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Bt4 pre final official guide (Chinese) and download address

Official Guide to backtrack PDF by bt4 pre-final The translation has a limited level, and some terms are not accurately translated. Learn more and download bt4 pre-final

Gray hat hackers: Ethics, penetration testing, attack methods, and vulnerability analysis technology of Justice hackers (version 3rd)

Gray hat hackers: Ethics, penetration testing, attack methods, and vulnerability analysis technology of just hackers (version 3rd)Basic InformationOriginal Title: gray hat hacking: the Ethical hacker's handbook, Third EditionAuthor: [us] Shon Harris

Leetcode Classification Analysis: Combinatorial algorithm

Leetcode Classification Analysis: Combinatorial algorithmThe so-called combinatorial algorithm refers to: in solving some algorithmic problems, it is necessary to produce various combinations of input data, permutations, subsets, partitions and so

Android malicious code analysis and penetration Testing

This is a high-quality pre-sale recommendation >>>>Android Malicious code Analysis and penetration test for computer classFrom the environment to the analysis, covering the whole process of service system, based on the online and offline skills, to

Penetration Testing Tutorial (Basic)-2

Two. Kali Introduction 92.1 Kali Linux features 102.2 Download Kali Linux 112.2.1 Package the latest Kali ISO 112.2.2 Official Kali Linux Mirror Image 112.3 Making Custom Kali mirror image 122.3.1 Ready to start 122.3.2 Package kali ISO

C # Regular Expression tutorials and examples

There was a time when regular expression learning was hot and trendy, and there were several regular expression posts in csdn one day, and that time, with the help of the Forum and the C # string and regular expression reference manual published by

JUnitPerf Manual for "source translation"

JUnitPerf Summary Junitperf is a performance testing tool to measure the performance and execution efficiency of your code, and you can automate this process by writing unit test code for JUNITPERF. From another perspective, it is a junit

TEENSY practices for HID attacks

TEENSY practices for HID attacks Overview   Traditionally, when you insert a CD/DVD in your computer or a USB device, you can run a file containing malicious content through automatic playback, however, when the automatic playback function is

Top 10 security assessment tools

Document directory Wireshark NMAP Metasploit Openvas Aircrack Nikto Samurai framework Safe3 133 Websecurify Sqlmap Modern data centres deploy firewalland managed networking components, but still feel insecure because of crackers. hence,

Free Internet access to crack wireless routes

Now I want to get a cheaper Internet, but first I declare that the poor have no money to get online, but they can find a way to get online without twists and turns, but they cannot get online with others. This is morally and legally prohibited.The

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