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Alpha test, deep test, template test, and cut test in OpenGL

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WIN2D official article series translation-pre-multiply Alpha

This article is a personal blog backup article, the original address: are two ways to represent the opacity of a color value in a computer drawing. Both methods are used in win2d. This article aims

Quartz 2D Programming Guide (4)-color and Color Space

Different devices (monitors, printers, scanners, and cameras) process different colors. Each device has a range of supported color values. Colors supported by one device may not be supported by other devices.To effectively use the color and

Rgba Alpha transparency Hybrid Algorithm

Http://   Alpha transparency MixingAlgorithmTo collect and organize data online, which can be divided into the following three types: 1. R1, G1, B1, and alpha1 are foreground color values. R2, G2, B2,

Perfect Combination: Ten cool uses of Siri + Wolfram Alpha

After reading the ten "serious" usage of Siri, the powerful functions of the "Siri + X" combination must be visible to everyone. If you carefully consider the ten "serious" usage we have introduced, it is not difficult to find that the combination

OpenGL Alpha hybrid

Original article: Lesson 8: BlendingTranslated by: cker The vast majority of effects in OpenGL are related to some types of (color) mixing. The definition of the mixed color is to combine the color of a certain pixel with the color of the

Alpha and indexed color transparent

Index | Transparent I can't see White in the preview on a transparent background. As soon as I convert to a transparent color, all the white becomes transparent. If I set it opaque, the object that is the same as the background color becomes white. "

Color Mixing OpenGL

What is hybrid? Mixing is to mix the two colors together. Specifically, the original color at a certain pixel location and the color to be painted are mixed together in some way to achieve special effects. Suppose we need to draw a scenario: to look

Css3 practical path (3): Color and background (backgroud)

ArticleDirectory Using rgba colors 1. Color and transparency In css3, the color has been expanded a lot. For details, refer to the official website: next, let's talk about the new digital

Unity3d Tutorial Shader: The 12th Alpha test

reprinted from the Wind Yu Chong Unity3d Tutorial CollegeIntroduction: This and the next talk mainly about alpha is transparent channel related content. RGBA, where the final display on the screen is only RGB, which is a red-green-blue color, and

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