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Linux Audio Programming Guide

Linux Audio Programming GuideAlthough the advantages of Linux are mainly embodied in the network services, but in fact, there is also a very rich media function, this article is based on multimedia applications of the most basic sound as an object,

Android Audio Play out Channel

1:7 Mouth 8 TongueSpeakers, headphones, and earpieceIs by: Audiomanager.setmode (audiomanager.mode_in_communication)Audiomanager.setspeakerhponeon (boolean value). These two are set. But some don't seem to support it.Switch speaker and handset on

Linux Audio Programming Guide (GO)

Transferred from: Audio Programming GuideAlthough the advantages of Linux are mainly embodied in the network services, but in fact, there is also a very rich media function, this article is

Sox: audio file conversion command

When developing a call center, you need to play the voice. You need to convert the wav format of your recorded voice to the gsm format. asterisk also supports the wav format, however, it is unclear why the wav file cannot be played if it is larger,

Audio/Video file bit rate and Size Calculation

Audio/Video file bit rate and Size CalculationFrom: encoding rate/bit rate is directly related to the file volume. Whether the encoding rate and encoding format are suitable is

FFmpeg Base Library (ii) audio format

1.2.1 Common formatsCommon audio formats are: CD format, WAVE (*. WAV), AIFF, AU, MP3, MIDI, WMA, RealAudio, VQF, Oggvorbis,AAC, APE. CDThe audio quality of the CD format is relatively high. So to speak the audio format, CD is naturally the leading

[Audio and Video Media Production] goldwave, a small audio processing tool, advanced tutorial

(Http:// ArticleID = 1065 & articlepage = 1............Http:// ArticleID = 1065 & articlepage = 8) [Author: cl1003 resending from] Goldwave is a set of audio

Android Audio Development (2): How to capture a frame of audio

This article focuses on how to capture a single frame of audio data on the Android platform. Before reading this article, it is recommended to read my previous article, "Android Audio Development (1): Fundamentals", because in the audio development

C language parsing WAV audio files

C Language resolution WAV audio file code address: Directory Objective Understanding WAV Audio Files What is a binary file Binary format parsing of WAV C language parsing WAV audio files

Basic audio-related knowledge

Recent projects need to deal with audio, so the online collection of some basic audio-related knowledge, organized as followsThe sound in nature is very complex, the waveform is extremely complex, usually we use pulse Code code modulation code,

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