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MySQL vs. PostgreSQL + PostGIS

, Michael "Monty", Widenius seems to regret selling MySQL to Sun, and has developed his own MySQL branch mariadb, which is free, based on the GPL license. The branch drizzle created by well-known MySQL developer Brian Aker has been extensively rewritten, especially for multi-CPU, cloud, network applications and high concurrency.Currently only data tables for the MyISAM engine support the storage of geospatial data. MySQL for the spatial database itself is supported, but not very comprehensive su

PostgreSQL with PostGIS for mapping coordinates

For the based service, I try to use PostgreSQL with PostGIS.You can download PostGIS from here.Http:// is recommended so need to download and compile yourself since there was many packages dependencies need to be Don E.Here is a tutorial which was very handy if you were using ubuntu12.04/mint13 or its derived ones.=================8x----------------------------------x8===================

GIS on CentOS 7 's PostgreSQL & PostGIS

Tags: encoding other modules the latest alter for ADO test data methodsPostgreSQL PostGIS Installation PostgreSQLAfter the Yum source is configured, the version with discoverable yum info postgresql PostgreSQL is 9.2.23, if you want to install the latest version, please refer to the following operation

Installation of PostgreSQL database and installation of PostGIS

Label: Original: PostgreSQL [Plain]View PlainCopy sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.1 postgresql-contrib-9.1 Where postgresql-contrib-9.1 does not have to be installed, if you do not install it, you may be prompted to install it later using Pgadmin to o

Use of Postgresql+postgis

use the following statement to create a new constraint for the table:ALTER TABLE CitiesADD CONSTRAINT Geometry_validCHECK (IsValid (Shape)) When we try to insert a wrong space object into this table, we get an error:INSERT into Test.cities (shape, name)VALUES (Geomfromtext (' LINESTRING (0 0,0 0) ', 4326), ' Beijing '); Error:new row for relation "Cities" violates Check constraint "Geometry_valid"SQL Status: 23514 5. Spatial index in PostGIS Database

Install PostgreSQL + PostGIS with the source code in the Liunx Environment

Install postgreSQL + postGIS in the production environment The production environment is as follows: Operating System: CentOS release 5.5 (Final) Installation required: Postgresql address: PostgisAddress: Proj address: Geos address: http://trac.osgeo.

Ubuntu installs PostgreSQL and PostGIS

1. Installing PostgreSQL$sudo Apt-cache Search PostgreSQL//Find the latest PostgreSQL package$sudo Gem apt-get Install PostgreSQL package name//select Package name for installationInstalling PostGIS$sudo Apt-cache Search PostGIS//

Postgresql+postgis+pgrouting Installation Step diagram

Tags: img http file. NET installation file DMI win scene blank1. Download PostgreSQL (open source database, recommended by GIS Industry) here (; 2. Download the PostGIS (PostgreSQL database GIS spatial database plugin) corresponding to

The installation of PostgreSQL and PostGIS on CentOS

PostgreSQL and PostGIS are installed in two main ways, from source installation and package management tool installation, recommended to install with package management tools, the following is the specific steps installed on the CentOS 7.1 X64 Install Yum repository.The repository of PGDG (PostgreSQL Global development Group) is recommended, and this reposi

Organize the use of PostgreSQL's extended functionality PostGIS and pgrouting

Tags: integer 2.0 finishing Har blog set between Sha directoryPostGIS installation using PostgreSQL in the bin directory under Stackbuiler PostGIS 1. Build the Table statement: Create Table not NULL 4326 NULL ); The field geometry represents the point of the three-dimensional space, and the two-dimensional points will be Pointz instead of the createtablenotnull 4326  null); The field geometry represents th

Postgresql PostGIS Usage Summary

string type to a polygon column UPDATE "Express_range" SET "SHAPE" =st_makepolygon (St_geomfromtext (' LINESTRING (select REMARK "from" Express_range "t where T. " ID "=" Express_range "." ID ") ', 4326)) --To see if a point returns F within a polygon indicates that the T in the range is not within the polygonSELECT St_contains (St_makepolygon (St_geomfromtext (' LINESTRING (121.312350 30.971457, 121.156783 31.092221, 121.353250 31.278195, 121.509125 31.157431, 121.312350 30.971457)), St_point


. You can connect and publish data on this page. 2 Geographic Information data import and publication In this paragraph, the author will use the Chinese 2014GDP data as an example for the publication of data. For the import of geographic information data, you need to use a spatial database. In this article, the author uses Postgresql+postgis to accomplish this task. Next, yo

CentOS installs Custom installation PostgreSQL and PostGIS extensions with Yum already phppgadmin

just customized/storage/pgsql/9.3/data #service postgresql-9.3 start #启动 # Chkconfig postgresql-9.3 on #加入开机自启动 #service postgresql-9.3 status # View the status of the current PostgreSQL run, as follows postgresql-9.3 (PID 5093) is running ... The configu

postgresql+postgis+pgrouting implementation of Shortest Path query (1)---line data processing and building topology

from Beijing_line; Select target from Beijing_line; Select length from Beijing_line; 4, all the points after the query: SELECT St_astext (The_geom) from Pgr_dijkstra (' SELECT GID as ID, Source::integer, Target::integer, Length::d ouble Precision as cost From Beijing_line ', +, False, false) as Di Join Beijing_line PT on di.id2 = Pt.gid; 5. Write the path in a geometry file: SELECT seq, id1 as node, id2 as Edge, Cost,the_geom into Dijkstra_res from Pgr_dijkstra (' SELECT GID as ID, S

postgresql+postgis+pgrouting Implement Shortest Path Query (2)---openlayers+geoserver Implement shortest Path

:// This is the official out of a help note, Inside also said a method and 1 of the method is similar, I used this to try a, suddenly became, too suddenly, the official website of the things are not how to see, now it seems that the official website of the things are very practical.Finally, the main is in accordance with the code framework given in 3, the parameters and so on to adjust, and finally to achieve the shortest path query, but the SQL algor

Azure Linux Virtual machine openlogic_centos7.0 build PostgreSQL database

Recently, the PostgreSQL database needs to be used. The environment I built is: Azure platform, the operating system is the Openlogic centos7.0 that comes with the Azure platform. Construction process: 1. Use the system to bring your own PostgreSQL package. If you build only the P

Odoo on Windows Azure-1. Create an Ubuntu virtual machine and install the PostgreSQL database

simple point, use the "Provide password" option. Password you look at it yourself, but still must remember Ah, login not virtual machine, you find a place to cry! Let's go to the next step: Cloud service DNS name or you do it yourself, "Regional/affinity Group/virtual network" Learn to choose again. If you do not understand, choose "North China" or "East China", north China is Beijing data center, east China is Shanghai data Center. There seems to be no problem with North-South network latency

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