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CSS background Color gradient case: Examples of linear and radial gradient effects

A gradient is a smooth transition between two or more colors. Previously, you had to use images to achieve these effects. However, by using CSS3 gradients (gradients), you can reduce the use of downloaded events and broadband. In addition, the elements of the gradient effect look better when zoomed in, because the gradient (g

Implementation of radial gradient of webpage background

-------------------------------- Function radialgradient_css3 (arrayvalue ){VaR theelement = arrayvalue [0] = 'body '? Document. Body: Document. getelementbyid (arrayvalue [0]);If (arrayvalue [4] = 'tl ') {var position = 'left top ';}If (arrayvalue [4] = 'tc ') {var position = 'center top ';}If (arrayvalue [4] = 'tr') {var position = 'right top ';}If (arrayvalue [4] = 'ml') {var position = 'left Center ';}If (arrayvalue [4] = 'mc ') {var position = 'center Center ';}If (arrayvalue [4] = 'Mr ')

CSS3 radial gradient (radial-gradient)

-corner, contain or cover )). Color stops: Like linear gradient, you should define the starting and ending colors of the gradient along the gradient line. In order to better understand its specific usage, we will mainly compare the specific usage of CSS3 radial gradient thro

Deep understanding of CSS radial gradient radial-gradient

([EllipticThe radial gradient is mainly influenced by the three parameters of Position  Defines the center of the gradient, by default the center centerX-Axis:righty shaft:[note] Similar to linear gradients, older versions of the-webkit-kernel browser do not support the writing of at "1" keywordx- axis 0 - 0y-axis "2" valueThe x-axis value represents the

CSS3 gradient (gradients)-Radial gradient

support the specified central location */ background:radial-gradient (Red, Green,blue); background:-webkit-radial-gradient (Bottom,red,green,blue);} . Divtwo { background:radial-gradient (red,blue); background:-webk

CSS3 gradient (linear gradient, radial gradient)

GradientFirst, Linear Gradient1 Linear gradient FormatLinear-gradient ([Can only be used on the background2 IE filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient (startcolorstr= ' #ffffff ', endcolorstr= ' #ff0000 ', Gradienttype= ' 1 ');3 ParametersStarting point: in which direction to start the gradient default: TopLeft, top, left topFrom top to bottomAngle: Fro

Detailed CSS3 linear-gradient and radial-gradient

HTML elements to achieve our desired effect. Example: /* * written here with Scss, not very friendly to the novice, sorry (-_-) * /@mixin menuaction ($color) { background:linear-gradient ($ Color 100%, transparent 100%) no-repeat Center bottom/100% 10%; :hover { background-size:100% 100%; Color: #fff; } } Two,

Svg radial gradient, svg radial

Svg radial gradient, svg radial

Pure CSS Radial gradient (css3--gradient)

GradientFirst, the radial gradient of CSS3Website: Image Mosaic TechnologyCSS3 gradient are divided into linear-gradient (linear gradient) and radial-gradient (

CSS3 Radial Gradient

/* Radial Gradient */div.radial {width:600px;height:400px;margin:30px Auto;border:1px #f00 Solid;Background-image:-webkit-gradient (radial,50% 50%,0, 50% 50%,100,from (green), to (purple), Color-stop (50%,red), Color-stop (80%,yellow));}****

[Original] [WebKit mobile Development Notes] css3 radial gradient

Speaking of gradient, we are no stranger, and we often encounter it in design drafts. The most common and common use is linear gradient and radial gradient, which are developed on the PC end, many large websites need to consider the compatibility of all browsers. Generally, gradien

Canvas using gradient-Radial gradient detail

Create a radial gradient usingCreateradialgrdient (X0,Y0,R0,X1,Y1,R1)?Altogether? Six parameters, respectively, represent:The center coordinate of the starting point (the first and second parameters),The radius of the starting garden (the third parameter),The center coordinate of the end point (fourth and fifth parameters),The center radius of the end point (sixth parameter)?The method returns a Canvasgradi

CSS3 linear gradient and radial gradient sample drawings

CSS3 linear gradient and radial gradient sample drawings The code is as follows:

CSS3 Radial Gradient----Feeding frenzy's lonely big fish

Recently infatuated with the fishing, but always can not catch the big fish, so draw a big fish to comfort my weak heart.First:Above this is this evening I want to share with you small demo, I give him the name of the word "feeding frenzy of the lonely big fish."To the point, this big fish is divided into three parts: Head, tail, eyes. First look at the frame of the fish, as shown below, class has been very straightforward.class= "Fish"> class= " Fisg-head ">div> class = "Fisg-tai

CSS3 radial gradient ---- big fish eat small fish alone big fish-north wind blowing snow

CSS3 radial gradient ---- big fish eat fish alone big fish-north wind blowing snow recently infatuated with fishing, but the total catch not big fish, so draw a big fish to comfort me this weak soul. First: The above is the demo I will share with you tonight. I give him the name "big fish eat fish alone big fish ". This big fish is divided into three parts: Head, tail, and eyes. First, let's take a look a

Use CSS3 's radial-gradient to implement a circle with a penetrating effect

First look at the requirements: , you need to do one of these effects. What do you usually do? The semicircle is cut into pictures to solve a situation where the picture background is fixed and uneven. If the background picture is a pattern tile, the cut is not fixed? The cut semicircle doesn't correspond to the background map. Now the

Where is the PS radial gradient?

Where is the PS radial gradient? "Photoshop CS6 radial gradient": Gradient from start to finish with a circular pattern. The following small series for you to introduce PS how to do gradient

Ps how to make a rainbow? PS radial gradient rainbow tutorial-PS tutorial

Ps how to make a rainbow? The following small series will introduce you to the method of creating a rainbow with a PS radial gradient. The tutorial is relatively simple and is suitable for beginners to learn. we recommend that you follow the tutorial with your favorite friends, I hope you will like how to make the ps Rainbow in this tutorial? The following small series will introduce you to the method of cr

HTML5 radial gradient color-

A reader asked me how to use HTML5 to generate a radial gradient color effect without using images. After careful consideration, this problem is not difficult at all. Please read the code. HTML! DOCTYPEhtmlhtmllang amp; quot; en amp; quot; headmetacharset amp; quot; UTF-8 amp; quot; metaname amp; quot; author amp; quot; content ...,. HTML5 radial

HTML5 Canvas createradialgradient () radial/circular gradient

Definition and usageThe Createlineargradient () method creates a radial/circular gradient object.Gradients can be used to fill rectangles, circles, lines, text, and so on.Tip: Use this object as the value of the Strokestyle or FillStyle property.Tip: Use the Addcolorstop () method to specify a different color and where to position the color in the gradient object

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