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A case of non-disruptive service database migration

TABLESTABLES QueryFLUSH with READ LOCKQuerySHOW MASTER STATUSVARIABLES QuerySHOWQueryFLUSH no_write_to_binlog ENGINE LOGSTABLES QueryUNLOCKThe flush tables with read lock is also used for MHA online manual switching, as described in the output below.Masterha_master_switch--conf=/etc/masterha/app2/app2.cnf--master_state=alive--orig_master_is_new_slave...It is better-execute FLUSH no_write_to_binlog TABLES on the master before switching. Is it OK to execute on ( (y

AWS and OpenStack Service comparison, OpenStack service Chinese translation of English words

Use AWS Services OpenStack Services The Chinese interpretation of OpenStack words Dashboard AWS Console Horizon The horizon of the world; Calculate compute EC2 Nova Star Internet Vpc Neutron Neutron Object storage S3 Swift Swift; agile. Block storage Ebs

AWS-Based Financial Service Grid Computing System Architecture

AWS-Based Financial Service Grid Computing System Architecture The Financial Service Grid Computing Based on the cloud environment provides Dynamic Scaling and elasticity for computing jobs on demand. The aggregation service simplifies the development of grid software. AWS

AWS-based ecommerce site architecture-Checkout Service

Build secure and highly available checkout services and business extensions for e-commerce sites with AWS. There are a number of steps involved in managing the checkout process and must coordinate the work. Some of these steps, such as credit card transactions, should have specific regulatory requirements. Other parts of the process involve manual operations, such as picking, packing and transporting items from the warehouse.customers want their perso

AWS pushes the data warehouse service Redshift price only for TeradataIBMOracle

his own Reinvent keynote that Redshift costs only a tenth of the data warehouse for old players. Jassy believes that data warehouses are too costly for large enterprises and technically difficult to deploy on a large scale. At the same time, they are expensive for small enterprises. For these reasons, AWS builds a new type of service, which makes it easier to build a data warehouse. enterprises can choose

AWS-based advertising service application architecture

AWS-based advertising service application architecture The Internet advertisement service needs to complete targeted advertisements within a limited time, which is a technical challenge. AWS provides reliable, fault-tolerant, and highly available system infrastructure and services built on the cloud. This article desc

PostgreSQL Advantage, MySQL database itself is not very rich, trigger and stored process support is weak, Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are based on PostgreSQL developed

interrelated SQL and so on. MySQL is more suitable for simple OLTP applications with business logic. For PostgreSQL, regardless of the business logic is simple or complex, OLTP or OLAP load, PostgreSQL can support, also have a very mature products, many well-known OLAP database products such as Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are the base Developed in PostgreSQL. The query optimizer for PostgreSQL is very po

Cloud Alert 54 AWS provides an Aurora database instead of open source MySQL

and outdoor content management service providers.Aurora Database can accommodate more than 1000000000 files, on average 3 million database updates per hour, Wood says650) this.width=650; "Src=" eazbllcahycyfsx3f9xmw68jon2aiaia9zxsnibogwufjwsp5liculyia0dlp31f8pmzbe0wfyjtcqmcipfy0vt4saa/640?tp=webp Wxfrom=5wx_lazy=1 "style=" Margin:0px;

Database migration scheme based on DG migration

I. Environment Information 1) master database (Single Instance) host platform: AIX6.1 database version: (psu5) 2) backup database (crs deployed) host platform: AIX6.1 database version: (psu5) 2: Background I. Environment Information 1) master database (Sing

Oracle Database Data Migration Method

provides a variety of tools for Oracle database data migration. We can also use the Data Pipeline Function of PowerBuilder to migrate Oracle database data. The earlier version of Oracle Database is Oracle8i. The following describes how to migrate database data to Oracle8i:

Oracle Database Data Migration Method

for database conversion. ---- ☆Terminate the oracle7 Database Service from the Windows NT control panel and use the instance manager to delete the oracle7 database service. ---- ☆Set the oracle8idata database environment vari

