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Azure CLI (i) How to install and configure the Azure CLI

What is the azure CLIQuickly install the Azure command line interface (Azure CLI) to create and manage resources in azure with a set of shell-based open source commands.Step 1: Install. Login, download command line tool,

Create arm VMS and public-facing load balancing with the Azure CLI on global Azure

The new portal and arm have been officially released on Azure, Global. In the future, traditional portals and ASM will fade out gradually.China Azure will launch a new portal management interface and ARM functionality (i.e. IaaS v2) in the second half of this year. This article will create VMS and load balancing in arm mode via the Azure

[Azure] Use Azure CLI 2.0 to create a self-signed certificate import using the key vault Nginx

Link reference: Https:// steps to install CLI 2.0 are omitted here.Start by creating a new resource group:AZ Group Create--name DANTSTRG--location ChinanorthOne thing to note: The name of the resource group created above must use lowercase letters, do not use the Hump method name, or subsequent AZ VM Format-secret conversion certificate will encounter the following error:"Paramete

Why can't you always connect to Microsoft Azure 21V version using CLI under Windows system

a few days ago the customer's system to do upgrade, need to use Azure CLI, the new kid over there is not connected to my tutorial for an afternoon. After he told me, I rushed to help him find out what went wrong, always put the error analysis. I've tried it myself a couple of times and I can even get it right. At the end of the day, when I found out where the problem was, I was a small-faced animal. Well, t

Azure CLI creates arm VMS and public-facing load balancing

Azure CLI creates arm VMS and public-facing load balancingThe new portal management interface and ARM capabilities (i.e. IaaS v2). This article will create VMS and load balancing in arm mode via the Azure CLI command line.In ASM mode, we often use the endpoint and load balancing SLB capabilities. Also in arm mode, SLB

Azure xplate CLI Create virtual machine

Azure has a variety of management tools. The portal and PowerShell are often used.But with the Mac and Linux classmates favorite is the bash environment.Azure also provides a cross-platform command-line tool: The Azure xplate CLI.This tool can be run on Mac, Linux, Windows. So, if you use this tool well, flexibility is the biggest.And in Microsoft's internal Azure

Bulk upload files with the azure CLI

In a Windows environment, we can use Azcopy to upload files in bulk. Its efficiency and transmission rate are very fast.In a Linux or MacOS environment, you can use the Azure CLI to implement bulk file uploads.The following script can implement this functionality.#!/bin/Bashcontainer=Hwcbtype=Blockstorageaccount=Hwteststoragekey=pbhrx8d+ldakyhm2ffljpyygsisblbdqh8o45iv12blfvdji8kxbqte17plpcg0pftu3yabqueeuwum

Why you can't even connect--the Microsoft Azure 21V version is connected to the Linux system using the CLI

The day before yesterday, wrote an article in the Windows system using the CLI Connection Century connected edition of Azure, seems to have received some praise. hahaha, landlord as a not how will Linux people met on the love of Linux customers, no recruit can only study on their own.Refer to the official suggested steps of the century Interconnect, Web links:Https://

Use Azure CLI to create a virtual machine, azurecli

Use Azure CLI to create a virtual machine, azurecli Use the az vm create command to create a vm. When creating a virtual machine, you can use multiple options, such as operating system image, disk size adjustment, and credential management. In this example, a virtual machine running Ubuntu Server named "myVM" is created. Az vm create -- resource-group myResourceGroupVM -- name myVM -- image snapshot tult

C ++/CLI introduction (what is C ++/CLI) --- C ++/CLI programming Series 1

From: To understand what C ++/CLI is, first know what CLI is. 1. Introduction to CLI CLI :( common language infrastructure, universal language framework) provides a set of executableCodeAnd the specifications of the virtual execution environment require

Windows Azure Handbook (6) Azure bandwidth with azure blob cloud storage

Label:Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog   In my recent years in the Azure presales work, I often encounter customers ask the same question: what is the bandwidth of azure virtual machines? Does Azure offer exclusive bandwidth? We need 200 trillion of exclusive bandwidth for this project. When this happ

Azure Media Service provides a new lock, making it safer and more convenient. please collect new keys !, Azure is safer

requests will fail with Status Code 401. If you see this error, carefully check whether the user is configured as a "contributor" or "owner" in the Media Service account ". You can search for media accounts in the Azure portal and click the "Access Control" tab to check. AAD service subject authentication in Media Service Interactive non-interpersonal login is not required through daemon services, Web APIs, consumers (mobile or desktop) and Web app

Azure PowerShell (5) Create simple Azure virtual machines and Linux virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogBefore you introduce a lot of content about Windows Azure, it's basically created from Windows Azure Management portal. This way of creating is straightforward, but the cost of work is enormous if IT administrators need to create 1000 azure services at the same time.In f

[Azure services platform step by step-7th] Do not use Windows azure as a virtual host-understand the Windows azure Service Architecture

Recently, a friend asked me if windows Azure is an ASP. NET application officially provided by Microsoft.ProgramVirtual Host? His specific understanding is as follows: Windows azure provides ASP. NET application hosting, and "cloud computing" is so close to us, as long as ASP.. NET application deployed on Windows Azure, the previous ASP.. NET application become

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (10) custom windows azure Virtual Machine template windows azure platf

Windows azure platform articles Pass the previousArticleI believe you have some knowledge about Microsoft Windows azure virtual machine. Although Microsoft provides a lot of azure Virtual Machine templates for us to choose from (for example), these templates only install the most basic operating system. Imagine if I am a web developer, I am using virt

Use AzureCLI2.0 to create an Azure virtual machine from a custom disk, azurecli2.0azure

Use AzureCLI2.0 to create an Azure virtual machine from a custom disk, azurecli2.0azure This article describes how to upload a custom virtual hard disk (VHD) in Azure or copy an existing VHD, and create a Linux Virtual Machine (VM) from a custom disk ). You can install and configure the Linux distribution as required, and use the VHD to quickly create a new Azure

Windows azure platform (16) transition from a transitional environment to a production environment windows azure platform (10) deploy a local azure project to a cloud server

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Windows azure platform provides two deployment environments for each hosted service: the staging environment and the production environment. The web URL generated by the staging environment is composed of guid, which is usually used for testing and internal release sites. The web URL generated in the production environment can be specified by the user, which is usually used for commercial use and of

Windows azure platform (23) blob explanation of Windows azure Storage Service (medium) Windows azure platform series articles

Windows azure platform articles This chapter is closely related to the storage service details of Windows azure platform (13) Windows azure blob Storage Service (I) in the previous chapter. Please read the previous content first. The previous chapter describes how to use blob storage to store images on a local simulator. This section describes how to use

Windows azure platform (22) Storage Service of Windows azure storage service blob (I) Windows azure platform series articles

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to use blob storage to store images on a local simulator. For the concept of Blob storage, see Windows azure platform (7) Windows azure storage service. Before getting started, please make sure that you have downloaded the latest Windows azure developm

Windows azure platform (47) Windows azure traffic manager (3) create traffic manager policies and performance Load Balancing windows azure platfor

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to create a traffic manager policy on the Windows azure Management Portal. Log on to the Windows azure Management Portal and select "Virtual Network" --> "traffic manager" --> "policy" --> "CREATE" In the "Create traffic manager" dialog box, modify the following: "Load Balancing Met

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