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A workaround that appears as read-only after the database is attached. __ Database

Reason: The database attached is read-only because the default startup account "Network Service" that starts SQL Server does not have sufficient permissions on the attached (Attach) database files. Solution: Open SQL Server Configuration Manager,

An error occurred while attaching the database to the server. The database cannot be upgraded because it is read-only or has a read-only file.

The following error occurs when you attach an SQL Server 2000 database to SQL Server 2005 today: An error occurred while appending the database to the server (Microsoft. sqlserver. SMO), the database test cannot be upgraded because it is read-only

SQL server attached database has the correct workaround for error 5123

This error pops up when attaching the sample database AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2005: Take a closer look at the main message "Try to open or create a physical file ... , the CREATE file encounters an operating system error 5 (Access denied.     )

SQL Server database attached error summary analysis

Error 5123 prompted when attaching a database to sql2008Unable to retrieve data for this request ...... An exception occurred when executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch processing ...... When you try to open or create a physical file d:

SQL server attached database has the correct workaround for error 5123

Because you have a SQL Server 2005-based database tutorial that uses theThe sample database is AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2005, and my machine is loaded with SQL Server 2008, and the sample database is AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2008. At first

SQL2008 attaching database error 5120 and display as read-only solution after attaching database

SQL2008 when mdf is attached to the database, error 5120 is returned.This error occurred when I used SQL2008 to open the MDF database file a few days ago.  When you use sql2008 to attach a database (including the database files being used in the x86

Failed to attach database, cannot upgrade database because it is read-only

I deal with the method is to find the specified directory of the database of these 2 files, set Evvryone have all the rights, after the successful, the system will automatically adjust the permissions, change to SQL administrator has permissions, no

Read-only solution when attaching an SQL Server database

Symptom:   When running the. NET program, the following message is displayed:"The Database "C:/program files/Microsoft ASP. NET/ASP. NET Ajax sample applications/v1.0.61025/contacts/app_data/contacts. MDF" cannot be updated because the database is

there is an open transaction/user when the database shuts down, the database does not have checkpoints, or the database is read-only. "Database Recovery"

Summary article: Http:// Paste Error First: Spit on the trough for a moment: Go to the Chase: Create a new database with the same name

SQL Server 2005 Read-only the wrong solution when attaching a database _mssql

SQL Server 2005 has a read-only error attaching the database file, when attached, the system prompts the MDF file as read-only, but opens the file properties, this property is not read-only. How to solve it? This article we have introduced this

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