Open source Webgis Implementation Program (VI): Spatial data (PostGIS) and GeoServer Service migration

When the development environment changes, or the development completes the project site implementation, the Operation dimension, often will face the data and the service migration, this includes the spatial data as well as the GeoServer service migration work.Here is a reminder: If you are using a similar open source W

Redis Database recovery database or database migration via Dump.rdb file

Environment: centos7.2Software: redis-3.2.10 (yum installation)Scenario One: Before the company's Redis does not open aof mode, has been an RDB mode, but the data is very important, the data can not be lost, so need to open aof, but Redis default is to load data from appendonly.aof, Systemctl start Redis, the database is empty because we don't have a appendonly.aof file, and when you close Redis, the Dump.rdb is emptiedScenario Two: Redis

Fault summary and reflection on web Service migration in a production environment

One production environmentWebService migration fault summary taken from the internal BBS platform for Old Boys Training]This article is a production case for students who are personally involved in helping students solve the problem. It is worth learning from and learning from. 1) Learn From troubleshooting when an emergency occurs.The student was very attentive, so meticulous observation was rare. 2) Summary and reflection habits of students after so

Install PHP and build a blog (iii) Service migration separation

LNMP service environment on a single machine (ip:125), now to migrate the MySQL service (ip:129), the image files to the NFS server (ip:130)MySQL server (129)Install the MySQL configuration process (download slightly)Useradd mysql-s/sbin/nologin-Mmkdir-P/ApplicationTarXF mysql-5.5. --LINUX-GLIBC2. A-x86_64.Tar. GZMVmysql-5.5. --LINUX-GLIBC2. A-x86_64/application/mysql-5.5. -LN-s/application/mysql-5.5. -//ap

Migrating SQL Server 2008 to Windows Azure SQL database using the SQL Database Migration Wizard

Tags: style blog http io ar color using SP on This experience uses the SQL database migration Wizard (SQLAZUREMW) to migrate SQL Server 2008 databases to Azure SQL database. Of course, SQLAZUREMV can also migrate SQL Server 2005/2012/2014 to azure SQL Database. There are several versions of SQLAZUREMV:1. SQLAZUREMW v3

ASP. NET core uses EF7 Code first to create a database, while using commands to create a database (the data migration was not successful, only the title can be made this.) )

("Logging")); Loggerfactory.adddebug (); App. Usestaticfiles (); App. USEMVC (Routes={routes. MapRoute (Name:"default", Template:"{controller=home}/{action=index}/{id?}"); } ); } } } Now there is no service to add EF. 5. Create a new Appsettings.json file for project-related configuration, log configuration in Startup.cs, and subsequent configuration of the EF da

Based on ASP. 2.0 WebAPI Background Framework (2)-EF core (MySQL) Codefirst database migration and Dependency injection

Tags: file ring collect Package management ASP. Serve protect design principles databaseOverviewIn the previous chapter, we simply built a three-tier architecture that relies on injection, but no real use, and we now use MySQL data to build frameworks based on EF Core's dbfirst. Microsoft Dad Official Document: Use the new database to start using EF Core on ASP. database table field naming con

Database migration: migrate the file system to ASM

Database migration: migrate the file system to the ASM system environment: Operating System: AIX5.3-08 Oracle: Oracle10gR21. perform the operation and select a feasible migration solution. 2. Preparations, create an ASM disk group and start an ASM instance. 3. medium stage: complete the migration of parameter files, co

Database Migration Scenario 01

the operating system perspective and must pass ORACLE_SID.Oracle_sid and instance_name must be consistent, otherwise users will be subject to an error. On the UNIX platform, is Oracle not available, on the Winnt platform, is TNS, the protocol adapter is wrong.Third, database domain name and global database nameWith the popularization of the distributed database

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