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Run Azure Storage Emulator (one) in Windows Server Container: Can I listen to custom addresses?

What am I going to do? Change the listener address of the ASE. For me with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the ASE listens by default to, which makes me unacceptable, so I'm going to change it to a domain + 80 port; Put in the container, ASE only allow single instance to run, for this thing, I want to open three virtual machines in three environments? Connect to SQL Server, not SQL Server Express LocalDB. Dev/qa each has its own SQL Server Instance, of cours

Run Azure Storage Emulator in Windows Server Container (3): Run in Container, azureemulator

Run Azure Storage Emulator in Windows Server Container (3): Run in Container, azureemulator In the previous section, we have prepared SQL Server, so next we will put the ASE in the container. First, create Start. ps1 with the following content: 1 param( 2 [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][string]$HostName, 3 [string]$AccountName, 4 [string]$AuthKey, 5

Solve azure "failed to start storage emulator: the SQL server instance '. \' could not be found ."

Because Windows 8 does not support SQL Server 2008r2.ProgramAn error occurred while connecting to the SQL Server 2008r2 database) Then I have to install SQL Server 2012. After the installation is complete, azure storage emulator cannot be started and the following error is prompted. The storage

Running Azure Storage in Windows server Container Emulator (ii): Using a custom SQL Server Instance

Tags: blog service blank user install GES ring BER imagesIn the previous chapter, we solved the problem of customizing the listener address for Azure Storage Emulator, which is far from enough, because in our DEV/QA environment we have our own SQL Server Instance, and we need to build the ASE database into its own Instance. First look at the results of AzureStora

Windows azure platform (22) Storage Service of Windows azure storage service blob (I) Windows azure platform series articles

Windows azure platform articles This chapter describes how to use blob storage to store images on a local simulator. For the concept of Blob storage, see Windows azure platform (7) Windows azure storage service. Before ge

Windows Azure Handbook (6) Azure bandwidth with azure blob cloud storage

, documents, etc. (3) Dynamically compiled pages, such as aspx,jsp, etc. When a user accesses a video that is a host (Azure VM) bandwidth, there is no doubt that the larger the host bandwidth the better. But please don't forget, Azure Block blob each file provides 60mb/s Internet bandwidth, and a storage account provides 10gb/s Internet bandwidth. An

Windows Azure Storage (+) Azure Storage Read access Geo redundancy (read Access–geo redundant Storage, Ra-grs)

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Careful users will find that Microsoft is paired with data center construction both abroad and domestically, such as the Hong Kong Data Centre (Asia East) and the Singapore Data Centre (South East Asia). This is because Microsoft fully considers the ability of geo-redundancy. Between the two data centers, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, there will be a dedicated line connection, which is used for dat

How Windows Azure Storage Azure Storage supports multi-level catalogs

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogReaders familiar with the Azure platform know that azure blobs have a three-tier architecture. such as: (note is the service Endpoint for Azure China)  1.Blob Name: Store account names2.Container name, container name. Conceptually similar to a

Exploration of AWS and azure in cloud computing (6)-Amazon simple storage service and Microsoft Azure blob Storage

In the past few days, nasuni has issued a report to analyze the performance of cloud storage from various cloud vendors, including Amazon S3, azure blob storage, Google Drive, HP, and rackspace. Azure ranks first in terms of performance and has excellent performance in reading and writing files of various sizes. If you

Windows azure platform (23) blob explanation of Windows azure Storage Service (medium) Windows azure platform series articles

Windows azure platform articles This chapter is closely related to the storage service details of Windows azure platform (13) Windows azure blob Storage Service (I) in the previous chapter. Please read the previous content first. The previous chapter describes how to

Azure Queue Storage Basic usage--Azure Storage queue

Azure Storage is the cloud storage solution provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud and currently supports storage types such as Blob, Queue, File, and Table.The basic usage of file Storage is described inAzure file

Windows Azure Cloud Service (PAAs) Web Role, Worker Role, Azure Storage Queue (bottom)

(Timespan.fromseconds (30)) to read to a queue message when there are multiple worker role instances, By default, a lock is added to this message.Other worker Role instance does not read this message to prevent the message from being read repeatedly.  We can also bulk read 20 messages (Queue message) and read up to 32 messages with the following API. Set the lock of the message to 5 minutes at the same timeforeach in queue. Getmessages (timespan.fromminutes (5))) { // Process all messages

Azure storage File Share storage for Windows Azure

Talk about how to create a file share in an Azure storage account and mount it on an azure VM today. (By the way, the Chinese Azure official documents can be translated, literal translation of global Azure, the technical documentation of the calibration is not good)We'll sta

[Azure services platform step by step-9th] windows azure storage Overview

ArticleDirectory Windows azure blob Windows azure table Windows azure queue Important differences between Windows azure table and SQL data services: In the first article in this series, [azure services platform step by step-1st], the

Cloud computing and data selection of Windows azure table Storage and SQL azure

, any program in the world can enjoy your data as long as it supports the odata standard. Similarly, your cloud applications can also use odata to access your local data. Many current Microsoft products are already using odata. For example, indows azure table Storage, Dallas, Sharepoint 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2, and so on. If you plan to use other topologies, it is necessary to carefully consider their s

Use vhdupload to upload vhd files to cloud storage and add azure drive to Azure VM.

1. Upload a vhd file to Azure blob Storage The source code of the vhdupload program is compiled into vhdupload.exe in the labs \ exploringwindowsazurestoragevs2010 \ source \ assets \ vhdupload.exe directory of the Windows azure Training Kit directory. Then upload Uploads a virtual hard disk (vhd) file to Windows azure

Windows Azure Storage (23) calculates the actual usage capacity of an Azure VHD

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog    For a-series and D-Series virtual machines, normal storage is used.Storage resources for normal storage are billed per GB monthly. Microsoft Azure General Storage resources are calculated by how much, and based on average

Azure China (11) using the Azure China Storage public Blob

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  This article describes the domestic azure China by the century connected operationNote: This article describes the Azure China Storage public Blob, which provides anonymous access to content in Azure

Preparations for high availability in Azure configuration-create storage accounts and networks in different regions !, Azure account

Preparations for high availability in Azure configuration-create storage accounts and networks in different regions !, Azure account When talking about our business, we often talk about a word. The three-layer architecture is the separation of our UI Layer, data access layer, and data storage layer, in general, the hig

PHP Uploading files using Azure Storage blob

strong rise.However, the class BlobResources.php sets the const to an array, which in 5.5 will error Fatal Error:arrays is not allowed in class constants in E:\webroot\tp5cms\vendor\microsoft\azure-storage-blob\src\Blob \internal\blobresources.php on line 103 There is no way to upgrade PHP only. Upgrade Wamp 2.5-3.1 For development needs, decide to upgrade Wampserver to the latest version.Upgrade Wamp Ther

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