backslash not last character on line

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Mastering the use of backslash continuation in C + + programming _c language

1 used in the macro definition: #define CV_ARE_SIZES_EQ (MAT1, mat2) \ ((mat1)->rows = = (MAT2)->rows && (mat1)->cols = = (MAT2)-> Cols 2 used in printf, sometimes the statement in printf is too long, need to be sp

Special character meanings of PHP regular Expressions _php tutorial

An article on the meaning of special characters of regular expressions, I hope to help you. Characters Meaning: For a character, it is usually expressed as literal meaning that the next character is a special character and is not interpreted. For

Regular expression special character application analysis [simple and detailed introduction must see]_ regular expressions

Characters Meaning: For a character, it is usually indicated by literal meaning that the character followed by a special character is not interpreted. For example:/b/matches the character ' B ', which becomes a special character by adding a backslash

Schema syntax-syntax for explaining PERL compatible regular expressions

Differences from Perl PCRE function PCRE Patterns PHP manual Schema Syntax (No version information available, might only being in SVN) Schema syntax-syntax explanation for Perl compatible regular expressions The PCRE library is a set of functions th

newline character "\" macro definition \ string multiple line writing

When there is too much code in your code, it is especially inconvenient to read the code, and you need to use a newline character "\". Be aware of two points when using line breaks: The 1.c compiler is based on ";" To determine if it is a statement,

Regular expression character meaning

Label:CharactersMeaning: For a character, it is usually expressed as literal meaning that the next character is a special character and is not interpreted.For example:/b/matches the character ' B ', by adding a backslash in front of B, which is/b/,

How Linux uses commands to view a few lines of a file (middle lines or last few lines)

Tags: ABC cache int result xargs inux send name usingHow Linux displays a few lines of a file (in the middle of a few lines)"One" starts at line No. 3000 and displays 1000 rows. The 3000~3999 line is displayedCat FileName | Tail-n +3000 | Head-n 1000

Special character meanings of regular expressions

Today, I see a good article about regular expressions, which is about the special character meaning of regular expressions, and it feels very good, so record it. CharactersMeaning: For a character, it is usually expressed as literal meaning that

More detailed Python Regular expression Operations Guide (re use) _python

By its very nature, a regular expression (or RE) is a small, highly specialized programming language that is embedded in Python and implemented through the RE module. With this small language, you can specify rules for the set of strings that you wan

Sed single-line Script Quick Reference (stream editor) 1th/2 page _linux Shell

sed (stream editor) Function Description: Use script to process text files.Syntax: sed [-hnv][-e<script>][-f<script file >][text file]Additional Note: SED can process and edit text files according to script instructions.Parameters:-e<

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