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Use RSS and atom for news Union

The emergence of RSS and atom technology has brought a new era for news syndication. In any case, it takes time for the web site administrator to manually publish news and manage Email users every day. This article explains how to use RSS and atom

React-uses atom to build development environment

After learning react native take time to look at its basic react, using atom to build REACTJS development environment Atom GitHub officially launched editor atom-beautify plugin Atom-beautify used to format code, in the Atom editor open the '

React-using atom to build a development environment

After studying react native take time to look at its basic react, using atom to build the Reactjs development environment Atom GitHub official launch editor atom-beautify plugin Atom-beautify used to format the code, in the Atom editor open the '

Create an atom feed in PHP

What is Atom? Atom, as it is used here, refers to an XML language that enables web publishers to aggregate the content of their Web sites to be available to a variety of users. With Atom, publishers can create a standard format for WEB feeds. This

My Front story----beautiful editor of GitHub Atom

Many of the front-end students are using sublime text, I was also in use, but later came into contact with the Atom, it is deeply attracted by its high value ~ ~ is a github engineer Oh ~ aesthetic is high AtomAs a cross-platform editing software,

Learn from Atom beginners

Directory-[0. Operating Procedures] (#0操作流程)-[1. About Markdown Editor] (#1关于markdown编辑器)-[2. About Chinese typesetting] (#2关于中文排版)-[4. About form] (#4关于表格)-[5. Built-in HTML] (#5内建html)Li Yu.markdown is a browser plugin (Chrome/firefox/safari) that

Use C # to generate and parse RSS, and support RSS2.0 and Atom formats

RSS is already very popular, and almost all well-known and not-famous websites provide RSS services. This document describes what RSS is used in. Net. 1.So what is RSS? RSS is a standard message source format used to publish websites that frequently

Atom Utility Configuration Plug-in for C + +

Autocomplete-clang Auto complement AutoComplete for C/C++/OBJC using clang autocomplete-python Auto-complete python packages, variables, metho DS and functions with their arguments autocompletion powered by Jedi Build compile build your current

Atom Editor Toss _ (csscomb) enhanced [Css/less/sass]

What is CsscombThe official website has only one sentence description: Makes your code beautiful (make your codes more beautiful) The popular point says: Csscomb is used to typeset CSS code ... Can be said to be a format

Golang Environment Configuration recommendations (Atom)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Essential features of the development environment Project

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