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Research | StackOverflow Salary Survey: Have a computer degree = high salary? It doesn't exist.

the professional branch. So I chose to use only the data from professional Web developers from the United States, and then compare the salaries of professional front-end and back-end developers with the entire stack developer, and analyze the impact of professionalism on pay. During the analysis, I incrementally added the following variables: experience, education, Web Developer type. However, the analysis results are not satisfactory. I thought that having a formal education would have a posit

Computer Science and technology learning methods

Mathematics. The average student's attention to this course is limited, and it doesn't work. No, it's just a set formula! In fact, do the graphic image can not be separated from it, the cryptographic science has been deep and inseparable from it. Moreover, in many scientific engineering application computation, all take the numerical value as the main. There are two extremes in this course: one is classica

Some journals and conferences on Computer Science

best journal in computer science is journal of the ACM (jacm ). This publication is the official academic publication of ACM.To the most extensive respect. However, since the journal claims that it only published papers that have a long-term impact on computer scienceInevitably there is theory bias ). In fact: Although jacm's scope includesMost

[Switch] computer science is not programming

coder. Spending the most time on learning is the last piece of advice for beginners. It is best to reduce the time spent on SC or CS every week without playing them. At the same time, if your ASP technology has been able to make money, or even some companies invite you to work part-time, this proves that your work in tianfen can guarantee you can achieve better benefits after hard work, you should do more complex things. Long term, which is applicable to anyone. I believe you can decide whether

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college

What you have to do for four years in college-those that learn computer science and four years in college Kai-fu Lee mentioned in "the world is different from you" that Google's requirements for undergraduates were: The University has compiled at least 0.1 million program lines in four years; High emotional intelligence, team spirit, and willingness to cooperate with others. We will not talk about emo

2018 Non-computer science Java can there be a way out?

likely a year time and wasted. Second, the choice of other industries, what industry good? It industry, so he thought of learning an IT technology, Java is currently the most popular it technology development technology.Master Java technology, can be competent for software development, web development, front-end development, database development, server development and many other directions of work. And, with the increase in working years, it is possible to become managers such as product devel

How to write a paper <a low-energy data fusion privacy protection algorithm espart> (Journal of computer science 2011-5, Wang Anqi)

improved. The following is a picture. Let's sort out the ideas and explain the performance clearly. It's good to say this to the mentor. You can write an article. Espart is the name of this algorithm given to me when I wrote an article. It didn't take a few days for me to write a paper. In less than a week, I just gave the first draft to my tutor and changed it, I made some comments and saw where to accept this article. It happened that the computer

How does explain machine learning and Data Mining to non computer science people?

sweetness, juicyness, ripeness of that Mango (Output Variables). You feed this data to the Machine learning algorithm (classification/regression), and it learns a model of the correlation between an average mango ' s physical characteristics, and its quality.Next time you go to the market, you measure the characteristics of the mangoes on sale (test Data), and feed it to the ML algorithm. It would use the model computed earlier to predict which mango

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