aws api gateway authentication token

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Web API authentication Bearer token authentication Bearer token authentication

1. Startup.Auth.cs fileAdd Property? 1 public static OAuthBearerAuthenticationOptions OAuthBearerOptions { get; privateset; } Add a static constructor? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 /// /// 构造函数 /// static Startup() { OAuthBearerOptions = new OAuthBearerAuthenticationOptions();} Method added in Configureauth? 1 2 // 使用不记名身份验证app.UseOAuthBearerAuthentication(OAuthBearerOptions); 2. WebApiConfig.cs fileMethod regist

ASP. NET Web API authentication bearer token verification Bearer token authentication Simple implementation

(Startup.OAuthBearerOptions.AuthenticationType);identity.AddClaim(newClaim(ClaimTypes.NameIdentifier, user.Id.ToString()));if (UserManager.SupportsUserRole){IListstring> roles = await UserManager.GetRolesAsync(user.Id).ConfigureAwait(false);foreach(stringroleNameinroles){identity.AddClaim(newClaim(ClaimTypes.Role, roleName, ClaimValueTypes.String));}}AuthenticationTicket ticket =newAuthenticationTicket(identity,newAuthenticationProperties());varcurrentUtc = DateTime.UtcNow;ticket.Properties.Issu

AWS API Gateway Domain name

. -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----Examplebaakcaqea2qb3ldhd7sty7wj6u2/opv6xu37qucckedwhwpzmyj9/neto ... 1qgvj3u04vdnzayn5woyn5lfckrla71+cszd1cgsqbvdwexample-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- for Certificate chain, type or paste the Pem-formatted intermediate certificates and, optionally, the root Certificate , one after the other without any blank lines. If you include the root certificate, your certificate chain must start with intermediate certificates and end with the roo T certificate. Use

Using JWT (Json Web Token) for API-based user authentication in Laravel 5

Today in JavaScript's front-end technology, we typically only need to build APIs in the background to provide front-end calls, and the backend is only designed to be called to the front-end mobile app. User authentication is an important part of WEB applications, and API-based user authentication has two best Solutions--oauth 2.0 and JWT (JSON Web

ASP. NET Web API 2 Token-based authentication

Token-based authenticationWe know that the authentication of the Web site is usually done through a session or cookie, and any requests sent by the client after successful login are brought with a cookie, and the server identifies the user based on the cookie sent by the client.The WEB API uses this method is not very suitable, so there is a

(ii) Python calls the Zabbix API from getting started to discarding--log in and get an authentication token

The URL to access the Zabbix API is:http://x.x.x.x/zabbix/api_jsonrpc.phpx.x.x.x may be your IP or domain nameOverview of the Access process:1, first Login2. Zabbix server returns a token after successful authentication3, with this token to access a variety of data, do a variety of operations4, Complete!First, log in with RestclientIn the body of the JSON request

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