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Appium Python Automation Test series Appium (iv)

through this to find the package, otherwise we install after what to identify these packages?Launch activity: So the name of meaning, the start of the activity,activity when mentioned, we start the app to run the activity, here we fill in the first launch page activity.Note: Here are a few things to keep in mind when we choose APK from choose each time, Appium will automatically re-sign the package, then the package name and activity name are automat

Appium+python Automation 22-appium Desktop "Reprint"

Appium DesktopOfficial documents of the original flavorAppium Desktop is an open-source application for Mac, Windows, and Linux that provides the power of Appium Automation servers in a beautiful, flexible UI. It is a combination of some of the tools associated with Appium:The graphical interface of the Appium server.

Appium Mobile Automation test (i) Installation Appium

The route of web Automation testing is this: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->webdriver API---> Development Automation Test Project. The route of the mobile automation test is longer: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->android/ios development test base---->appium API----

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium Environment Construction (II.)

? 2.1 Basic Environment ConstructionWhen we learn a new technology is basically starting from the environment, this book in addition to the first chapter is also, if you even the most basic environment is not so we do not need to say too much, about the introduction:1, because Appium is supported for Android and iOS automation, but iOS automation is not able to r

Appium+python app automation test scripts start and stop Appium services

. If you do not add "start/b", start the Appium service and stay in the Appium log state, will not return to execute the subsequent Python script.Third, stop Appium serviceWhen the use case finishes, close the current Appium service. The implementation is that the Python script calls bat to close the

Appium Mobile Automation test environment build Windows-appium-android

is successful, view the current Appium version via Appium-v, and directly enter Appium to start the Appium server sideAs shown in the following:Fifth Step install Appium clientAppium Client for capturing location information on app:

Mobile-Automation automation (Android&ios)--appium

Appium-python Mobile Terminal Automation environment constructionAppium IntroductionAppium is an open-source, cross-platform testing framework that can be used to test native and hybrid mobile applications. Appium supports iOS, Android, and Firefoxos platforms. Appium uses Webdriver's JSON wire protocol to drive the UI

Mobile phone Automation test: Build Appium mobile phone automation test development environment

virtual machine. You can set it up in eclipse by selecting the following:The configured virtual machine settings are as follows:Sixth step: Start configuring the relevant development environment in Eclipse, primarily the jar package associated with jdk,selenium,appium-client (the package is downloaded on the Web by Appium's client package called Java-client.jar). Then you can start writing the test code, and here's a brief demonstration of the code i

Appium+python Automation 54-appium-doctor Error has been resolved (syntaxerror:unexpected token ... )

ObjectiveBecause the new version of the Appium Desktop Edition is not with Appium-doctor this package, so want to use appium-desktop check the environment, need additional installation, in the installation of the small series and encountered a pitError message: syntaxerror:unexpected token ...Encountering a problem 102.nodejs v4.4.7Problem s

Appium do android function automation test

ObjectiveAndroid has more than 2 years of automation capabilities, the use of functional automation framework has robotium, Uiautomator, Appium. Recently, research the automation case reuse scheme, researched the automation framework of

method for locating common elements in Appium+python automation-appium

#ClassNameDriver.find_element_by_android_uiautomator ('new Uiselector (). ClassName ("Android.widget.TextView"). Text ("Custom View"). Click () #Classnamematchesdriver.find_element_by_android_uiautomator ('new Uiselector (). Classnamematches (". *textview$"). Text ("Custom View"). Click () Methods for ResourceID Properties #ResourceIdDriver.find_element_by_android_uiautomator ('new Uiselector (). ResourceId ("Android:id/text1") ') #ResourceidmatchesDriver.find

method for locating common elements in Appium+python automation-appium

(). Textmatches ("^Custom.*") '). Click () #textMatches Method of the Class attribute #classNameDriver.find_element_by_android_uiautomator (' New Uiselector (). ClassName ("Android.widget.TextView"). Text ("Custom View "). Click () #classNameMatchesdriver. Find_element_by_android_uiautomator (' New Uiselector (). Classnamematches (". *textview$"). Text ("Custom View"). Click () Methods for ResourceID Properties #resourceIdDriver.find_element_by_androi

Appium+python Automation

Name Link Address Appium+python Automation 8-appium Python API (top) Http:// Appium+python Automation 8-appium Python API (bottom) Http://mp.weixi

Mobile Automation Test-windows-android-appium environment Construction

environment you appium is ready to complete.Note: If you are prompted:"Appium-doctor" is not an internal or external command , locate the Appium installation directory, for example:C:\Program Files\appium\node_modules\.binAdd to the environment variable path below (refer to the settings for the Java environment).Fifth

Appium First Android Automation project

Transferred from: is a open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on IOS and Android platforms. Native apps is those written using the IOS or Android SDKs. Mobile Web Apps is web apps accessed using a Mobile browser (

Mobile Automation Training: Appium Introduction

Poptest is the only training institute for developing Test and development engineers in China, aiming at the ability of the trainees to be competent in automated testing, performance testing and testing tools development. If you are interested in the course, please consult qq:908821478. Appium IntroductionAppium is a mobile-based automation framework that can be used to test native applications, mobile Web

Mobile Automation test (i) Appium environment construction

There are two main categories of automation testing, interface automation and UI Automation, UI Automation and mobile and web-side, and of course, the C/S architecture, the application of desktop applications Automation, using QTP, but now no one to do.Web

Several instructions for passing to the Appium server to open the capabilities of the corresponding Android Automation session "Turn"

Desired capabilities is a set of key-value pairs that the client sends to the Appium server to tell the server what kind of session we want to start. There are also key-value pairs that are used to modify the behavior of the server side in the process of automation. For example, we can set the value of the capability of the key to PlatformName iOS to tell the server that we want to open an iOS session, not

Appium Python automation Test series wait function how to combat (ix) function

The article for reprint, thank you predecessors of the collation and efforts 9.1 Use of the wait function 9.1.1 Why to use the wait function We're not very good at automating things, not because of the app problem, our script is not a problem, but a lot of times will be an error, such as a page originally has ID 1 of this element, but I no matter how positioning he can not operate, and then the error, this is how the situation. Because when our app opens a page, our

Appium Mobile Phone Automation installation

. Install Appium,cmd under Administrator Rights Command installation: NPM install-g [email protected]; Note the latest version of the installation Appium will be reported to install failed at the [email protected] error;-can omit this step, directly install appiumforwindows_1.4.16.1 try;4, install the appiumforwindows_1.4.16.1, after the installation of the configuration

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