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Azure China (11) using the Azure China Storage public Blob

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  This article describes the domestic azure China by the century connected operationNote: This article describes the Azure China Storage public Blob, which provides anonymous access to content in

Azure China--1 How to connect to Azure with Azure PowerShell

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Add new users to Windows Azure Active Directory (3) China Azure AD

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the China Azure, which is connected by the century.This article is a supplement to the author's previous document: Windows Azure Active Directory (2) Windows Azure AD Foundation  In this chapter I will i

Windows Azure Active Directory (4) China Azure AD self Password Reset

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the national Azure China by the century connected operation.Before you begin this chapter, familiarize your readers with the documentation that I wrote earlier: Windows Azure Active Directory (3) China

Azure China-(4) Configure a static internal IP address (DIP) for Azure virtual machines

/wKiom1SszyPwPzmcAADZDGI0TnQ282.jpg "height=" 177 "/>2. Create an azure virtual machine that uses a dip.New-azurevmconfig-name "FTPInstance4"-instancesize medium-imagename 0c5c79005aae478e8883bf950a861ce0__ WINDOWS-SERVER-2012-ESSENTIALS-20131018-ZHCN | Set-azuresubnet-subnetnames subnet-1| Set-azurestaticvnetip-ipaddress | Add-azureprovisioningconfig-windows-adminusername Mark-password [email protected] | New-azurevm-servicename "FTPinAzure

Azure China-Create an Azure virtual machine load Balancing set

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Create an ARM virtual machine in China Azure with PowerShell

Azure currently has two modes of operation: ASM and ARM.In the domestic azure, we are all using ASM mode. However, this model has many limitations, such as that each VM must have a public address, deployment cannot be deployed in bulk, and so on. ARM has made great changes to the overall architecture of Azure. Many of the limitations in ASM have been removed. Is

Use arm templates to deploy DC/OS clusters on a large scale in azure China

Container technology is currently a very popular technology, especially driven by the use of docker as a container engine, so that containers are lightweight, portable, and self-contained, isolation has taken a new step. Currently, when talking about Dev/OPS, Ci/CD rarely bypasses docker. Azure launched the container service ACS last year. It is well received for its comprehensive compatibility, openness, and comprehensive orchestration tool (DC/OS, k

PowerShell connects to China Azure

Because China Azure and global azure belong to different services, the commands that apply to global azure are not fully applicable to China Azure. Currently, theadd-azureaccount command address points to global, and we can connec

Completely stale Windows Azure Marketplace China edition

The international version of Microsoft Azure was released early in the marketplace with a very rich (over 3,000) third-party apps, services, and virtual machine images available for purchase. The pricing model is also flexible to support pay-as-you-go and bring-your-own-license (BYOL). New users can choose to pay on demand, or choose to buy their own licenses (license), and if they have purchased an authorized old user, they can bring authorization (l

Create data Warehouse in Azure China using PowerShell

Microsoft's Azure Data Warehouse is a distributed system based on the MPP architecture:Control node is responsible for managing the system and accepting requests from users, Compute node is responsible for computing.Currently, Azure Data Warehouse has landed in the country. You can use the new portal page to manage it, or you can use PowerShell to manage it.This article describes how to manage with PowerShe

Powershell connection to China azure

Because China azure and global azure are different services, the commands for global azure do not apply completely to China azure. Currently, the add-azureaccount command address points to global. We can use the import-azurepublis

PHP application access to Azure China storage service

The official WindowsAzure documentation introduces how to install AzureSDK in PHP code and access Azure storage: www. windowsazure. comen-usDocumentationArticlesstorage-php-how-to-use-blobs? In fbzh-cn, the method for obtaining BLOB reference is: $ connectionstringdefaendpointsprot Windows Azure official documentation explains how to install Azure SDK in PHP code

PowerShell Import subscription number (for Azure China Edition as an example)

1. First, you need to install Windows Azure Powershell. The download link is: When performing related operations using Azure PowerShell, you first need to download the PublishsettingsfileA. Executing get-azureenvironment with Azure PowerShellB. Azure PowerShell execu

Azure China-(3) Reserved cloud service public IP (VIP)

A virtual IP address (VIP) is a public IP address that can be used to access compute resources in Azure (web/worker/virtual machine). Each time a cloud service is created and a compute resource is assigned, a VIP is automatically assigned to the service. The VMS in the cloud service can be configured to use the specified port number to communicate with the VIP receiving revenue station. Using reserved IPs, you can keep a public virtual IP address in

Developing Microsoft cloud Windows Azure Configuration Guide with Visual Studio 2013 (for mainland China)

Microsoft Cloud is operated by the "Century interconnection" in China, so if you develop Microsoft cloud with the Visual Stuido 2003 Universal General Account, there will be problems, which is his inconvenient support. The advantage is that because it is operating on the mainland, it is faster.(1) Open official website I have applied for 1 yuan trial.(3) According to the link in the mail, pay 1 yuan, activate the system.

China Azure Revision

Well, the homepage of the revision of this is finally easy to distinguish between the mainland and the international version of the difference. Revised from December 12, 2014 onwards.The home page again reduced to find the consequences of things, in fact, rarely enter this page, generally also directly use into the Azure portal (International version is https:// very good.or directly in

Windows Azure Handbook (6) Azure bandwidth with azure blob cloud storage

Label:Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog   In my recent years in the Azure presales work, I often encounter customers ask the same question: what is the bandwidth of azure virtual machines? Does Azure offer exclusive bandwidth? We need 200 trillion of exclusive bandwidth for this project. When this happ

Azure PowerShell (5) Create simple Azure virtual machines and Linux virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

of the copyright reserved, do not arbitrarily reproduced, if the need for a friend can send mail contact me; reproduced original works (content ) must also follow the Creative Commons agreement "attribution-non-commercial use-consistent", be sure to indicate or retain the original source of the article and the information of the blogger (Lei Zhang) in the form of a text link, and be sure to keep in mind that the photograph works on this blog ( Threestone) and other relevant water

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (28) uses Azure instance level ip,instance-level public IP Address (PIP)

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the domestic azure China by the century connected operation    Readers familiar with the Azure platform know that we are using azure virtual machine and there will be a public VM IP (VIP) and an internal

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