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Cloud computing overview and the first Azure Program

08/04/2012 as many people want to try Azure, ask for registration questions and update the Azure Support Section.Introduction Try Agile to write a blog. This article covers the following two stories. Story 1: as a reader who has never developed a

Azure Official Phone Management app: Control the Cloud room anywhere, anytime

the use of public cloud services has been so large that enterprises IT automates and runs efficiently, reducing our maintenance of servers, storage, networks and other infrastructure. Before our server is in the Enterprise room, we will install

Go Install SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure

Windows Azure-based installation for SharePoint 2013The Windows Azure installation SharePoint series, written earlier, had to be paused because the Azure experience account expired. Today you are privileged to participate in the Windwos Azure event

How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

Windows Azure's Web apps and virtual machines are often used. We often deploy our website. Generally choose a web app or open a virtual machine. A virtual machine is billed as the virtual machine's usage time.So what's the difference between

Deploying Java Web Apps in Azure Cloud Service (1)

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible cloud platform, in addition to its own . Net platform with good support, for a variety of open source software, language, tools, frameworks have good support, such as Java , Php , Python and so on, you can use

Web apps on azure extremely relevant services

in general, we develop Web application, you need to IT OPS Personnel Preparation Windows OS or Linux OS of the Web Server , install the appropriate Web components, such as IIS, Tomcat and so on. The developer then deploys the appropriate code to the

Windows Azure Virtual network configuration (point to Site)

Description: This article takes Azure international as an example, there are some differences in the Chinese version of the network location.1. SceneVirtual networks provide us with the ability to build network definitions on the Windows Azure Cloud

Azure Remoteapp Usage Guide

Read the 陈建 today. (Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Preview) This masterpiece has been deeply touched. So hurry up and test it for yourself. It is important to note that this feature exists on the

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp uses a custom image to create a desktop service

Continue to Azure RemoteApp, and the last time you took advantage of your own template, you took a small look at Azure's RemoteApp. However, the default template has many limitations, such as no way to customize the app installation. But with the

Use VISUALVM to monitor Java applications in Azure cloud services

When we do Java development, we need to stress test the program before going online, to fully monitor the performance of the program, to understand the CPU, memory, gc,classes, thread, etc. of the JVM, or to run the program in order to diagnose

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