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Powershell AWS Automation Management (10)-Create a highly available WordPress blog (top)

It took 2 weeks for the beans to learn some of the core commands of AWS PowerShell intermittently, and then took 2 days to assemble the knowledge points together. Currently, in addition to the official documentation of the Quick Manuals and command Daquan basically there is not much PowerShell to manage the content of AWS, most of the command beans is a search and view help hard to try out, the following sh

Powershell AWS Automation Management (12)-Create a highly available WordPress blog (bottom)

This is the third part of PowerShell's creation of the AWS high-availability blog, and let's look at how the post-half work is done. Create EC2-S3 role, which is assigned to EC2 virtual machines so that they automatically have access to S3 content after they are created. Create a VPC Network Create 2 subnets of a VPC, located in different AZ Create an Internet gateway Configure the routing table

Powershell AWS Automation Management (11)-Create a highly available WordPress blog (middle)

' -cookies_forwardall ' -WhitelistedNames_Quantity0 ' -TrustedSigners_Enabled $false ' -trustedsigners_quantity 0 ' -defaultcachebehavior_viewerprotocolpolicyallow-all ' -DefaultCacheBehavior_MinTTL1000 ' -DistributionConfig_PriceClass "Priceclass_all" -CacheBehaviors_Quantity0 ' -aliases_quantity0650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 8.PNG " Style= "Float:none;" alt= "Wkiol1enyw3ap-mjaadcdhrvpjk799.png"/>This articl

AWS Deployment XenApp7.6: Creating an AWS EC2 instance

options for your instance:On-Demand instances: You only need to pay for the usage instances by the hour, no long-term purchases or prepayments.Reserved instances: Pay a one-time upfront fee at very low rates, reserve instances for a year or three, and significantly reduce hourly rates for those instances.Spot Instances: Specify the maximum hourly price that you are willing to pay for running a specific instance type. The bid price will fluctuate with supply and demand, but you will not be charg

AWS launches multi-level AWS Support Services to China Limited preview customers

Zookeeper September 26, 2014 While AWS's limited preview service in China (Beijing) region was being launched, many customers demanded AWS Support. When AWS customers deploy systems to the cloud, daily operation and maintenance, and key project implementation, they need to quickly respond, customize on demand, and provide professional and trusted cloud technical support services at different levels. To bet

Allows AWS virtual machines to access the company's intranet resources (SSH reverse proxy), and aws virtual machines

Allows AWS virtual machines to access the company's intranet resources (SSH reverse proxy), and aws virtual machinesBackground Today, I want to upgrade AWS Virtual Machine to beta and perform some tests. Since the beta version is only available on the company's Intranet, I need to manually copy the upgraded files to the AWS

AWS Command Line Interface + Python's AWS Development Kit (BOTO3)

Installing the AWS CLIInstall AWSCLIInstalling Boto3Install Boto3Setting up the AWS CLI$ AWS ConfigureAKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLEwJalrXUtnFEMI/K7MDENG/bPxRfiCYEXAMPLEKEYus-west-2ENTERThe files generated by the CLI for the configuration file configured in the previous section are as follows:~/.aws/credentials[default]aws_acces

Amazon AWS online series of lectures-high-availability Application Design Based on the AWS Cloud Platform

Designing highly available applications is an important goal of architects. However, Designing highly available applications based on cloud computing platforms is different from designing traditional platforms. When cloud computing brings many new design challenges to architects, it also brings many new design concepts and available services. How to make full use of the features of the cloud platform when designing applications is an important condition for cloud computing-based design. In this

Example of how AWS uses packer to build an aws AMI Image

AWS provides a wide variety of mirrors for users, but in most cases the AMI provided in the community do not fully meet our needs, such as the more disgusting some mirrored root partitions are only 10g, so we generally use the community's public image to create a EC2, And then configure her, and then hit a mirror for the project, Packer can make us more automated to generate AMI, we can write the original image and all the configuration of the content

AWS Deployment from scratch (ii) Windows management AWS

1 Ami will go to the following page after normal startup2 remote Links Click How to connect to your Linux instance into the download pageusing putty to connect to a Linux instance under WindowsHttp:// putty and Puttygen separately: Download and open. Equivalent to AWS own FTP tool Start PuTTY (on theStart menu, click AllPrograms > PuTTY > PuTTY). In the category pane, select sess

