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dena/Shanghai travel by using AWS massively shortens the time to launch new games and services

add the number of servers at high speed according to their own needs, to ensure the player's high-quality gaming experience in the region. From the perspective of Shanghai's management and operations, such as Route53, RDS, S3, CloudFront, ElastiCache, the AWS Cloud service is easier to use, maintenance does not need to invest a lot of manpower and money, Combined with the remote and controllable features of AWS

By using AWS, Dena/Shanghai tour significantly shortens the launch time of new games and services

, cloudfront, and elasticache are easier to use, maintenance does not require a lot of manpower and money, coupled with the remote control feature of AWS and the overseas deployment cost that can be saved in the initial stage of the project, the cost of using AWS is 20% lower than the cost of autonomous O M. Duan Lian, a technical engineer at Shanghai Longyou, said, "by using

AWS launches multi-level AWS Support Services to China Limited preview customers

Zookeeper September 26, 2014 While AWS's limited preview service in China (Beijing) region was being launched, many customers demanded AWS Support. When AWS customers deploy systems to the cloud, daily operation and maintenance, and key project implementation, they need to quickly respond, customize on demand, and provide professional and trusted cloud technical support

Big Data Services: AWS VS. Azurevs. google

"TechTarget China original" for enterprise users, big Data service is a more attractive cloud service. The Big Three, AWS, Azure and Google, are trying to win the top spot, but in the end, which one can win the Battle of the throne? The cloud market is growing fast and the same big data services are constantly changing. Although the starting point for the big Three cloud providers (Amazon Web

Oppo saves a lot of costs through AWS to provide overseas services

speeds. Internally, with the increase in business in overseas markets, Oppo needs to set up official websites in different markets and implement office collaboration in different regions within the enterprise, it also puts forward high requirements on the access speed of servers in different regions and cross-region synchronous calls. Why use AWS The mobile phone industry is changing rapidly. oppo needs to deploy

Overview of Amazon cloud services in one AWS Series

services provided by cloud computing can be divided into three layers: the first layer is the infrastructure, the second layer is the platform, and the third layer is the application ). Basic services include virtual or physical computers, block-level storage, and network facilities (such as server Load balancer, content delivery network, and DNS resolution, the Platform

Fault Tolerance and high availability application architecture based on AWS cloud services

Fault Tolerance and high availability application architecture based on AWS cloud services AWS provides reliable, fault-tolerant, and highly available system infrastructure and services built on the cloud. Special attention from developers is required. These features have been designed for

Pay attention to time zone issues when using AWS services

Recently came to a new company and started AWS, which will keep track of some of the things that AWS is doing. Today is to talk about time zone problem, it is very simple to say, there is no server international estimates of the attention of the few people.Our EMR machine is in us, and the actual application of the server in CH, colleague parser for log to find t

Application Architecture of big data and large-scale computing based on AWS cloud services

Application Architecture of big data and large-scale computing based on AWS cloud services AWS is very popular with large-scale computing solutions, such as scientific computing, simulation, and research projects. These solutions include the collection of a large number of datasets from scientific research devices, measurement devices, or other computing jobs. A

[From http to AWS] [3] Web Services: XMLRPC/soap/restful

){ webxml. www. chinastockwebservice oservice =New webxml. www. chinastockwebservice ();Byte [] image_bytes = oservice. getstockimagebytebycode (CODE );Image image = covertutil. bytearraytoimage (image_bytes );Image. Save (filename );}}; Running result Request // Request from commview HTTP AnalyzerPost/WebServices/chinastockwebservice. asmx HTTP/1.1User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compat

Use AWS's CloudFront, Route53, and other services, awscloudfront

Use AWS's CloudFront, Route53, and other services, awscloudfront After registering the AWS service, you will receive a email with the following title: Action Required: AWS Account Alert The content allows you to publish a valid website so that you can use services such as CloudFront and Route53. If you do not activa

Remember Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) Free EC2 application

the right ... Windows is said to be chargeable. Step 3: The following configuration if you use the default configuration of the direct "Review and launch", I am the first time to accompany a one of a self-customized. Two red choices one is the gateway, the other is the subnet mask network segment, the other I think there is no need to choose. Step 5 Here I thought it was the configuration of user groups and users or the hosipital hostname or something, but it has n

Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) free EC2 app

to use the secret key login. If not configured, it is normal SSH input password login All configurations are complete at this point.Assume that the secret key is configured with the login operation separately:CHOMD ***.pemssh-i ***.pem [email protected]Notice here at the beginning I thought "Ec2-user" is with own username, later only then knew is uses C2-user.After entering, you can switch to the root user, and there is no password at the beginning. Ability to change Rootpassword using pas

Batch Processing System Architecture Based on AWS cloud services

Batch Processing System Architecture Based on AWS cloud services When AWS executes batch processing tasks, it allows you to configure application architectures for processing multiple jobs as needed, which can be used for instantaneous or delayed deployment of heterogeneous systems, it can also be expanded to a "Grid" type working node and quickly converge throu

Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) Free EC2 application, awsec2

Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) Free EC2 application, awsec2 I have long heard that AWS can apply for free, but I need to bind a credit card. I recently applied for one. It was free, or I deducted 6.28, And then I checked it online. It was used for verification. It seems that the service will be refunded when it expires. The key is that I didn't enter my credi

Web application architecture for AWS Cloud services

incoming traffic to multiple availability zones on multiple instances of Amazon EC2. This greatly improves the fault tolerance of the application while providing the ability to load balance on demand seamlessly for inbound traffic.5) The Web server and application server are deployed on instances of Amazon EC2, typically selecting an AMI image and customizing it as required, the customized AMI becomes the starting point for future application development.6) The application server and Web server

Getting started with Linux: how to create a new AWS accesskey

Getting started with Linux: how to create a new AWS accesskey Q: How can I create a new AWS accesskey when I configure an application that requires access to my Amazon AWS account to provide the AWS accesskey ID and secret access

Aws-ami narrow the root partition and create a new AMI example

Environment and Requirements: 1. The AMI root partition now has 25G2 25G a bit more, so want to reduce 25G to 12G3. View disk Information # df-hFileSystem Size Used Avail use% mounted on/DEV/XVDA1 17G 1.5G 15G 9%/Tmpfs 498M 0 498M 0%/dev/shm Operation Steps: 1. Mount a new 12G plate (/DEV/XVDF) 2. Partition and format new disks # fdisk-lDevice Boot Start End Blocks Id System/DEV/XVDF1 1 1045 8393931 L

AWS new RDS instance for MySQL

business Database options: DefaultDatabase nameFind Business ConfirmationDatabase portDB parameter group: can be created in advance by businessOption groupIAM database authenticationEnableDisabled: Select DisableMaster key:Encryption (only for AWS global zones):Enable encryption: Generally select Enable, which means encrypting database datadisabling encryption backup backup retention period: 35 days Backup window: Default nbsp Star

AWS and Ubuntu Add new hard drive methods

Tags: different def information data files sudo hdd ec2 mount1. Now create a hard disk on the AWS website, note that the availability zone created must be in the same zone as the EC2 virtual machine, because an AZ is the equivalent of a data center, in order to ensure speed, it is impossible to put the hard disk and virtual machine in different data centers.2. In the instance description, see if the block device has a

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