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Agile development-Scrum practice

Recently, I organized my previous scrum documents into a document. In the following team and project development, I introduced some practices of scrum according to the project, improve the collaboration capability and project delivery quality among

Scrum Agile Development

Using agile to develop one months of events, the basic development model is similar to the one I encountered in this article, briefly copy here ...Http:// for code farm work:

Scrum Tools Review---Count the current scrum tools on the market

WhiteboardThe most direct way for daily tracking is still very good, but the product backlog support is obviously not enoughExcelWe initially used, mainly members of the situation, the changes will conflict with each other, not good synchronization.

) List of common scrum tools

Http://  Whiteboard The most direct method for daily tracking is very good, but the support for Product Backlog is obviously insufficient. ExcelWe also used it in the first place. When there are many

How to use the socket interface in java

BacklogFor ServerSocket, configure the maximum client waiting queue for ServerSocket. The meaning of the waiting queue. First look at the following code The code is as follows:Copy code Public class Main {Public static void main (String [] args)

Scrum related concepts

1. agile Agility 2. Backlog One job 3. Build It refers to a runable software version that has been compiled and built. 4. burndown chart This graphic tool is used to display the amount of work that has not been completed. Generally, the time is used

A brief introduction to Rsync and its algorithms

Now the storage system, itself has a strong migration and backup strategy, although still based on the network transmission, there is a relative delay, but a lot of convenience. In addition, the current storage system, read-write bottlenecks, and

Understanding Smart Contracts

"Hui Xin Yun" for everyone regularly updated articles, "Hui new cloud" It hardware and software projects business Platform 0x00 Preface Understanding smart contracts is critical to understanding blockchain technology. Let's take a look at what is a

The goal of agile development is not to deliver fast!

It is a software development method used to cope with rapid changes in demand.–wiki "Many it executives or engineers mistakenly think of agile development as a quick way to deliver because it's faster than traditional development methods, and

EntityFramework Core technical line (EF7 has been renamed as EF Core and released at the end of June 2016), entityframeworkef7

EntityFramework Core technical line (EF7 has been renamed as EF Core and released at the end of June 2016), entityframeworkef7 Official Document address:   After the extension and rename, the

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