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MySQL non-stop short time lock table backup master standby sync new backup machine

= ' ', master_user= ' test ', master_password= ' 123 ' , master_log_file= ' mysql-bin.000005 ', master_log_pos=1370; '[[email protected] ~]# mysql-e ' start slave ' Recovering data on the hostCopy data to MySQL data Catalog[Email protected] ~]# cp-a/myback/*/data/Start MySQL[Email protected] ~]# service mysqld restartRecover subsequent writes using the Binlog file[Email protected] ~]# Mysqlbinlog--start-position=245/var/lib/mysql/mysql-bin.000014 > Binlog.sql[[email protected] ~]#

Old text backup: The function and use of sync in CANopen

the same node, the actual network application in the network can find a task less, real-time good node to be a sync producer, sync consumer can have multiple, but the producer can only have one existence. Sync is without data to make the message as short as possible in order to speed up its transmission and reduce network occupancy. After

Google launches new backup and sync Apps for Mac and Windows users

It is reported that Google will release a new backup and sync app for Mac and Windows users on June 28.Google has just announced it will launch its backup and Sync app, which is designed to help users back up files and photos from their computer to Google drive. Backup and

360 Automatic backup of cloud disk and automatic sync must know the difference

We use the 360 cloud disk in the process will find that the PC client has automatic backup folder and automatic Sync folder function, but these two features what is the difference, I will explain the following. The Automatic Sync folder feature is always consistent with the folders that you want to sync locally

Linux uses SSH rsync to sync backup VPS site files and directories

This is the time to learn about the VPS backup file content, because after using the VPS all security issues need our own processing, including the security of the website files. We can choose to make regular manual backups, or we can choose to automate scheduled backups. In the old left blog has also written a few on the VPS, the site back up the article, perhaps a little long time do not know whether it is still valid, but this time as far as possib

rsync file sync backup from Linux to Linux

rsync file sync backup from Linux to LinuxFirst, the environmentServer (server side) that needs to back up files: (RHEL 5)Server (client) receiving backup files: (CENTOS 5)Second, installation configuration1. Server-side configurationA, using the system default installation of Rsync edit/etc/rsyncd.conf file, if not a new one.Vi/etc/rs

Detailed description of file sync backup configuration using RSync

Server Information) Server configuration file (/etc/rsyncd. conf). This file does not exist by default. Please create it.   The procedure is as follows: # Touch/etc/rsyncd. conf # create rsyncd. conf, which is the configuration file of the rsync server.# Touch/etc/rsyncd. secrets # create rsyncd. secrets, which is the user password file.# Chmod 600/etc/rsyncd. secrets # Set the File Attribute of the rsyncd. secrets password file to root and set the permission to 600. Otherwise, the

rsync Sync Backup Server files Detailed method

is installed on the server, set the iptables on the server to open the 837 port. Iptables-a input-p TCP--dport 873-j ACCEPT 4, the server side will be rsync in the form of daemon launch Rsync--daemon--config=/etc/rsyncd.conf 5, on the B machine will be the rsync password written to the file, on the client, only need to enter a password, for example: Vi/etc/rsyncd.pas Test #与上面服务端设置的root密码一致 6, test the Sync command on the B machine: Rsync-avz

rsync + lsyncd file real time Sync/backup

LSYNCD on which server to start, this server is like when the server is synchronized, other servers if more files will be deleted, fewer files will be synchronized from this server. Modifying the contents of the file will also be synchronized Rsync can achieve synchronization/backup of files, install configuration step to Linux under rsync Backup/Sync files LSYN

Linux system backup and Restore tool 4 (rsync/Data Sync Tool)

protected]::wwwfiles to consider./ab100% 0.00kb/s 0:00:00 (2, 66.7% of 6)258 bytes received 95.43 bytes bytes/150995011 speedup is 452080.87Reference:Http:// (the above content is transferred from this article)Http:// (example) (example) (example)

Veeam Backup & Replication 8 sync and recovery

Veeam Backup Replication synchronization is different from the mechanism of backup, synchronization is to crawl the virtual machine directly to the other end, the equivalent of a full standby, and then according to the scheduled task to take a snapshot, and based on the configuration to retain the most recent snapshots for failover recovery, This example synchronizes from a 61ESXi host to a 70ESXi host.1.

Sync file Backup tool Super flexible file Synchronizer Pro v4_ Common tools

Sync file Backup tool Super flexible file Synchronizer Pro v4. Used to back up data or sync files between PCs, laptops, and servers at different locations to support timed automatic backups. Synchronizes files, supports multiple profiles, detects deleted files, supports scheduled runs, available mail notifications, supports full mirror-mode backups, securely back

WinForm folder content sync update, backup, log, restore

Believe that you do the project or processing files often need to use the backup function, here to do a sync Update folder content and backup of the WinForm program, the current address path in the app. config file is set, if you need to change directly with Notepad edit, put code and.1.CS Code:Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.componentm

MySQL bidirectional sync hot backup settings

(' This is a Test 2 ');Query OK, 1 row Affected (0.00 sec)Mysql> select * from T11_replicas;+----+---------------------------------------+| ID | str |+----+---------------------------------------+| 1 | This was a master to master Test table || 2 | This is a Test 2 |+----+---------------------------------------+2 rows in Set (0.00 sec)Let's see A.A:Mysql> select * from T11_replicas;+----+---------------------------------------+| ID | str |+----+---------------------------------------+| 1 | This

Linuxrsync use _ rsync for file sync backup from linux to linux (windows) _ rsync

Rsync is a data image backup tool in Linux. It can be seen from the software name-remotesync. Rsync supports most Unix-like systems, including Linux, Solaris, and BSD. I. rsync CommandIntroduction Rsync is a command for Synchronizing files to a Linux system. It can synchronize two computers to files and directories, and find different files in different blocks to reduce data transmission. You can also synchronize data from a computer to different dire

Rsync for the Linux Data Sync Backup tool

/tmp/--password-file=/etc/rsync.password----to back up local data when you operate this commandRsync excludes a file:Exclude individual filesRsync-avz--exclude=/tmp/a/tmp/[email protected]::backup--password-file=/etc/rsync.passwordExclude Multiple FilesRsync-avz--exclude={2,4,5,6}}a/tmp/[Email protected]::backup--password-file=/etc/rsync.passwordAdvantages of Rsync:1. Incremental

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