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Asp. NET application security Scheme (i)-Authentication

Absrtact: This paper the concept of application authentication, introduces various authentication modes and compares them, expounds the mechanism of choosing authentication mode, and gives a realization method based on form authentication

[Reprinted] role authentication authorization based on Forms authentication in Asp. Net

There are three authentication methods for Asp. Net: "Windows | Forms | Passport", among which Forms authentication is the most used and most flexible.Forms authentication provides good support for user authentication and authorization. You can use

Use Kerberos for Sharepoint Authentication

From:     Although SharePoint provides multiple authentication options and authentication regions, the two most common options implemented by enterprises in the Intranet solution are

Basic authentication of HTTP

CertificationCertification is to give some proof of identity. When you present a photo ID like a passport or driver's license, you give some evidence that you are the person you claim to be. When you enter a pin on an ATM, or enter a password in a

HTTP Authentication Mode

SIP is similar to HTTP protocol. The authentication mode is also the same. The HTTP protocol (RFC 2616) stipulates that the base mode and digest mode can be used ). RFC 2617 specifies two authentication modes. RFC 1321 is the MD5 standard. Digest is

Basic Authentication mechanism of HTTP

1. Authentication 1.1 HTTP Challenge/Response authentication FrameworkHTTP provides a native challenge/response (Challenge/response) framework that simplifies the authentication process for users. The authentication model for HTTP is as follows:When

SharePoint Claim base authentication Ensureuser without Claim (i:0#.w|) User Failed

Environmental information:  with Form base authentication (FBA), A hybrid certified SharePoint environment for Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), and Windows authentication. Specific description of the problem:In this environment, calling

Remote dial-in user authentication service (RADIUS)

Remote dial-in user authentication service (RADIUS) Http:// provides translation for learning and communication only It shall not be used for other purposes; otherwise, the consequences shall be borne by you Abstract: This document

Using Ldap/ssl for Requisitepro user authentication and management

According to the license agreement, this article is originally published by IBM DeveloperWorks China website, its web site is HTTP://WWW.IBM.COM/DEVELOPERWORKS/CN using Ldap/ssl for Requisitepro user authentication and management

Http Authentication Java

Http:// AuthenticationoverviewThe HTTP protocol handler implements a number of authentication schemes. Sun ' s implementation of Java SE Version 6 supports the following:

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