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DAC Usage2: Realizing the migration of the DB schema via the Extract,register and Upgrade DACs

, suffix internal, and do not modify the records of these tables. 5,upgrade DACA DAC upgrade is an in-place process this alters the schema of the existing database to match the schema defined in a new Version of the DAC. The new version of the DAC is supplied in a DAC package file.Select the registered DB, click Tasks->upgrade data-tier Application ..., open the Upgrader DAC WizardStep1,select PackageStep2,detect ChangeUse this page reports the result

DB link migration (the password in dblink is unknown), dbdblink

DB link migration (the password in dblink is unknown), dbdblinkI don't know if DBAs sometimes encounter such a situation where the Public db link is used for Schema migration. However, the target account password in db link is unknown, therefore, you cannot create a new

Flyway framework supports database migration configuration (based on ruby on rails's db migrate idea)

migration. Developed in Java and supports all databases compatible with JDBC. It is mainly used to upgrade your database structure and data while your application version is constantly upgrading. Official Website: two modes of migration: 1, based on SQL file migration 2, based on java file migrati

ORACLE11G Entire DB migration

/pcbmes/redo03.log ' SIZE 50M BLOCKSIZE 512--STANDBY LOGFILEDataFile'/ebs/pcbmes/db/apps_st/data/pcbmes/system01.dbf ','/ebs/pcbmes/db/apps_st/data/pcbmes/sysaux01.dbf ','/ebs/pcbmes/db/apps_st/data/pcbmes/undotbs01.dbf ','/ebs/pcbmes/db/apps_st/data/pcbmes/users01.dbf ','/ebs/pcbmes/

DB link Migration (the password in Dblink is unknown)

Label:I do not know whether the DBA will sometimes encounter such a embarrassed embarrassed situation, to do some schema migration, due to the use of the public DB link, however, because do not know the DB link target account password, it is not possible to re-create the DB link in the new environment. The idea of this

Nopcommerce Code First EF DB migration

1. When the NuGet version is low, download directly to the official website to download the appropriate version of Visual Studio.2. The specific migration process can refer to Using-entity-framework-ef-code-first-migrations-in-nopcommerce-for-fast-customizations3. Note: Before migration ensure that the code domain and

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