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Moving weighted average & All-month average

I. Basic Principles 1. weighted average method. It is also called once every month. this means to calculate the weighted average unit cost of inventory by removing the total purchase cost of the current month and the inventory cost at the beginning

Custom dimension rollup to achieve average balance of balances

In the article "using calculated members to achieve the daily average", we achieved the average of the balance by establishing a calculation member, so as to guarantee the dimension of the bus structure! The disadvantage of this method, of course,

Python calculates the daily and monthly average temperature of an international Exchange station

Data Source: RP5 websiteDownload Data style: select UTF-8 encoding. unzip to get xxx.csv file after downloadCalculation target: Contains the average temperature per month and the average temperature of each day of the current month, named by month

Days and Years

  As early as two thousand six hundred and ninety-seven BC, when the Chinese ancestor was founded, tiangan dizhi found the air engine of heaven and earth and explored the Five Elements (jinmu water and fire soil ), started as a, B, c, ding, E, Ji,

Hash table--linear probing method, chain address method, finding success, finding unsuccessful average length

One, hash table1. ConceptA hash table (hash table) is also known as a hash table, which is a data structure that is accessed directly based on key value. It accesses records by mapping key code values to a location in the hash table to speed up

SEO What is the difficulty of earning a month broken million? Tell me about the 9.1-month-old experience.

A lot of people asked a very embarrassing question, how much is the current income? I can only laugh and answer: barely enough to live. SEO can break million, about these problems really difficult to answer, do seo broken million God has a lot of,

Qingming Festival is the origin of a few days of the Qingming Festival _ folk tradition

2012 is April 5Qingming Festival is based on two of the four solar terms to calculate. So it is not necessarily the annual Ching Ming Festival is April 4. Qingming is one of the Shiber, Qingming Festival in the Qingming that day, the annual qingming

A successful seller summed up the playing program

Written by a successful personProgram(Transfer)   First, check the dashboard. (Determine ideas and positions) Second, select the plate. (Hotspot, double) Third, set individual stocks. (Main force, leading) Fourth, perform real operations. (

Description and standard of average fault interval (1)

Avoiding faults in key data centers is always a top priority. If a short downtime may have a negative impact on the market value of your business, the physical infrastructure that supports this network environment must be reliable. How can we be

A simple method to earn 3000 RMB per month for Taobao customers

A google AdSense advertisement is put on the website, which generates about 4 to 6 dollars a day. At this time, a person adds my QQ account to rent my website, and his bid is 100 yuan a day.Finally, I will share with you some of my experience as a

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