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"Turn" Mecanim animator use detailed IntroductionMecanim The role design of the game to a new level, using the Mecanim can be retargeting (redirection) to improve the reuse of character animation. When dealing with human character animations, users can use the animation state machine to handle transitions between animations and the logic between animations.Mecanim supports motion redirection (retargeting) functionality: the ability to apply animations from one role model to an

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Unity-animator Learning Series Total Index

It took a lot of time to complete this unity animator Learning series, where many of the API parts are pro-test. Hope to be able to help the passing of Bo friendsRelated reference documents Unity Animator Official Components documentation Unity Animator Official Scripting document Part of the Holy Scriptures Chinese document

Unity's study of animator animation system

Unity's new animation system, called Mecanim, uses animator to replace the old system animation, according to the conventions of the Unity document: The knowledge points are divided into 2 parts: Unity Manual and Unity script, readers can look at the document while viewing the documents, It's best to test it.Before the beginning of the article, a few basic knowledge is first spoken:1. One of the basic steps in creating an animation is to set up a unit

[Android Animation] Brief Analysis of Animator, Animation, and androidanimator

[Android Animation] Brief Analysis of Animator, Animation, and androidanimator If you like my blog, please pay attention to my Weibo, please click here (, thank you Reprinted please indicate the source (, thank you again During Android development, we usually use more or less animations. Generally, we use Animation, but in fact, Android 3.0 has launched the Ani

Unity-animator in-depth series---fullpathhash and Shortnamehash

Back to animator in-depth series Total catalogueUnity5 improved the state hash and split it into Fullpathhash and shortnamehash, so let's see what the difference is.Test results:Fullpathhash supports nested nesting and layers, shortnamehash directly does not support pathsThis is the test state machine used, altogether three statesTest script: Public classa1:monobehaviour{ PublicAnimator Animator; voidOngui

Animator Controller Study Notes

1.Animator Controller (Animator controller in Unity is a file type that exists as a separate profile, followed by a controller): Multiple animations can be integrated; The use of state machine to achieve animation playback and switching; can achieve animation fusion and layered playback; Animation playback can be controlled in depth with a script. 2.

"Unity3d Game Development Learning notes" (iv) Everything's moving. Application of-animator components

this model, which is to generate a avater through the current model (Arrow 3 points) After generating the avatar, we can edit and see if the skeleton bindings are correct by clicking Configure, or we can switch to the Muscles tab, which we can do by dragging the slider to check if the model match is correct. In this case, the model skeleton we imported does not have any problems, so just press done to complete the confirmation.3, Animatorcontroller After understanding and binding the avatar, we

In android, the response of the animator and its listeners to the cancel and end operations

In android, the response of the animator and its listeners to the cancel and end operations 1. When multiple animations exist in the AnimatorSet and the set and animator listeners are added: During start, the start method of each animator listener is executed, and the start method of the set listener is called. When you call the cancel () method of the AnimatorSe

Animator Override Controller Learning and performance testing

This article by Bo Master (Yinapan) original, reprint please indicate source:, Animator Override Controller introduction:An animated overlay is a class of asset that allows you to expand an existing animation controller with a specific animations, but retains the original structure, parameters, and logic;This allows you to create multiple variants of the same basic state machine, whi

Unity Animator Animation state machine in-depth understanding (ii) IK control

IK is also a very magical and practical thing ah, at least you can use code to control the character bone position is still very cool. Because it's not an animator ~This may not have anything to do with animator. Ha, it's all code-level.Looked at an official case, the old, some problems, their own modified a bit, to achieve the effect.The official recommendation is to place all IK operations in Onanimatorik

Unity3d Animator Control animations Run as frames

Yesterday, my colleague wanted to control a character archery animation, in the bow when you want to use code to control the entire process of the character pulling the bow, check the API, the method is simple Animator.startplay () (Http:// Unityengine:classes:animator:animator.startplayback), use Animator.stopplayback () to stop the animation playback mode. Avatar restore control from game logic when playback is stoppedExample:1 usingUnityengine;2 usingSystem.Collections;

Unity3d the accurate playback duration of any animation clip by animator Animation state machine

Unity3d 4 and previous versions of the animated play with the animation, can be directly obtained its playback duration length. But the 5.x and later versions use animator to play the animation. Https:// While Mecanim are recommended for use with most situations, Unity have retained its legacy animation system which existed befo Re Unity 4. Need to use when working with older content created b

Animator Script control Code

1 usingUnityengine;2 usingSystem.Collections;3 4 5 Public classAvatarctrl:monobehaviour {6 7 protectedAnimator Animator;8 9 Public floatDirectiondamptime =. 25f;Ten One voidStart () A { -Animator = getcomponent(); - } the - voidUpdate () - { - if(animator) + { - //get the current state +Animatorstateinfo

Dom animator– provides a JS library of Dom annotation animations

Dom Animation is an excellent JavaScript library for displaying small ASCII animations in the DOM annotations of a page. This is a small egg for those who check your code, that's all. It is a standalone library that does not rely on jQuery or other libraries, so it is very simple to use. You don't need any CSS or HTML, just JavaScript.Online Demo Source Download Related articles that may be of interest to you The JQuery effect "attached source" is very useful in website development Share

Unity3d Mecanim Animation system Animator Learning notes

1. Unity3d Mecanim StudyUnity3d new version of the animation system on the Internet, but many are notes, outsiders are very difficult to see, then I finally found the introduction of the more clear two authors, special thanks. One is 58 development net of Lotte Teacher , course video URL:, this is a free video course, explained very carefully, very clear. The other is the blog Park Makoto de wo , article address:

"Unity3d Study----Wheat Academy"----------unity3d common components and analysis----------Animator Animation state machine

Animator is a new animation after the Unity 4 releaseYou can edit the transformations of the line animations directly in the editor, or you can use the code to call the underlying directly to convert the animationCode:1 usingUnityengine;2 usingSystem.Collections;3 4 Public classAnimationtest:monobehaviour {5 6 //Animation Animation;7 Animator Animator;8 9

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