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Mobile software How to move to SD card Tencent mobile phone Butler software Move tutorial

Below we introduce through Tencent mobile phone Butler software moving function to help us achieve, the specific steps are as follows. 1. If your computer does not have Tencent mobile phone Butler installed, we install Tencent Mobile phone Butler to open to find "cleanup acceleration" 2. Then in the open window will see a "cell phone slimming" 3. Then we find the "open Now" button and click Open 4. Then you will see that there is a "software photo moving" and then w

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G applications move to SD card method

Samsung G9008W support to move installed parts of the application to the external SD card (note: Not all applications are supported to move to external SD cards, depending on whether the software supports) in order to save the phone's built-in storage space, Enable your d

Samsung i9158p mobile Phone How to move software to SD card?

1. As shown in the following figure, we click on the "Apps" button to enter.2. In addition, I found the "settings" option in the application, click the Settings menu to open.3. After entering our default is in the connection, here we switch to "more" button, the following figure red box shows.4. Click "Application Manager" as shown here and you will see all the applications.5. If we choose to install the software ourselves, such as "Pea pod" for examp

Samsung mobile phone G7109 How fast to move software to SD card?

1. If we do not have to go back to the mobile desktop, then click "Application".2. Then you will see the following diagram effect, click "Set" in this interface.3. After entering the set, we click on the "General" inside.4. Find "Application Manager" click here to enter.5. Select the application that needs to be moved, here take "QQ" as an example.6. If QQ can be moved, we click "Move to SD

Samsung Galaxy S5 g9008w How to move software to SD card?

1. As shown in the following figure, we clicked "Application" under the desktop. 2. Into the mobile phone "set" we find program management. 3. The following image shows an "Application Manager" and we click on it again. 4. We find to move to the SD card software, such as our "flying letter" as an example. 5. After entering, we

Samsung S5 How to move the download application to SD card? (g9006v)

1. In the S5 standby state we find the "Application" button, as shown in the following figure.2. Then go to the next image interface we find "set" icon click to enter.3. Then in the open interface you will see an "Application Manager" interface that we clicked on.4. The following figure will list all applications, such as I would like to "Baidu map" to move to SD card

How does Galaxy MEGA move multimedia files to the SD card? (I9200, I9152, P729)

1. Click the application icon on the standby interface.2. Click my files.3. Click Device storage ].4. Click the folder to be moved to the SD card (Here "video" is used as an example ).5. Select the video to be moved and click the three-character menu icon.6. In the three-character menu list, click [move ].7. Click "

Note3 How to move an application to the SD card

1. There will be an "application" icon in the main screen of the Note3 series Mobile Desktop, we click it to enter. 2. In the application management interface we will see a "Set" button click to enter. 3. Then we click on the "General"-"Application Manager" in the settings menu as shown in the following image. 4. Find the software you want to apply here, click "MM Mall" for example. 5. If this software can be moved to the SD

How does Samsung S5831I move software to the SD card?

1. In standby mode, click the "Application" icon and select "Settings".2. Slide up the screen, click "Application" and select "Manage Application".3. Click "All", slide up the screen, select the application that needs to be moved, here take "QQ" as an example.4. Click "Transfer to USB memory".Note: Not all software can be moved. If the software can be moved, "Transfer to USB memory" Here is optional, and if the software cannot be moved, "Transfer to USB memory" here is grayed out and cannot be s

How does Galaxy Note2 move downloaded applications to an external SD card? (N7108D)

. On the standby page, click the application icon.2. Click set ].3. Click more and select application manager ].4. Click an application. Here we use "MM mall" as an example.5. Click [move to SD card.Tip:To move the application to the device again, click "move to device storage ].

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