[AWS Lambda] Scheduling Events with AWS Lambda (a.k.a. Lambda cron jobs)

Learn how to create AWS LAMBDA functions This execute on a scheduled interval and much like a cron job would. In this lesson we'll create a LAMBDA function that checks for a string of text on a website to verify the website are up and operational. The lambda function logs to CloudWatch Metrics and sends a notification e-mail using an SNS queue if the check fails.Create a lambda function: (WebTest)Exports.handler =function(event, context) {varHTTP = re

Google wins AWS, and qwiklabs, an online public cloud training platform, is in the pockets

software vendors of AWS network services. AWS even uses qwiklabs as its development service to provide developers on its platform with self-defined labs. Qwiklabs has contributed more or less to the revenue of the AWS public cloud market. Now Google has snatched this very important public cloud market education and learning tool from

Gilt how to deploy microservices to an AWS environment, introducing Ion-roller

use of custom scripts and Capistrano. This is a way to work, but it also poses a lot of difficulties. The first attempt at virtualization is manifested in poor performance at peak times of daily visits, where a large number of services are eventually intertwined in the same physical environment, leading to performance anomalies and sometimes downtime due to lack of separation of resources. At peak times, a large-scale deployment of a service consumes multiple threads per request, causing the en

PowerShell Automation Management AWS (1)

be omitted directly650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" float: none; "title=" 9.PNG "alt=" Wkiom1dx_ikhlygdaaaves_dlni872.png "/>If I don't remember the full name, I can match it with a regular command, such as I need to know any service operation related to Securitygroup.Get-awscmdletname–apioperation Securitygroup-matchwithregex650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://

Oracle RMAN Backup to the AWS Cloud

via RmanRman> Run {2> Allocate channel DEV1 type3> SBT parms= ' sbt_library=/usr/oracle/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/lib/,4> sbt_parms= (Osb_ws_pfile=/usr/oracle/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/dbs/osbwsorcl.ora) ';5> restore Tablespace up2s3;6> recover tablespace up2s3;7>}sql> alter tablespace UP2S3 online;Tablespace altered.Sql> Conn Tests3/testConnected.Sql> select * from test;Id--------------------AbcThis article is from the "Technical

Amazon cloud computing platform AWS promoter: Werner Vogels

company except Jeff Bezos. After joining Amazon, vogels's blog writing started to shift from talking about its own research achievements to introducing more popular technologies and industrial concepts that are product-oriented. In addition, the shift also reflected that he began to focus more on teamwork. 2008 was a landmark year for vogels and he became one of AWS architects. Information Week issues the

AWS China Partner Program website release

October 13, 2014As more and more customers of different sizes and industries use AWS cloud computing services, customers are demanding not only the reliability, resiliency, service richness and experience of the service provider, but also a strong ecosystem of partners to meet customers ' many requirements. Such ecosystems should enable customers to obtain high-value software solutions, build enterprise applications, develop tools, and professional co

Powershell AWS Automation Management (2)

Yesterday I learned the basics of preparation and successfully linked AWS with PowerShell. Take a look today at how to use PowerShell to manage AWS services.Ec2,s3,vpc,security group,rds and so on. These early AWS services can be said to be his core skeleton, the goal of the beans is to finally use PowerShell to achieve a highly available

Vsphere on top of AWS: VMware wants to regain public cloud capabilities

VMware requires enterprise customers to continue to use vsphere and renew their enterprise license agreement. Because VMware does not sell hardware, it relies on revenue from licensing, support, and services. That's why you work with AWS. Based on the cooperation agreement, AWS will provide hardware, and VMware will provide software, support, and services. 2016, one thing you can't imagine: V

Raspberry Pi on the Cloud (2): Uploading sensor data to AWS IoT and leveraging Kibana for presentation

Raspberry Pi on the Cloud (1): Environment preparationRaspberry Pi on the Cloud (2): Uploading sensor data to AWS IoT and leveraging Kibana for presentation1. Sensor installation and configuration 1.1 DHT22 installationThe DHT22 is a temperature and humidity sensor with 3 pins, the first pin on the left (#1) is the 3-5v power supply, the second pin (#2) is connected to the data input pin, and the rightmost pin (#4) is grounded.The Raspberry Pi 3B has

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