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Add a backslash before the character, including single quotes, double quotation marks, and backslash. php code _ PHP Tutorial

Add a backslash before the character, including single quotation marks, double quotation marks, and backslash php code. Add a backslash before the character, including single quotation marks, double quotation marks, and backslash. php Tutorial code

[Slash and backslash in]c#

IntroductionIn the field of business, to customer deployment projects, three projects to be integrated together, which results in different data formats, the path of the slash and backslash caused a lot of problems.Check out this information, here

character preceded by backslash, including single quote, double quote, backslash PHP code _php tutorial

character preceded by backslash, including single quote, double quote, backslash PHP Tutorial code function D_addslashes ($string, $force = 0) { if (! $globals [' MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC '] | | $force) { if (Is_array ($string)) { foreach ($string as

PHP-PCRE regular expression escape sequence (backslash)

PHP extension text processing -- PCRE regular expression syntax 3 -- escape sequence (backslash) backlash has multiple usage. First, if it is followed by a non-alphanumeric character, it indicates that the special meaning represented by this

The trouble and pitfalls of a backslash (\) in a Python regular expression

here is a little bit of experience:For the following two reasons, using backslashes in regular expressions creates a double-conversion problem.(1), when Python handles the string itself, the backslash is used to escape the character(2), regular

Mastering the use of backslash continuation in C + + programming _c language

1 used in the macro definition: #define CV_ARE_SIZES_EQ (MAT1, mat2) \ ((mat1)->rows = = (MAT2)->rows && (mat1)->cols = = (MAT2)-> Cols 2 used in printf, sometimes the statement in printf is too long, need to be split, then use the

Python Regular expression backslash (/) trouble and trap _ regular expression

How do you write regular expressions to match 1 backslashes in a string? "\ \" is that all right? Try to know that the RE module throws an exception, because "\" is a backslash, for the regular expression parser, is an escape character, but the back

Solve SQL injection backslash with PHP function

What is Magic Quotes When turned on, all ' (single quotes), "(double quotes), \ (backslash), and NULL characters are automatically added with a backslash to escape. This is exactly the same as the addslashes () function. A total of three magic

The regular expression indicates that four backslashes are required for a backslash.

The backslash '\' in Java is usually used in combination with other characters. we sometimes call it an escape character. To indicate a backslash '\' in Java code, it must be written as "\" in the form of a double slash. The first backslash

What is the significance of the backslash in MYSQL syntax?

SELECTfunction_baseurl.idASidFROMfunction_baseurlWHERETRUE: the code of a colleague added a backslash to all the fields, making the code very ugly. what is the significance of this operation? SELECT Function_baseurl. IdAS IdFROM

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