn apue together file IO

.....Recently in the study of Apue, so by the way the Daily Record, on the one hand to consolidate the knowledge of learning, on the other hand also for the same learning Apue children's shoes to provide a reference.This series is based on learning "

In Linux, The getopt function uses tips.

The getopt function can be used to conveniently process command line parameters. The function is prototype: Int getopt (INT argc, char * const argv [], const char * optstring ); The following are key points:1. argc, argv is the two of the main

Observe Linux Behavior

Observe the Linux behavior-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. 1./proc file system The/proc file system is a mechanism used by the kernel and kernel module to send information

C ++ file stream, string stream, character array, string

Before you start, let's take a look at the following C ++ code.   // Definition of function read_file // return the file's data in string string read_file (string file_name = "test_data.txt ") { ifstream file (file_name.c_str (); ostringstream

Source code of syn-flood of zakath ..

/* SYN flooder by zakath* TCP functions by trurl _ (thanks man ).* Some More code by zakath.* Speed/MISC tweaks/enhancments -- Ultima* Nice interface -- Ultima* Random IP spoofing mode -- Ultima* How to use:* Usage is simple. srcaddr is the IP the

The use of some advanced functions in C + +

setvbufName of function:setvbufFunction: Use the buffer in relation to the stream:int setvbuf (FILE *stream, char *buf, int type, unsigned size);Parameters: Stream: Pointer to stream, BUF: The address of the desired buffer, type: Expected buffer:

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