azure machine learning workbench

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Use Microsoft Azure machine learning studio to create a machine learning instance

Microsoft Azure cloud service introduces the machine learning module. Users only need to upload data and use some algorithm interfaces and R or other language interfaces provided by the machine learning module, you can use Microsoft Azure's powerful cloud computing capabilit

Microsoft Learning Azure Machine learning Getting Started overview

Azure Machine Learning ("AML") is a Web-based computer learning service that Microsoft has launched on its public cloud azure, a branch of AI that uses algorithms to make computers recognize a large number of mobile datasets. This approach is able to predict future events an

Getting Started with Azure machine learning (iv) model Publishing as a Web service

Connect Azure machine Learning (iii) to create an Azure machine learning experiment, the next step is to really publish the predictive model of Azure

Azure creates a virtual machine and deploys a site pit

I got a message today. To create a virtual machine in Azure and deploy a site that has just completed.1. According to past habits, our Web server and database server are separate. Today to save resources and get online as soon as possible. Create a single virtual machine that includes SQL Server on Azure. Create a site

Drag-and-drop machine learning

software Matlab and SASS also provide a graphical interface. Personally, I think the software is positioning itself as a software, not a toolkit or a system. But the software is really the first machine learning system with a graphical interface. With the recent years of machine learning becoming an academic, "Everyon

A collection of 27 machine-Learning small copy

/ Neural Network Park Microsoft Azure algorithm Flowchart Source: Https:// Machine

An open source, cross-platform. NET Machine Learning Framework

Microsoft internal windows,bing and Azure are currently in the preview phase, with the latest version 0.2. The learning models currently supported by the framework include K-means Clustering Logistic regression Support Vector Machine Naive Bayesian Random Forest Tree enhancement Other technologies, such as recommendation engines

Find the right machine learning algorithm faster

(This article also published in my public number "dotnet daily Essence article", Welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: Machine learning is undoubtedly now a big hot spot, and Microsoft provides machine learning services in Azure. So how do you find the

Probably the most complete machine learning and Python (including math) quick check table in history.

Novice Learning machine learning is very difficult, is to collect data is also very laborious. Fortunately, Robbie Allen collects the most comprehensive list of fast-track tables on machine learning, Python and related mathematics from various sources. Highly Recommended col

52 Useful machine learning and prediction APIs (various directional resources)

: is a text Analysis Web service suite built with Azure Machine Learning. The API can be used to analyze unstructured text, which can be used for affective analysis, key phrase extraction, language detection, and subject detection. No training data is required. Link: Https://

Microsoft Cognitive Services Development Practice (1)-Oxford Program Introduction _ Machine Learning

Brief introduction In recent years, because of the cloud platform, large data, high-performance computing, machine learning and other areas of progress, artificial intelligence also fire up. Face recognition, speech recognition and other related functions have been proposed, but can form products and large-scale use of small. Because it is difficult for non-professional professionals to achieve a complete s

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