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Windows azure platform (22) Storage Service of Windows azure storage service blob (I) Windows azure platform series articles

following code: VoidApplication_start (ObjectSender, eventargs E){//This code sets up a handler to update cloudstorageaccount instances when their corresponding//Configuration Settings change in the service configuration file.Cloudstorageaccount. setconfigurationsettingpublisher (configname, configsetter) =>{//Provide the configsetter with the initial valueConfigsetter (roleenvironment. getconfigurationsettingvalue (configname ));});} 4. Run th

Azure Queue Storage Basic usage--Azure Storage queue

manipulate the Queue Storage.Create a QueueLet's start by creating a Queue named "App2tasks"://The Cloudstorageaccount class represents an Azure Storage account, and we need to create an instance of it before we can access the resources that belong to it. //Note the xxx and yyy in the connection string, respectively, corresponding to the storage account name and key in Access keys.

Windows Azure Series--CRUD Operations for Azure table

1. First or in accordance with the pkg of Azure Storage:2. Azurestorage Explorer can be downloaded to manage the status of Azure storage there are many files to upload to the blob, it is recommended to use the Azure version of Cloudberry.To test the entity class:public class student:tableentity {public Student

Windows Azure Handbook (6) Azure bandwidth with azure blob cloud storage

Label:Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog   In my recent years in the Azure presales work, I often encounter customers ask the same question: what is the bandwidth of azure virtual machines? Does Azure offer exclusive bandwidth? We need 200 trillion of exclusive bandwidth for this project. When this happ

Windows Azure Series-Operations for Azure queue

-Storage account, just like the azure table and Azureblob described earlier, you need a storageaccount, just create 1 azurestorageaccount, and 3 are shared.once created, you can use the following properties to access Azure's storage:private static Cloudstorageaccount Storageaccount { get { var creds = new Storagecredentials ( AccountName, Key); var

Azure PowerShell (5) Create simple Azure virtual machines and Linux virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogBefore you introduce a lot of content about Windows Azure, it's basically created from Windows Azure Management portal. This way of creating is straightforward, but the cost of work is enormous if IT administrators need to create 1000 azure services at the same time.In f

[Azure services platform step by step-7th] Do not use Windows azure as a virtual host-understand the Windows azure Service Architecture

Recently, a friend asked me if windows Azure is an ASP. NET application officially provided by Microsoft.ProgramVirtual Host? His specific understanding is as follows: Windows azure provides ASP. NET application hosting, and "cloud computing" is so close to us, as long as ASP.. NET application deployed on Windows Azure, the previous ASP.. NET application become

[New portal] windows azure Virtual Machine (10) custom windows azure Virtual Machine template windows azure platf

Windows azure platform articles Pass the previousArticleI believe you have some knowledge about Microsoft Windows azure virtual machine. Although Microsoft provides a lot of azure Virtual Machine templates for us to choose from (for example), these templates only install the most basic operating system. Imagine if I am a web developer, I am using virt

Windows azure platform (16) transition from a transitional environment to a production environment windows azure platform (10) deploy a local azure project to a cloud server

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Windows azure platform provides two deployment environments for each hosted service: the staging environment and the production environment. The web URL generated by the staging environment is composed of guid, which is usually used for testing and internal release sites. The web URL generated in the production environment can be specified by the user, which is usually used for commercial use and of

Windows azure platform (23) blob explanation of Windows azure Storage Service (medium) Windows azure platform series articles

Windows azure platform articles This chapter is closely related to the storage service details of Windows azure platform (13) Windows azure blob Storage Service (I) in the previous chapter. Please read the previous content first. The previous chapter describes how to use blob storage to store images on a local simulator. This section describes how to use

Windows azure platform (47) Windows azure traffic manager (3) create traffic manager policies and performance Load Balancing windows azure platfor

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to create a traffic manager policy on the Windows azure Management Portal. Log on to the Windows azure Management Portal and select "Virtual Network" --> "traffic manager" --> "policy" --> "CREATE" In the "Create traffic manager" dialog box, modify the following: "Load Balancing Met

Azure Backup (3) Use Azure recovery services to back up Azure virtual machines

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes how to use Azure recovery services to back up Azure virtual machines.We pre-Create 2 Windows VMS (named LeiVM001 and LeiVM002), and 1 Linux VMS (named LeiCentOS65)These virtual machines are located in China East Data Center  If we need to back up the virtual machines, at the same time appear

[New portal] windows azure platform (60) use Windows azure Management Portal to create web site (below) Windows azure

Windows azure platform articles Before starting this chapter, make sure that you have installed: Windows 8 release preview English 64bit Visual Studio ultimate 2012 release candidate Windows azure sdks 1.7x64 In this chapter, I will introduce how to deploy the local vs2012 web site on the Windows azure platform. First, weAs administrato

Azure China--1 How to connect to Azure with Azure PowerShell

1. Download the azure SDK. Install Azure PowerShellHttp:// this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom:0 px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;border-left:0px;padding-right:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" http:// "height=" 279 "/>2.

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (28) uses Azure instance level ip,instance-level public IP Address (PIP)

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the domestic azure China by the century connected operation    Readers familiar with the Azure platform know that we are using azure virtual machine and there will be a public VM IP (VIP) and an internal IP (DIP). As follows:    On the

Azure Hybrid Cloud Solution for Windows Azure Handbook (5)

Label:Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog In many cases, we encounter hybrid cloud scenarios where the local private cloud and public cloud are interconnected. For this hybrid cloud scenario, Microsoft Windows Azure will be a good solution. From the hybrid cloud classification, Microsoft divides the hybrid cloud into the following three types: 1. Hybrid Cloud for Virtualization technology 2.

Run jetty on winows azure-

Run jetty on Windows azure. (-- Java, JSP) The fast CGI support provided by Windows azure allows you to conveniently run phpProgramNative code support features can also easily run other things you want to run, of course, there are some restrictions. For details, see executing native code in Windows azure and the development environment. Http://msdn.microsof

Azure OPS Series 3: Installing and using Azure PowerShell management cloud

There are a lot of ways to manage it, including the recently updated preview Management portal in Azure China and the Azure Cloud Assistant, all of which are great ways to manage azure, and today we'll talk about a more efficient way to manage azure PowerShell. Friends familiar with the command line know thatLinux is s

Windows Azure Platform Experience (2): SQL Azure

Windows Azure Platform has Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure appfabric three parts.SQL Azure is a cloud relational database. Your data: Manage anytime, anywhere. SQL Azure is a fully relational database in the cloud.In this section

Windows azure FAQs and tips [continuous update]

This post records common issues, solutions, and common skills encountered on the Windows azure platform. As I am gradually learning about this platform, I will continue to update and record the problems encountered in development and my humble opinion solutions. If you have any questions, please correct them. Address: [1]. Some tips for table service. [1.1] modify the maximum numbe

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