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788 error. The L2TP connection attempt fails because the security layer cannot authenticate the remote computer. How can this problem be solved?

You need to ensure that the IPsec Policy Agent service has been automatically started by the random machine, and the IPsec Policy Agent Startup Mode has been changed to automatic in Computer Management Service. 600An internal error occurred. Restart

XP SP3 cannot install IIS system version IIS 5.1 IIS 6

XP SP3 cannot install IIS. The solution is as follows:Choose Control Panel> add and delete Programs> add and delete Windows Components> accessories and tools> details> games> details,Remove the check box before zinternet games and then install IIS! -

Broadband connection Error Codes

Our daily use of the computer to connect to the broadband error will return an error code, each corresponding to a different error prompt. 600 an operation is in a pending state. An internal error has occurred, restarting the computer to

xp/2003 access to a network share solution without a login box

1. Operation: gpedit.msc 2. Group Policy Editor-local Computer Policy-Computer Configuration-windows Settings-security Settings-Local policy-security options 2.1 Disable "account: Local account with blank password only allow console login" 2.2

WMI FAQ and Troubleshooting

WMI FAQ and Troubleshooting This article is contributed by Ziyun Immortals WMI FAQ and Troubleshooting Description: This document WMI problem and solve the collection, may relate to our company multiple products, please select reference

Windows event viewer code meaning

Account Logon Events Table 1 shows the security events generated by the "Audit Account Logon Events" security template settings. Table 1: Audit Account Logon Events Event ID Event Description 672 The authentication

NetSetMan IP Address Switching tool

Http:// a network settings manager that can easily switch between 6 different, visually structured configurations, including: IP addresses (IPV4 and ipv6! )

Solution to Windows Memory errors

People who use the Windows operating system sometimes experience such an error message: "0X????????" directive refers to "0x00000000" memory, which cannot be "read" or "written", and the application is closed. If you go to ask some "master", get

Windows Memory Error solution 0x ????????" The "0 × 00000000" memory referenced by the command. The memory cannot be "read" or "written"

If you are using a Windows operating system, you may encounter the following error message: 「 "0x ????????" The memory of the instruction reference "0x00000000". The memory cannot be "read" or "written" and the application is closed. If you ask some

Precautions for configuring IPv6 in Windows 7

IPv6 has quietly come to our side. Windows 7 has started to support IPv6, but Windows 7 has not yet understood it, now, when I add an IPv6 package, the user will be confused. Next we will introduce how to configure IPv6 in Windows 7. I. Initial

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