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Apple Development Swift Font icon usage and examples (using font awesome font library, non-picture)

application icons, and editor icons that may be used in the Web page. Website address: Official address GitHub address The main features are as follows: ✓ A font that contains 605 icons (up to 4.5.0); ✓ Pure CSS control, can easily define the color of the icon, size, shadow and any CSS can achieve the effect; ✓ Infinite Scaling, the vector icon in any size is exactly the same; ✓ Free use, including commercial and non-commercial pr

Swift uses the Font Awesome

Introduction of third-party fonts and icons in iOSUsing the Swift language, introduce fontawesome1. Download Font Awesome (official website: )2. Import the *.ttf file from the font into the project3. Configure Info.plist file, add Fonts provided by application adding item, and set to *.ttf4, write icon key value pairs (c

Extremely useful Development Library Rollup (awesome IOS)

Resources Link: Https:// curated list of awesome IOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, plugins Xcode, components and much more. The list is divided to categories such as frameworks, components, testing and others, open source projects, free and PAI D services. There is no pre-establi

Be an awesome ios programmer and an ios programmer

Be an awesome ios programmer and an ios programmer In the face of increasingly heavy work, our time has been quickly compressed by the boss, but we want to learn new things and do not want to learn only basic knowledge. What should we do now? Therefore, I recommended one thing to everyone. I learned more than a year and learned a lot during the past year. Howev

11 Awesome iOS Development learning sites

11 Awesome iOS Development learning sitesOriginal: Insanely great IOS developers SitesNever stop to learn from othersI believe that to become a great person from a "good" person, we need to keep learning from others while adapting to the latest technologies and tools as early as possible. In addition to the official Apple documentation website, I have listed some

IOS Development Series-Objective-C memory management (written by the predecessors, for reference, awesome)

IOS Development Series-Objective-C memory management (written by the predecessors, for reference, awesome)Overview We know that a large number of objects need to be created during the program running. Similar to other advanced languages, objects in ObjC are stored in the heap, the system does not automatically release the memory in the heap (note that the basic types are managed by the system and placed on

[IOS translation] The Swift Programming Language series: Welcome to Swift-01

Book directory: 1. Welcome to Swift Ii. Language Guide Iii. Language Reference /* Translator's nonsense: I stayed up late a few hours ago and watched WWDC. I was so excited that this year was very promising! When Swift came out, it was a dumb to learn a new language. This article is from Apple's official book "The Swift Programming Language", which is about 500

Swift receives fruit game ios source code and swift fruit ios source code

Swift receives fruit game ios source code and swift fruit ios source code Swift is a beginner. The game is very simple. as its name implies, it can only pick up fruit. Pineapple cannot pick up. One point is received for a fruit, five points for a pineapple, and

iOS Development--swift & Classic Syntax (27) Swift and objective-c simple comparison

); The question comes, if the "Jack.xu" student does not exist at all, should return what? return 0? That must be wrong, because 0 may also be the result of the student. Of course, if the object returned is a class, return null directly, the caller knows not found, is now the basic data type, return null is actually 0, how to do? (The canonical practice in c,c++ is to return a bool to indicate whether it is found, and the result is passed by formal parameters, and other high-level languages

[iOS] [Swift]swift

Reference: Http:// if you try to use Swift to write iOS programs, you will inevitably encounter some of the algorithms are written in C + + language. Then you can only ask "Niang" or "brother" how to call the C + + algorithm with Swift.One, c,c++, objective-c,swift What is the relationship, and what is mixed-.-? 1. brother, of

[iOS translator] "The Swift Programming Language" series: Welcome to Swift-01

Directory:First, Welcome to SwiftSecond, Language GuideThird, Language Reference/*Translator's nonsense:A few hours ago stayed up watching WWDC, all kinds of excitement, this year is very material Ah! When we see swift coming out, I suddenly get dumbfounded and learn a new language. This article is from Apple's official "The Swift Programming Language" book, about 500 pages, downloaded on the Apple website.

iOS learning note Picture + picture interpretation (C language OC Language iOS control iOS small item iOS small features Swift has all and notes complete)

The following is the directory where the iOS folder includes most of the iOS controls introduced and demonstrated, Swift's full version, can be completed after Swift (this look is swift just out of a week's video, may be a bit rushed, but complete), C and OC language can also complete the knowledge required to finish l

iOS Development-Learning Summary Swift Article &swift 2.0 learning and summarizing one

empty set of protocols.Anyobject is a protocol, and any is a 0 protocol. Finally look at a definition of Anyclass: Typealias Anyclass = Anyobject.type It's really just an alias.Any is also an alias and an alias for protocol1 Protocol lyprotocol1{2 //some code3 }4 classlynsobject1:nsobject,lyprotocol1{5 //some code6 }7 8 var ly1:any9var ly2:protocolTen OneTypealias Any1 = protocol Avar k:protocol - var k1:nsobjectprotocol - thevar sss1:protocolNSObject () -var sss2:nsobjectpro

IOS: learning notes, Swift through Boolean (translated from: Aug 5, 2014 Boolean)

IOS: learning notes, Swift through Boolean (translated from: Aug 5, 2014 Boolean)View Swift through Boolean A simple Bool type contains many major Swift functions. It is an interesting demonstration of how to build a simple type. this

iOS Development-Technology Essentials Swift &swift 2.0 and the use of third-party frameworks in objective-c2.0

Use of the third-party framework for Swift 2.0 and objective-c2.0The swift language is the new programming language that Apple unveiled at the WWDC conference in 2014. The swift language inherits the features of C and Objective-c, and overcomes the compatibility problem of C language. The swift language employs a secur

[IOS] Swift beginner's Manual: optional type (Optionals)

[IOS] Swift beginner's Manual: optional type (Optionals) A few weeks ago (Translator's note: the original article was published in June 24), Apple released a brand new programming language: Swift. Since then, I have been reading the official Swift manual and reading the Xcode6 betaPlayingLearning. I began to like Swif

iOS development-new features Swift article &swift 2.0 exception handling

Swift 2.0 Exception HandlingWWDC 2015 announced the new Swift 2.0. This major update provides Swift with new exception handling methods. This article will be discussed mainly around this aspect.How do I build an exception type?In IOS development, we face a lot of exception handling. In Cocoa Touch we use Nserror for ex

OC projects in IOS use swift third-party tools (OC, Swift Mix)

OC Project introduced to Swift,1. Build Bridge File: Create a new Swift file in the OC Project and confirm the creation of a project name-bridging-header.h file.2, after building the bridge file, import the file name to be used in itFor example when using Charts: @import Charts;Charts: Various statistical graphs (pie chart, line chart, histogram, etc.) tools, smooth and easy to use, effect to force.3, in th

IOS Development--Practical technology Swift article &swift lazy loading (lazy)

Swift lazy Loading (lazy) in programming, we often use* Lazy Loading *, as the name implies, is used to open up space, such as the most commonly used controls in iOS developmentUITableView,When we implement the data source method, we usually write like this objective-c1 //data Source proxy methods that must be implemented2-(Nsinteger) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView numberofrowsinsection: (nsinteger) s

iOS Development note (SWIFT)-some modifications to the Ppiflatsegmentedcontrol project for Swift calls

The Ppiflatsegmentedcontrol project is a popular open source iOS control library that provides a flat style (Flat style) Segmentedcontrol that can be customized segment colors, icons, sizes, etc. Very flexible and beautiful. The effect is as follows:However, as a OC project, when we were programming for OC and Swift, there were some problems due to the use of block in Ppiflatsegmentedcontrol's creation inst

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