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Simple use of BackgroundWorker to create multiple threads of tutorial _ Practical Tips

BackgroundWorker is a very good line program, can avoid the interface of suspended animation, let the thread to operate what you want to do, it is easy to learn, but can achieve a very powerful function. The purpose of this article is to publish the

How to use C # BackgroundWorker

Label:# Several instances of the BackgroundWorker control (C # BackgroundWorker use method):In WinForms, sometimes a time-consuming operation is performed, and the user interface is manipulated before the operation is completed, causing the user

Deep Anatomy of the BackgroundWorker class

Label:BackgroundWorker is a helper class under the System.ComponentModel namespace that is used to manage worker threads. It provides several important features:1) "Cancel" flag, you can signal the worker thread to terminate the worker thread

C # BackgroundWorker uses a turn

Label:Transfer from thanks to the author for a detailed introductionUse of C # BackgroundWorkerBackgroundWorker can be used to start a background thread.Main Events and

BackgroundWorker controls in C #

Label:Keywords: C # . NET BackgroundWorkersource: is a control used in the. NET Framework to perform multithreaded tasks, which allows developers to perform some operations on a separate thread.

Use of C # BackgroundWorker

Tags: WinForm style blog http io color ar using forArticle excerpt from: can be used to start a background thread.Main Events and Parameters:1.dowork--This event is

BackgroundWorker control Use (i)

Label:Introduction to BackgroundWorker ControlsYou can use the BackgroundWorker control to perform operations on separate threads in the background, typically for tasks that require background processing, such as database operations, file downloads,

BackgroundWorker Implementing multithreaded Operations

Tags: BackgroundWorker multithreaded C # interface suspended animationBackground introduction:in the process of doing the procedure, we are likely to encounter this situation: when we perform a relatively time-consuming operation, that is, the

C # backgroundworker--start a background thread

1, the main events and parameters: (1) dowork--The event is triggered when the Backgroundworker.runworkerasync method is executed, and the DoWorkEventArgs parameters are passed; (2) The runworkercompleted--asynchronous operation completes or termina

C # BackgroundWorker Detailed

Tags: setting text build state private work form check eventsIn C # programs, there are often time-consuming CPU-intensive operations, which can occur if the UI does not respond directly to this operation. The main way to solve this type of problem

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