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High salary, Beijing: Java, Android, product manager, product operations, channel operations, business development Manager (technology companies, established in 10, the scale of more than 500 people, focus on mobile internet)

Company Introduction:established in 05, the overall size of about 500 people, has a product line and the future strategic direction are in the mobile Internet. The Company's culture is free, relaxed and open. Basic treatment: highly competitive salary in the industry, five risks a gold, double Hugh, statutory holidays, annual leave, various regular benefits, bonuses, and so on, the industry standard!Special

Why can't the product manager's salary be higher than the programmer's?

"Reply" 1024 ", send you a special push" In our IT world, programmers and product managers are a pair of friends. At work every day frontline, mutual not angry. In fact, the cause of this phenomenon is: Product managers to the programmer as a laborer, the programmer to the product manager as SB, in fact, is not unders

What is the gap between product managers with annual salary of 20w and product managers with annual salary of 50w?

a more complex ability: first, marketing or operational capacity, the second is the ability of product development, and the third is the ability of data analysis.3. Promotion of salary and treatmentIn the past few years, the product manager's salary range has been fluctuating, the overall increase but not much, but th

National Bureau of Statistics released the 2015 annual IT industry average salary data, you are hind legs?

years have great potential for it application field! If you are interested in technology development, then embedded development will be a great choice!Huaqing Vision Education Group deep into high-end it technology training for more than 13 years, witnessed the rapid development of the IT industry. With a sound embedded curriculum system, expert-level lecturers team, all over the country's 11 major cities of the study network, as well as the annual training of tens of thousands of senior embedd

The Department name, number of employees of the Department, average salary of the department, name of the employee with the lowest income of the Department, and name of the employee with the highest income are queried.

The Department name, number of employees of the Department, average salary of the department, name of the employee with the lowest income of the Department, and name of the employee with the highest income are queried. Example: The Department name, number of employees of the Department, average salary of the department

Why is the product 0 experience and the product 1 years experience salary difference is more than one times?

Many people in job search products, will be noted: Enterprises issued by the post requirements, annotated 1-3 years of experience, pay is also more attractive. However, there is no product experience of their own, a job to find an open-ended experience, the salary is only half. These 1 years of product experience, really there is such a big gap. In fact, the

Query the name of the department, the number of employees in the department, the average salary of the department, the name of the lowest-income employee and the highest-income employee

Title:Query the name of the department, the number of employees in the department, the average salary of the department, the name of the lowest-income employee and the highest-income employeeThis is a study questions between the EMP and Dept tables under the default Scott user of Oracle.Employee table (EMP)Records the basic information for each employeeNO Field type description1 empno Number (4) Employee ID

The difference between the monthly salary of 3,000 and 30,000 of the Internet Project Manager

: demand, users, products. Technical Manager ( Program Manager Some companies often defined as product Manager + Project manager   In short, a project with a clear start and end time, with clear quality control and requirements, a clear input and output budget, t

Product manager's business strategy: Product scorecard

. We've all heard the old saying: "If you don't measure what you're doing, you can't improve it." In addition to measurement, the establishment of clear benchmarks and goals also plays an important role in stimulating action and results. This is important not only for product line planning (to ensure product direction and transparency), but also for product man

Product strategy diagram that the product manager should know

haven't received any salary yet! Apao say: This is a picture that every enterprise should have. Of course, the specific forms must be flexible. However, no matter how it works, bubble thinks that at least four aspects of information are properly presented: 1) Product Line Information; 2) Product Lifecycle information; 3) pr

How to prepare a product-Product Manager notice

Original article: Workshop ...... When all these problems... I have been engaged in the Internet for many years. Recently, I am confused about my products, and I don't know what I do, sometimes I think about what my own products do when I do half the work or encounter difficulties. What kind of users will use them? Will users like them ...... When all these problems go around, we find ourselves lost in the strange circle of products. Of course, it is not ruled out that many

How do new product managers choose a prototype tool and product manager prototype?

study prototype tools in depth, because it will inevitably take a lot of time and energy, and it is easy to encounter problems, very frustrated, and easy to lose confidence. For product managers, reasonable planning of time is one of the skills they must master. Therefore, selecting a prototype tool that is easy to use and does not require a lot of time to learn tutorials is the first choice for product ma

How should I select the first job as a fresh graduate who is determined to be a product manager?

refused. On the one hand, the intern had never been in touch, and on the other hand, it was a matter of distance. last night, the employee said that the boss was willing to pay a higher salary than any other company. You are welcome to join me. I don't know how to reply .) Product posts A company in Zhongguancun Software Park is close to home. The product

Aspire to be a product manager of the graduating students should choose the first job?

planning to the late interactive design, work five days a week, pay 3800 +. Product hillock.Wangjing Soho, working hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 A.M. to 8:30 and Saturday 1:30 P.M. to evening 8:30 (HR says the company rules if the day before the night after the evening 10 o'clock to the 1:30 P.M. to work), package meals, monthly salary 5000 + Today in Friday, all the requirements of the next Monday,

How to choose a good product manager

Most people remember that the product manager is the soul of the product, the manager of the product. But in practice, can the product manager play such a big role? How to choose a good

Whether the product manager is "pass" or "dedicated"

Whether the product manager is "pass" or "dedicated" On Friday, Liu Yu arrived. After I helped Guo complete all the procedures and procedures required, Liu Yu and I sat in the office and waited for Zhou Yang to hold the first department meeting. Of course, I don't know that our previous exchanges in the office were not counted as part of a department meeting. If we do, we should be the smallest meeting in

The future of "Product manager"?

product of the post, you can focus on the key to try to chop thorns into the major companies of product internships or product training students and other posts, this can be concerned about the annual open Campus recruitment network jobs. now the recruitment of product personnel, responsible for the content is more "n

Does age affect the product manager?

, a lot of things about the development of the industry also understand, see through, a lot of personal ideas will be different. For example, you may not believe that the product is the king of the view, do not believe that as long as the product can be successful, and do not believe that a company has the resources to do one thing, not so easy to be fooled, do not believe the boss to draw the pie and verba

After watching you can also be independent of the project! The Product Manager does all the work in the app from beginning to end!

(i) before the start of the projectEngaged in product work for more than a year, but I have been suffering from such or such confusion, many people want to engage in products, or the boss of their own business to bear the product of the job, but they do not understand the position of the product is clear, some think it is purely painting prototype, some think to

A little feel for the product manager

thinking, very proactive to promote product development and improvement, plainly do the product is to treat themselves as the boss, as the responsible products of parents, It's natural to worry about it. 2. Product Manager What you should be prepared for and what you should be able to doIf you are transformed by tech

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