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Self-developed Compiler (7) syntax analyzer for Recursive descent

Last time, we talked about the contextual language used in syntax analysis, the generative formula used to describe contextual grammar, the generative derivation, And the syntax analysis tree. Today, we will discuss how to compile a syntax analyzer.

A new understanding of recursion

Today I saw a discussion on SICP on recursion. Understand a truth:形式上是递归的不等于本质上也是递归的。If a function is formally recursive, that is, he calls himself. Not equal to this function is recursive in nature, it is possible that this function is iterative in

Redy Syntax Analysis--Introduction to abstract syntax tree

Introduction to abstract syntax trees (a) Introduction Abstract syntax Code,ast is a tree representation of the abstract syntax structure of the source code, and each node in the tree represents a structure in the source code, so it is abstract

SQL Server2005 uses a CTE to implement recursion

This article from: recursion principle:The recursive CTE is constructed from two minimum queries. The first is a positional member (Anchor member,am), which is a non-recursive query,

Configurable syntax analyzer development discipline (3) -- generate a downstream Automatic Machine

The previous blog talked about the construction of symbol tables. After constructing the symbol table, you need to enter the next stage of Semantic Analysis: constructing a state machine. Similar to the two articles I wrote earlier on how to

Recursive/trailing recursion (+destructuring assignment) Implementation of reversal sequences (JavaScript + ES6)

Here is the recursive/trailing recursive implementation of the reverse sequence (array/string) made with JavaScript. In addition, the early adopters used a ES6 destructuring assignment + spread operator to make a more functional version (only

Python Learning note-day05-The first part (again on adorners) (recursion)

Today, it took more than a day to learn how to install the X weapon---decorator,To talk about the use of adorners in detail.Let's just say that before you learn the decorator you have to figure out what a function is. An adorner is a wrapper over a

PHP Core Syntax Summary

These days to learn PHP core programming syntax, PHP core syntax is not much summed up, roughly divided into PHP tags, syntax specifications, data types, variables, constants, and of course, predefined, as well as operators, follow the bad and so on,

Top-down Syntax analysis LL (1)

1. The status of grammatical analysis---is the core part of the compiler program2. The task of parsing--Identify whether a word sequence derived from lexical analysis is a sentence of a given grammar3. Theoretical basis of grammatical

Python Learning notes 4--iterators, generators, adorners, recursion

iteratorsIterators are a way to access the elements of a collection. The iterator object is accessed from the first element of the collection until all of the elements have been accessed and finished. Iterators can only move forward without going

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