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A collection of typical computer books and e-books (suitable for computer students to study and programmers to test and interview)

2): Graph Algorithm 6. competition in algorithm art and informatics 7. computer Algorithm Design and Analysis: 1. programmer interview strategy, 2. programmer interview book, 3. game journey-my programming insights, 4. godel, Esher, Bach-the great achievement of different walls; 5. programming interviews exposed, 6. introduction to beginner programming 7. code Daquan, 8. code beauty, 9. code optimization: Effective Use of memory, 10. working extends

Programmers talk about how to master computer professional English

If you have a certain degree of knowledge in English and want to break through the obstacle of Computer English and become a master, you can develop a good habit of learning computer English from now on. For example, you can select a computer English teaching material suitable for you. Make sure that you read at least 1-2 Original computation books in one year, a

[Abstract] the profession of IT practitioners in China-computer programmers

The profession of IT practitioners in China-computerProgramDesigner (from network) In fact, I have long wanted to know which jobs in computer science are available. I want to give myself some direction, but the computer is too broad and there are many jobs, so I have never been familiar with it in detail. Today, I finally made up my mind to search for it on the Internet and found that it was so broad as I

Computer World C/asm (OS), Lifetime II (API), mfc/com--packaging technology programmers will lose a lot in the future, because they do not understand the nature, once the packaging is obsolete will be eliminated

,activex,mfc,atl ... This layer is mostly C + +, because of the need for C + + oo ability to wrap, from the language level to block the win API, most programmers this layer level is very busy, because this layer m$ implemented a variety of packaging, lose that one for them is not a problem, But in the N years to learn a packaging technology programmers, such as the loss of the larger, such as MFC, such as A

[Machine Learning] Computer learning resources compiled by foreign programmers

Algebird-scala's abstract Algebra tool Xerial-scala's Data management tools simmer-simplify your data, perform algebraic aggregation of UNIX filters Predictionio-is a machine learning server for software developers and data engineers. Bidmat-supports the CPU and GPU acceleration matrix libraries for large-scale exploratory data analysis. 13.3 Machine Learning Extensible machine Learning Framework under conjecture-scalding Decision tree Tools under brushfire

7 computer books that programmers should read

Just as programming trends and languages, programming books are constantly being followed by new generations. But the following 7 classic books have withstood the test of time. Some books are later than others, but they provide insight into the new and experienced programmers.1. Human-month Myth: Proceedings of Software Engineering (second edition of the year) **frederick Brooks, Jr.This is a more ancient book (its first edition was born in 1975!) , t

What do non-computer majors want to be Java programmers

-computer professional friends, For non-computer-specific friends, to become the key to Java programmers, the first is the introduction of Java.Non-computer professional friends, how to get started Java? A lot of friends also try to learn Java, but no doorway, non-computer p

2016 How do programmers choose computers? Programmer Computer Recommendation

How programmers Choose Computers In commercial office, there are so special with a group of people, every day to face the dense programming code, they are programmers. Programmers on the computer performance requirements are high, not only need to deal with complex operations and become, more competent multitasking, a

A computer waterproof bag that programmers have to possess

Tags: HTTP ar strong on c html ad efA computer waterproof bag that programmers have to possessThe legend tells us that coders work day and night for the purpose of meager income. Most coders are in poor health. After thirty years, they will have a hunchback.Most of the digital rural capitals do not have a good image, such as slippers, hair disorder, and beauty.Most digital agricultural companies are not bri

Some Thoughts on the employment of Computer-Related graduates caused by reading this article "programmers" (published in August)

technology activities on the market. Third: 48.7% of Computer-Related graduates become programmers, and programmers have almost become the first choice for most computer-related students. At the same time, there is an inevitable phenomenon: the average level of hardware development talents is not high, the shortage o

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